Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Movie with my dad. Been a long time since I did something like this with him it was nice getting to do it again. Pretty good show typical action flick. Oh and before the movie started my dad saw a dragonite as we were going into the cinema it fled from him I caught it hahaha 1001cp at tgv cinemas 1U :D

Monday, October 10, 2016


It's 2016 and nike finally came out with the self lacing shoes. This time it's a raffle system to win and I bought one ticket. Hopefully I get lucky enough to win. More deets can be found here. Supporting a good cause

Sunday, September 11, 2016


A couple of months ago my mum asked me if I wanted to tag along with her gang for a trip to India. The traveler in me would love it to be honest but I wouldn't enjoy it to the max cause it's not my cup of tea. True everyone I know might call me a fool for not taking this opportunity however if it's not a place I would love to go then it would just be a waste of time money. I remember back in 2011 my mum invited me to tagged along her trip to sri lanka I enjoyed it but only 20% unlike her she loves going to historical and cultural countries. I on the other hand prefer going to more modern places such as Australia, New Zealand so in 2014 when my third cousin finally graduated I begged my mum to let me go and I spent a month traveling USA(Chicago-San Francisco) and it was heaven to me. I have gone to places like Bali, Indonesia / Bangkok, Thailand / Sri Lanka and it honestly would be better if I had my friends traveling with me. These places I went to was with my mums gang and I was left alone exploring the places which is a good bad thing. So instead of skulking and pissing my mum off I rather choose not to go. I would have gone if she was going to the Taj Mahal but she has already visited that so yeah tough luck for me. End of the month supposedly going to Phuket but idk we shall see about that. So this is the reason why I didn't go with her on her trip. I'm sure she's going to have a blast with 3 other friends of hers. Now gonna enjoy my freedom :3

Sunday, September 4, 2016


A month ago I decided to join this cause I felt like it was the perfect fit in representing myself in my sports so I applied and I officially got in it. Applied as dodgeball player / paintball photographer. I guess I did I pretty good job so far so now I gotta work harder to be a better athlete. I have been doing quite ok you can check my progress at youtube/instagram/twitter ly1712 or facebook thelimyimei

The program was created with the purpose to find dedicated and motivated players who match our values and passion that are willing to develop paintball(my case dodgeball) in an innovative and professional fashion. Together we want to build a community of talented and dedicated individuals and help support them on their journey to become a better player. To move up is simple the more you promote drom and it's surrounding values the more you will be rewarded. 

DROM's values focus heavily on a passion for sport, fitness and dedication to improving your daily life through it. So the idea is that you promote the importance of sport and self-development in line with DROM and paintball. Whether that's you posting a photo/video/status whilst at the gym/running 10km/trying a new sport...wearing DROM clothing(doesn't have to be all the time!), reviewing our products positively or negatively...but always constructive criticism! Suggesting new product and marketing idea...and working together to the develop the band.   

More info check -link-
Or check out their fb page -link-

Tuesday, August 23, 2016


Promo valid 22-28 August 2016
Show us a pikachu in your pokedex and get a free dark water on us! Limited to 30 people per day at our locations(jalan siam / gurney plaza)

Sunday, August 14, 2016


Third tourney with the team(legency dodgeball team) woke up at 5AM to depart with dylan and scott(woke up late haha) and reached ipoh at 7ish popped by subway for breakfast then went to the venue reached at 8AM. The boys played first till around noon when we got ready for our games. Played 3 rounds unfortunately didn't win any but my own goal of killing the girls and holding as the last one standing was alright I guess. No pics of me playing got a video or two but it wasn't good so didn't upload. Didn't take as much pics as I wanted but here's a few and the rest can be found here. Went back around 4ish got a starbucks for the ride home and crashed till 9ish then I had my dinner wash up and slept.

Saturday, July 30, 2016


Went to the mainland to slide down a "giant" slide with my friends today. Epic fail cause one they were letting everyone go one by one. Two the water wasn't enough to get sliding so the crew had to push us halfway. Three an hour wait for one slide, I got 5 slides but we ended up sunburnt from waiting under the hot sun. There were people trying to cool us off but it's way too hot. It was cool when I saw it online but experiencing this real life was bad. From the site "1000 ft of slick inflated vinyl to your city streets with live music entertainment and local vendors" First part lies second and third not bad. Held at Eco medadows on the 30/31 July 2016 10-6PM. Don't go unless you are willing to be let down. Maybe if it was in "penang" I might but since it was held at the mainland
Shot with iphone 5S/iphone6S/hitcase/olloclip