Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Johnny Cupcakes x Linkin Park Collab Pre-Order

Camped out online wondering when will it drop. It dropped at 1.19AM on the 28 October 2014


I needed this. Now I need to get the Hard Rock Cafe one!
Sent it to my buddy in the UK so that I'll stand a chance to win a pair of m&g tickets if not hope to win the poster. Crossing my body haha
Get the shirt -link-

Oh I bought this as well

Medium Eagle Henly $15

Classic Crossbones Keychain $5 

Shipping total $78.75 to ma london address
Rules -link- Ends on 17th November
22/11/14 : Found out the winners sighs

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Mariah Carey LIVE in Malaysia

Last night was her concert and I couldn't make it as it was on a wednesday night and I'm not in KL where concerts are usually held was really keen on attending but I couldn't find anyone to accompany me. I asked a friend of mine if it was worth it and he painted a pretty good picture for me to think twice before coming down for it. Things like is it worth it, are you such a huge fan stuff like that so I missed it. Surprisingly I'm not too bummed out like I was when I missed Kelly Clarkson in 2010 but I hope she comes back soon. I heard it was raining cats and dogs and it was jam packed. Well hope you guys liked the concert, I'll see you in the next one.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Maze Runner

Been waiting for this movie ever since I saw the trailer and was planning to watch with the buddy but he left 2 weeks before this show came out which sucked cause it means my summer is over. It had the hunger games vibe to it and my guess was right cause it was a bunch of kids thrown into the circle surviving kinda show. This show did not disspaoint and I would watch it again to support the movie, which reminds me I gotta go get the book and read it myself. It's super awesome but the ending left me hanging which means there's gonna be a part 2. Super proud of this guy -insert name- cause he is usually seen acting in Wong Fu Productions skits. Gratz to him for making it to the big screen!!! Oh and Dylan was amazing~ ahh I wanna watch it again it's SO GOOD and I heard it's part 1 of 3. 

Collected my ribs of the month.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Happy 19th Nicholas Yeap

Heard the RedFM Ford Ryders will be dropping by Penang this week so I asked everyone who has a birthday if they wanted to join me to win some cash any weirdly the only birthday that fell within the time they were here was on friday(the last day) and I chased them with my lil bro we managed to get RM450 after painfully waiting for them to give it to us. Good fun with him and I wished I saw him more often. Got to see my shorty mate as well cause she's part of the team :D

Here's the picture they uploaded -link-

Here's mine
Caught the cash with the lil bro. Happy bday nick! Thanks RedFM #penang #johnnycupcakes #birthday instagram.com/p/taSYlLlupy/

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Participating in Escape Run 2014

Info pack = https://docs.google.com/file/d/0BzvvnvSBo3jaaVVEMkdSckxoRjQ/edit
Contest by RedFM = http://www.red.fm/escape-run-2014/

Instavid all these reasons why I should be selected =

Reason 1 - I think you should pick my team to join the escape run 2014 because my team is fast furious and fantastic.
Reason 2 - You should pick my team for escape run 2014 because my team is amazing awesome and a big deal.
Reason 3 - You should pick my team for escape run 2014 because number one it's full and I really wanna join the contest so yeah it's gonna be an awesome time can't wait for it.
Reason 4 - I always dreamt of going for the amazing race but since I can't go for that this is the next best thing and this is why you should pick me for the escape run 2014.
Reason 5 - The best part is being able to join this with my friends and having fun that's why you should pick me to join the escape run 2014.
Reason 6 - You should pick my team to join the escape run 2014 because the event is awesome and my team is...awesome!

At 3.15PM they called giving me the details WOOOOO I'm IN YEAH
Happy 21st mate!!!

Oh and I won a pair of boxing gloves from TuneTalk...should I go for lessons now? haha

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Youth Jam 2014 @ Penang, Malaysia

About a week before the closing date my friend MC asked me if I wanted to join. I said yes then 3 weeks before the event she couldn't make it due to uni so I got nut to join me. I wasn't too keen at first but after checking out the event it felt like an amazing race style so that's why I agreed.

She picked me up at 6.30AM and we headed to McD for breakfast I got like a big breakfast set and hotcakes(I hardly ever get to eat this so I took advantage of the situation and splurged) Spent the whole day WALKING around from esplanade and take a selfie with the main door-chew jetty selfie and spent 50 cents to buy yj wristband-beach street digi store selfie-murals to find 3 specific ones-camera museum had to find another team to spell the word digi-esplanade for a clue-komtar above rapid board-gurney redbox sing a song-chatime paragon. Reached back at 2ish checked in 60/100 headed to bbq plaza gurney for food then back around 5, sadly wasn't the top 13 teams to win. Went to starbucks drive tru reached home 9pm. Exhausted crashed by 11pm

Fun tiring exciting might join again if it has a second edition maybe

Monday, September 8, 2014

Penang : The Camera Museum + Purrfect Cat Cafe

Last day out with the buddy. Was gonna see another mate of ours but he ditched us in the end and we ended up going to these two places in the tittle since they're next to each other.
The camera museum was pretty chill there was a free gallery + cafe + gift shop downstairs then you have to pay RM20 to go upstairs lucky I had a buy1free1. Students get 50% off. It was nice being able to see the evolution of cameras, a spy gear room, the dark room and how the first camera in the world felt like(pinhole) Took about 1 hour to see the whole thing. After that we went to the cat cafe which was just next door and the prices ranged between RM12-RM18 for food and drinks. I ordered a brownie cheesecake(RM12), Mushroom chicken pizza was the only savory thing sold(RM14), Toffee nut latte(RM14) and my friend got corned with the fruity champagne which was just sparkling apple juice. I heard reports of having to order at least RM20 to be eligible but I think as long as you ordered something it would allow you to play with the cats. I didn't except it to be nicer than I thought. Spent around 3 hours there before having to leave. It's a must go one time thing at least to try the experience. I didn't get my froyo and ramen burger at gurney paragon