Sunday, December 14, 2014

25th Annual KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas Webcast: Linkin Park

Only watched this cause linkin park tweeted saying they were on. Amazing!!! Was jamming like crazy in the comfort of my room haha wish I was there tho...missed their concert in 2013 -link-

An hour of awesomeness setlist
1. Joe Solo Medley
2. Burn It Down!
3. Waiting For The End (Apaches Intro; Wall Of Noise Outro)
4. Final Masquerade
5. Mike Solo Medley (w/ Remember The Name)
6. Numb (Numb/Encore Intro + Outro)
7. In The End (False Start)
8. Faint (Ext. Outro)
9. Rebellion (ft. DARON MALAKIAN)
10. Lost In The Echo (Shortened)
11. New Divide (Shortened)
12. Crawling (Faster tempo; Shortened)
13. Until It's Gone (With You Rap Intro; Shortened)
14. What I've Done (Guitar Solo Bridge)
15. Bleed It Out w/ Tim Mcllrath from Rise Against

Thanks to @lplive for this (notes of the show click this -link-)

A week since I left singapore :(

Monday, December 1, 2014

Hannah Trigwell Stageit - Warm Release Party

Show was from 2AM-3AM and watching her live was amazing. 
Wish she would perform in Malaysia one day and oops I tipped 250 notes for the signed warm cd + signed plectrum(online exclusive) which is cool. Pretty good day/night a couple hours before 6-9PM got to hear Tiffany Alvord and Tanner Patrick on a radio show in Manila then ended the night with this. Really cool and relaxing oh and thanks DenGer1990 for the ticket.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Bethany Joy Lenz Kickstarter Project

70 hours to go -link-

Been a huge fan since the one tree hill days and hearing her coming out with an EP I would love to support anyway I can. Officially no 436 overall and no31 in my category.
Wanted to pledge USD100+(Listening party in LA oh how I wish to attend / a chance to win an autographed guitar) but I just got the $75 + $5 shipping to me. I will be getting a tweet from her with my picture, instagram shoutout, a note, a copy of her EP autographed which is cool.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Johnny Cupcakes x Linkin Park Collab Pre-Order

Camped out online wondering when will it drop. It dropped at 1.19AM on the 28 October 2014


I needed this. Now I need to get the Hard Rock Cafe one!
Sent it to my buddy in the UK so that I'll stand a chance to win a pair of m&g tickets if not hope to win the poster. Crossing my body haha
Get the shirt -link-

Oh I bought this as well

Medium Eagle Henly $15

Classic Crossbones Keychain $5 

Shipping total $78.75 to ma london address
Rules -link- Ends on 17th November
22/11/14 : Found out the winners sighs

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Mariah Carey LIVE in Malaysia

Last night was her concert and I couldn't make it as it was on a wednesday night and I'm not in KL where concerts are usually held was really keen on attending but I couldn't find anyone to accompany me. I asked a friend of mine if it was worth it and he painted a pretty good picture for me to think twice before coming down for it. Things like is it worth it, are you such a huge fan stuff like that so I missed it. Surprisingly I'm not too bummed out like I was when I missed Kelly Clarkson in 2010 but I hope she comes back soon. I heard it was raining cats and dogs and it was jam packed. Well hope you guys liked the concert, I'll see you in the next one.

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Maze Runner

Been waiting for this movie ever since I saw the trailer and was planning to watch with the buddy but he left 2 weeks before this show came out which sucked cause it means my summer is over. It had the hunger games vibe to it and my guess was right cause it was a bunch of kids thrown into the circle surviving kinda show. This show did not disspaoint and I would watch it again to support the movie, which reminds me I gotta go get the book and read it myself. It's super awesome but the ending left me hanging which means there's gonna be a part 2. Super proud of this guy -insert name- cause he is usually seen acting in Wong Fu Productions skits. Gratz to him for making it to the big screen!!! Oh and Dylan was amazing~ ahh I wanna watch it again it's SO GOOD and I heard it's part 1 of 3. 

Collected my ribs of the month.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Happy 19th Nicholas Yeap

Heard the RedFM Ford Ryders will be dropping by Penang this week so I asked everyone who has a birthday if they wanted to join me to win some cash any weirdly the only birthday that fell within the time they were here was on friday(the last day) and I chased them with my lil bro we managed to get RM450 after painfully waiting for them to give it to us. Good fun with him and I wished I saw him more often. Got to see my shorty mate as well cause she's part of the team :D

Here's the picture they uploaded -link-

Here's mine
Caught the cash with the lil bro. Happy bday nick! Thanks RedFM #penang #johnnycupcakes #birthday