Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Promo valid 22-28 August 2016
Show us a pikachu in your pokedex and get a free dark water on us! Limited to 30 people per day at our locations(jalan siam / gurney plaza)

Saturday, July 30, 2016


Went to the mainland to slide down a "giant" slide with my friends today. Epic fail cause one they were letting everyone go one by one. Two the water wasn't enough to get sliding so the crew had to push us halfway. Three an hour wait for one slide, I got 5 slides but we ended up sunburnt from waiting under the hot sun. There were people trying to cool us off but it's way too hot. It was cool when I saw it online but experiencing this real life was bad. From the site "1000 ft of slick inflated vinyl to your city streets with live music entertainment and local vendors" First part lies second and third not bad. Held at Eco medadows on the 30/31 July 2016 10-6PM. Don't go unless you are willing to be let down. Maybe if it was in "penang" I might but since it was held at the mainland
Shot with iphone 5S/iphone6S/hitcase/olloclip

Tuesday, July 12, 2016


More pics -link-

I was actually not planning on attending this event but then 2 weeks before I found out that Ms Tiffany Alvord was gonna join them on their tour as a special guest so I was scrambling last min for tickets. Managed to win a pair from facebook contest by avenue k and my cousin agreed to be the assistant so everything was settled. On the day of the concert I arrived at 5PM to collect my tickets and then chilled in starbucks till my cousin arrived. Went for dinner at 6.30PM had a soup noodle thingy and decided to arrive on the dot 8PM(doors opens at 7.30 but there wasn't a crowd so we took our time) when suddenly I got a message 10mins before that for a sweet hook up(that's how I was able to get all the amazing pics you see). Registered myself and went in to the venue. It wasn't too crowded so I could roam around freely. About 8.45pm Tiffany came out played 5 songs then Sam Kurt rocked it till 11.30PM when the meet greet ended about 12.30AM I got to spend like 20mins with Tiffany and it was amazing getting to see her again after so long. She kinda embarrassed me in front of like 20 humans ok 10 but then yeah her hug lasted what felt like an hour :P Sadly all good things must come to and end and as the guards were chasing us out we crossed paths to get to our exits and parted ways it was a bittersweet moment. After concert shots weren't good cause I let my cousin handle the camera and he cranked the iso up so that flash wasn't needed but I felt that it was necessary oh well. So jealous she's going to australia after this and I'm sure it's gonna be awesome! The concert was so good, sam kurt had that "flair" which I only saw on another youtube band called against the current and catching them live was sweet. Got to meet the band members jason and joel and they told me this tour has been nuts cause their schedule was eat sleep travel sleep eat soundcheck sightsee(kinda) rest perform for the whole time. Oh I forgot to mention they did a tribute to christina grimmie which moved me. Thanks to avenue K as well~

Monday, June 27, 2016


There was a contest -link- and I won the blue tee. I can't see myself wearing it hoping to get $30 for it or trade for the burnt puff tee in mens small. Hit me up if you wanna trade/buy this tee asap and I'll change the size/address to yours so it will be shipped to you. It's a cool tee not my fav

Limited edition 100

Thursday, June 23, 2016


When I first heard about the tees I was excited but then for $35.99 a tee I was really hesitant(same like the previous release xmen one regret not getting the cyclops big kid) ended up getting a pikachu crossbones on the last day of the preorder which fell today 23/6/26. Wanted to get the togepi and charmander but it wasn't really a must for me so I passed on it. Maybe I can get it next time when the price is right but for now I copped one from the release. Decided on shipping to me $13 vs shipping to my usa address for $6 cause I have lots of stuff going there and I wonder how am I gonna get it/when will I get it back haha
Only have the year done and we are already getting so much cool stuff from the head baker. Unfortunately this year saw the closing of the LA store after 8 years and I was fortunate enough to visit it back in 2014 when I took a trip to USA. 10 year anni of boston and 4 years of MV was celebrated recently and there were some sick shirts which sadly I didn't managed to get oh well more money for the ones I really want.

Which one would you had gotten if you could pick two?
Pokemon(pikachu and charmander)

Xmen(mine would be cyclops big kid and wolf crossbones)

Saturday, June 11, 2016


Yesterday we lost a beautiful person and I had to write this out. I don't know her personally but I knew her through her music from discovering her collab with Kurt and Sam Tsui and beyond I have followed her journey online from the start and it hurts me to know that this happened to her. All the news about how wonderful a person she is really saddens me that this happened to her. Well enough of this let's share the wonderful memories she made. Lucky I was out so I totally ignored my phone when I found out the news online.

There are many more just search for it I'll like to end with this song dedicated to her

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


4 inches phone is a real thing now I just bought my phone 28 days ago and couldn't wait for this to drop. It's almost the exact same as the 6S which I got and a grand cheaper. Sighs~ well gotten used to this one it's awesome for gaming so I guess I'll stick with this just annoyed this happened. The ipad was meh not a fan got the 2nd version couple years ago and I don't use it anymore lol new apple watch bands that's it
The event lasted for an hour starting at 1AM well that's it