Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Applying for MTV World Stage 2014 Insider

I should be selected because this it the perfect job for me. I have done a few smaller events where I was the person live updating the twitter, intstagram and facebook about what's happening live and blogged about it after the day ends. If you ask anyone they will say yes I am the right girl for the job. I have always dreamed about a job like this and MTV has given me a chance to do what I love to which is becoming the eyes and ears of the people getting updates from the inside and sharing it to the world. It would really be a dream come true to get a chance to work with MTV. It will give me a chance to see what's going on behind the scenes to make an event as big as this work. I always hijack my friends social media leaving them posts about me being there so officially getting a chance to post things would be awesome! The biggest gig I've done was Paintball World Cup Asia 2011-2013 and I'm positive this is a sure-win for me.

I'm the person who you can lock 1 hour in a room full of strangers and I can guarantee you I'll come out best friends with all of them. You wouldn't believe that will happen in such a short period of time. I'm the person who you see at events on her phone, you may think I'm bored but actually I'm updating social media for anyone who couldn't make it to the event. That girl who is talking to the celebrities like we're friends? Yeah cause we are and they know me well enough to spend some time together before they have to go. I go by the motto no music no life. I'm always listening to music wherever I go and it has saved me countless of times for various reasons. As I'm writing this post I'm listening to Addicted by Simple Plan.

The craziest thing I've done to meet my idol is well after the concert around 11PM I found out which hotel she was staying at and tried to wait at the lobby for her till the wee hours of the morning(with close to no sleep I might add) after trying my best I found out that she uses the secret entrance hidden for stars like her to be unseen from the public eye. Tried again by going to the airport but I was denied due to the fact I looked like a "craze fan" I guess but it was a fun adventure trying to meet my idol Avril Lavigne.

Youtubers can be real artists too and I can tell you they are as real and down to earth as normal people are. I got a chance to send them off, hangout with them as a fan/friend and they were more than happy to see me and thank me for seeing them off. Not everyday I will get chances like this but the few times I do get it I will cherish it forever.

Crossing my fingers hoping to get selected. #mtvasia ##insidews #socialmediateam #worldstagemy #dreamjob

More info -link-

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Weekend in Betong, Thailand

Took a trip with mums gang. 48 hours
Summary of temples, cave, garden, thai food and late night lobby card games with the kids. Oh not forgetting my fav 711 haha
Not my cup of tea of a place to visit. Totally in the outskirts but it was a fun trip anyways!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Visiting Johnny Cupcakes LA

Been a month since I visited, missing the states so much.
I have been following this brand for a long time(found out from iJustine) and of course had to visit it when I was in LA. Come on how can I not? Luck was on my side and I was nearby the shop so my relatives allowed me to go and check it out. It was amazing but I didn't expect it to be a small shop I kinda expected it to be bigger.
I got a couple of button badges, it was really cool to finally be there in person seeing everything.

Here's a video I shot when I was there "like a kid in a candy store"

Friday, July 4, 2014

Visitng the Geocaching Headquarters

Happy 4th of July!!!

5 weeks since I was here. It was a pretty chill day but I had very limited time. I gotta come back one day! 2 months too early for the block party which is gonna happen in August. It's everything I dreamed about and more.
Got to visit hard rock, starbucks, pike place market, seattle needle and the gum wall(DNF) 

Found the cache the minute I walked in

Stumbled upon The infamous gum wall. Thought I would only get to visit the HQ

My goodies and they gave me a free tb - Been there logged that bought the tshirt

More info about the HQ -link-

Monday, June 30, 2014

Olloclip 3 Year Kickstarter Anniversary

7th June 2012 -link-

When it launched now three years later it's going strong. Available at every apple store and best buy in the world. It has truly revolutionized the way we take pictures with our phone(sorry apple products only) I have thought long a hard about this because it cost RM299 for the 4 in one lens and RM189 for the case so after converting even plus shipping from the online store(USD30 worldwide) it is still RM170 cheaper than what I get from the apple store in my country. So now I think it's time I got it. Thinking of the white set for a clean start.
The original lens $49.99 + free quick-flip case with the promo code "freecase"

Right now it's 1PM and I'm trying to buy but it doesn't count my free case so I emailed them and waiting for their reply on it.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Transformers: Age of Extinction

Didn't sleep last night celebrated my kiddo's 11th birthday with mums gang was going to around 9AM but then my friend called me up to watch a movie in 2 hours so I was kinda worried about crashing but I agreed. Ended up watching the show fetching the sis to Gurney and hanging there till she was done had dinner at chicacgo rib house I had a ribeye steak RM53 which was bad and the ribs was bad. They dropped me off at a bus stop and I reached home around 10PM blasting Linkin Park's new album to stay awake(thank god) The movie was cool but idk why some hated it. Kinda long-ish 3hours. Oh had free coke and small popcorn. Missing Vidcon this weekend~ Had a good time with the wong sisters. Saw my jr LY2 and Mary

Friday, June 20, 2014

Sam Tsui and Kurt Schneider Asia Tour 2014: KL, Malaysia

Check out the event page here

I've followed this pair since their early days on youtube when they covered MJ and Journey. Glee and College Musical days. Back then Kurt was the one who filmed for other youtubers like Christina Grimmie, Tiffany Alvord, Megan Nicole and Avery while Sam usually collaborates with various youtubers and he still does. Now the duo has been on to bigger projects like making MV's with Victoria Justice and this year's coca cola commercial. Couldn't attend the show due to reasons but how I wish I was there. I heard(ok social media didn't help) and tried not to feel too bad not attending it.
Well hope you guys will come back soon, missed ya this round.

Hardly attended events this year but hopefully I'll get back into it soon. I got to see Kina Grannis, Madilyn Bailey, Jason Chen, David Choi, JunCurryAhn in March during Reachout 2014