Saturday, August 18, 2018


Well this is it guys I've finally made it. Level 40 the end the new beginning whatever you wanna call it. I call it my graduation finally completed the last level of a game stuck with it since it launched in malaysia remembering the first time I downloaded it I was stuck at a paintball field having an event catching my first pidgey and seeing scyther on the sightings but failed to catch 11/7/18 and now ending it 18/8/18. What an achievement for me as a f2p(excluding petrol and all that not buying any coins at all) there were times I really wanted to invest money in it but I never did and now I can say I made it which is SWEEEEEEEEEEEET. Next target 40x2 hahaha
Thanks to all who helped the friendships I've made and lost the memories and all that. It really is a lifestyle like what nick from trainertips said.

Time to edit that video I wanted to make for my jouney :)

Gotta get me some of those sick level 40 pins I've seen from secretleague and perfectleague

Go hub article -link-

Friday, May 25, 2018


I knew it was gonna be coming soon and him dying in the last movie still brings me to tears. The show about how he became who he is he met he got the millennium falcon it all makes sense(well duh it's a movie about him) but the biggest shock was DARTH FREAKING MAUL damnnnnn I really want to see a part 2.
Something is wrong with my gsc cinemas thing. I'm supposed to get 10 free movies tried redeeming it but failed and I had to purchase with cash.
Bought myself a iphone6 gold 32GB from switch for RM1.3k cause my iphone 5S officially died and I wanted a second phone.

Thursday, May 3, 2018


I have been dying to get a go plus for the longest time and I saw this auto catch device(was debating on getting the orginal) and didn't get it till today because it was crazy expensive. After using it for a couple weeks now I decide to give my thoughts on it.
The difference between the original and this is the fact that you can recharge it which is more convenient. 

1. Dust increases super fast.
2. Battery life on the phone without having the need to open the game is so much better.
3. Spin and catch without needing to look at the phone.
Highly recommended if you play pogo on the regular 

More info here -link-
Update 26/5/18 - It's been a week still cannot connect will send to them and check the problem

Friday, February 23, 2018


Second day of cny didn't know what to do so my aunt suggested a movie and we went to watch this. Didn't really expected much from this show because not really keen but it's a marvel movie so I'm sure it's gonna be good and it was. The storyline was based on tribe/family protect kinda vibes. Cannot wait for infinity wars tho. The suit and all that really reminded me about other shows

Sunday, September 24, 2017


Went out with jiaju meihuey sinyun to watch this show at queensbay. Wanted to watch a movie so I decided to call these humans out. Sinyun suddenly didn't feel well so we fetched her home after eating dinner then we rushed to the movie. Did not watch part one but it was quite a cool show. 5 stars! After that I got hungry so we went to ksd mcd for food had the thai fish burger which was weird with the sauce. Hanged at ksd for a bit playing pogo then reached home around 4AM

Saturday, August 5, 2017


I was actually planning on attending the event in KL but after all the news I heard penang was gonna have one so I registered myself and a friend for it. Really stoked this will be the first of many happening here I hope. Still looking for that zygrade promo to complete this set

I did a vlog for this event 

More info about the event here

Friday, July 21, 2017


Before I went to bed I was online and I saw a post from a friend on fb I didn't wanna believe I thought it was a hoax but as soon as I woke up I was flooded with him passing away. It hurt it's like losing a member of a family, someone who knew you who's music impacted you at your lowest times. Chester from linkin park has been part of my past and present feelings. When I couldn't turn to anyone music was my escape my drug something that kept me sane. Regret not being able to catch them live when they performed here in 2013 but tickets were too expensive and I thought there would be a next time. I guess not anymore. It sucks he chose to take this path not gonna lie I have thought about it before guess maybe that's why my friends left they were scared they didn't wanna be responsible to whatever happened. The world is a beautiful and dangerous place, this life we have we only have one life. Go do whatever you want to do and live it with no regrets cause tomorrow is not promised. I love you guys if anything happens to me thank you for being my friend
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Was gonna save this for a special occasion but this day with this shirt seems fitting~