Monday, September 8, 2014

Penang : The Camera Museum + Purrfect Cat Cafe

Last day out with the buddy. Was gonna see another mate of ours but he ditched us in the end and we ended up going to these two places in the tittle since they're next to each other.
The camera museum was pretty chill there was a free gallery + cafe + gift shop downstairs then you have to pay RM20 to go upstairs lucky I had a buy1free1. Students get 50% off. It was nice being able to see the evolution of cameras, a spy gear room, the dark room and how the first camera in the world felt like(pinhole) Took about 1 hour to see the whole thing. After that we went to the cat cafe which was just next door and the prices ranged between RM12-RM18 for food and drinks. I ordered a brownie cheesecake(RM12), Mushroom chicken pizza was the only savory thing sold(RM14), Toffee nut latte(RM14) and my friend got corned with the fruity champagne which was just sparkling apple juice. I heard reports of having to order at least RM20 to be eligible but I think as long as you ordered something it would allow you to play with the cats. I didn't except it to be nicer than I thought. Spent around 3 hours there before having to leave. It's a must go one time thing at least to try the experience. I didn't get my froyo and ramen burger at gurney paragon

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Change of Neopets Guild : Planet Neopia to Rain

This post might not make sense to most of you but I just wanted to record an event down today.
Randomly decided to go back on Neopets and caught up with an old mate of mine wisarah whom I used to talked to years ago when I was still on. She invited me to her guild she is the leader of now and I left my old post as Guild Helper cause my guild is dead now to join her. Might go on more often now. It's a great feeling being back on Neopets.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Alex Goot and Against the Current LIVE in Malaysia 2014

Friday - Reached and went off to myburgerlab with Sher Maine for food. Then a quick park geocaching spot conquered and I got a souvenir then midnight movie Lucy at 1U.

Saturday - Meatballs and rain at the mall before heading to Batu Caves with Mei Chern. Had dinner at Wan's place catch up she was telling me about Taylor Swift concert T.T and a quick stop at Hard Rock Cafe(found out Alex and ATC were at the skybar but it was too late would had gone if I had time and energy)

Sunday - THE DAY

For the first time I got a gang going with me(I won like 8 tickets) and someone from the online world decided to ask if she could join me cause she was going alone. I said of course the more the merrier. So plan to meet everyone at 2PM.

The day started off with heading to the venue reaching before 11AM cause I heard there were merch gonna be sold at that hour and was thinking it would be 80% gone so yeah the early bird catches the worm or so I thought. Hanged out at the mall redeemed the free ice ball coffee and scone we won from a contest yesterday and chilled there till 2PM then off to the venue. They ended up selling at 2PM when I got there the second time only to find out most of the items were gone and they were left with the leftover-nobody-wanted-sizes(huge) So saw an old floorball mate Sybina and primary school mate Laura(didn't manage to get a picture cause I was apparently harassing her according to someone) Then did the whole meet greet thing of my gang. Mei Chern was holding it down as I slowly welcomed everyone to the group. Went in around 3ish and I couldn't stand anymore had to sit down oh did I mention I was at Batu Caves the day before and I got a huge blue black on my leg and it was like a balloon. 3 opening acts then Dan came out saying "whats up malaysia" then Chrissy kicked it up. Will was awesome on the drums. Against the Current put on an amazing rocking show one of the best I've attended and my gang and I were having such a good time. Soon Alex Goot hit the stage and it was getting mellow but then Chrissy crashed the stage and they made the crowd go wild again. The concert ended around 7ish and I was hoping to get to the stage but there was a barrier blocking the zone I was in and the rockstar zone so I was kinda not hoping to get anything but for some reason I was walking towards the wall at a perpendicular view keeping my eye on the guy who had guitar picks being thrown and I snagged it as it landed on someone's laptop(the guy wasn't too happy yelling oi at me like I was destroying it or something) All eyes were on me I had my 10 seconds of fame(YES) and went off to find the instagram pictures I printed but it wasn't ready and I had to leave. Everyone bailed for the after party except Jason and Mei Chern and we hanged till around 1PM at the mamak for round two. Good times! Amazing day~

Monday - Home sweet home

Check out the pictures -link-

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Step Up All In

Met up with the college bud that I haven't seen in ages. Had a donut and froyo, watched a movie, ate ribs and nachos, walked around the mall and chilled at the seaside catching up and got a smoothie. Saw this dino argument reality thing and after 5 mins realized it expired. Awesome hangs!

Urgh vegas show I miss vegas!!!

- Who is perfect?
- Push through it.
- Work so hard just to give up? After all you've done.
- Forgiveness.
- You know what you need to do.

Thinking of doing this series

Friday, August 1, 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy

- Star wars wannabe + star trek
- All the anger all the rage it's all to cover my lost
- Life usually takes more than what it gives

Pretty cool, credit scenes sucked. I bet there will be a part two

Sunday, July 27, 2014

121212 in Universal Studios Singapore

For the longest amount of time I have always wanted to visit this park. I remember back when I heard the rumor that Singapore would be the home of a major theme park(my guess was Disneyland at first) and after finding out I ran all around the house screaming for joy till mum scolded me for being too crazy
Anyway I found out that it was scheduled to open sometime in 2010 but alas due to budget constraints and parents I was not able to go till god-knows-when. Nevertheless I kept on praying I would be able to finally visit one day and at last the gods have allowed me to terrorize this theme park

When I found out that I might be allowed to take a trip to Singapore during my birthday, I quickly checked with my friends asking if anyone wanted to accompany me.(May-ish)
Being an only child has it's ups and downs(one of them includes not able to take a trip down to Singapore anytime I like) I quickly found 3 friends who were keen on going with me as they have never visited the park(and they were Singaporeans...WHAT? if I lived in Singapore I would have visited the park at least once every month with my trusty annual pass of course)
We planned to arrive at 10AM(when the park opened) but only managed to step in at 12.30AM after a brunch in VivoCity before walking in. It was $2 per entry into Sentosa Island and I was pleasantly surprised at the fact we walked in. Biggest problem was getting the express passes or not(ended up not getting). I got 10% off my ticket when I asked if Malaysians got a discount. I think my friends were slightly jealous cause they had to pay full price(sorry guys).
We tore the place up!
New York-Battlestar Galactica (twice each coaster)-The Mummy-Shrek 4D(caught the fairy godmother taking pictures outside the castle) Too late for rides at Jurassic Park so backtracked to watch the Monster Rock at 6PM I think-Then went back to take pics at Jurassic Park and everywhere else we missed. It was raining :( Having fun pressing pennys, planking and going crazy with these bunch of people was insanely fun!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Disney Channel Asia : What Ya Doin' Contest Winner

Wow memories! Even back then I was already joining contest and stuff online/tv
Just stumbled upon this and found out my name in the list. I remember joining it years ago maybe when I was 13-14 I think? 14 is the age limit
Ok found out this was back in 2008 and the prize was an exclusive Phineas and Ferb Bubblehead with stamper base figurine. I think I got the Perry one if I'm not mistaken(1/4)