Tuesday, March 22, 2016


4 inches phone is a real thing now I just bought my phone 28 days ago and couldn't wait for this to drop. It's almost the exact same as the 6S which I got and a grand cheaper. Sighs~ well gotten used to this one it's awesome for gaming so I guess I'll stick with this just annoyed this happened. The ipad was meh not a fan got the 2nd version couple years ago and I don't use it anymore lol new apple watch bands that's it
The event lasted for an hour starting at 1AM well that's it

Saturday, March 12, 2016


Today we had a friendly with teams from KL aka sakura, zephyr, hydra and viper.

This experience taught me to get tougher I had an epic catch but one out of 20 isn't good enough. The girls were badasses and it was awesome getting a chance to play with them. The guys are way higher in level but fun nonetheless. Hope to scrimmage with you guys some other time - Yimei

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Hey iPhone 6S, Bye iPhone 5S

My phone has giving me problems already but I was trying to make it last as long as I could before having "forced" to switch to the bigger screen iPhones aka the 6S and the 6S plus which are 4.7inch/5.5inches but atlas I have finally have changed. Was trying to wait for the apple event on march 15th but I couldn't as it was already nearing it's end of it's life so I got this and it is HUGE T.T oh yeah they have a new color pink aka rose gold but I got the gold

2 years 45 days I have finally retired this one

and say hi to my new one

Monday, February 15, 2016


I first heard about this when uber penang was doing a back to school promo and gave out a free bottle of juice(I picked dark water) and then I went and check out more about it and they had a promo free delivery mini of RM50 and I thought why not since it's pretty healthy. First order I tried x3 of the daily trio which means 1 juce for morning, afternoon and dinner.
Here are the drinks I tried 1st(Fruits 1.0/Mellow 2.0/Roots 2.0)
2nd(Fruits 2.0/Greens 2.0/Nature 1.0)
3rd(Fruits 1.0/Mellow 1.0/Nature 2.0) and a free dark water. I was scared about trying the drinks mixed with celery, dragon fruit and ginger but it turned out pretty good. It was a lovely way to get my greens and fruits in.

Second time round I tried Nature 1.0(fav from the previous order and they gave me an extra this one which my mum stole) Roots 1.0/Green 1.0/Citrus 1.0/Citrus 2.0 and their newly released flavor of Almond 1.0 which according to them it's like ice cream in a bottle. I really like the almond maybe because it has cinnamon mixed. So after this round I have officially tried all the juices and my fav has got to be Dark water/Almond 1.0/Citrus 1.0/Fruits 1.0/Green 2.0/Mellow 1.0/Nature 2.0/Roots 2.0.

Third order I got 3 Almond 1.0/Citrus 1.0/Nature 2.0/My Juice Bottle which came free with alkaline water and they threw in a dark water for me. Their service has been nothing but fantastic to me and I'm happy with their drinks!

Fourth order of 2 almond/1 dark water/citrus 1.0/nature 2.0/mellow 1.0

Fifth order 2 almond/2 dark water/citrus 2.0/nature 2.0

They are doing free delivery all over penang with a purchase of RM50 above you can check it out at their website -link-
Use the code friends10 to get 10% off

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


One of the many promos happening in penang. The last few were ice cream / mooncakes now since it's still "the start of the schooling" year, uber came out with this back to school promo -link-
East as logging in your account and there's a button to request for your kit and wait for it to be delivered. RM5 for the kit and you get a three monkeys juice why the hell not...it's cool plus it's perfect getting a notebook because I'll be attending a malaysian dodgeball marshaling course so I can use this to take noted with

Friday, January 8, 2016


A couple of months back I donated to the Avril Lavigne foundation and just received my prize today -link-

Sunday, January 3, 2016


Today marks my one year working in jump street and I'll like to share some pictures of the first week working there/training and a few from the year of working. Some of us have already left but we're always be part of the jump crew.