Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Chilling at the wong sisters crib then 2 church with ele

hey...ok so i hv been here since like 5 something...went touring the crib...mmm messed their stuff along d way...hehe...damn song hanging her d sisters went 2 makan so im using celia's mac 2 post this...gonna go church with ele soon...dunno when she gonna fetch me...its pretty cool of d sisters 2 let me hang out here...LOL...mac's pretty alright a comp...yawnn...dunno watta say d...

Ok so ele fetched me at like 9something...we had a problem cuz they dint know wher was celia's d end they found d house...haha...i was standing in d middle of d nissan x-trail...hmm nice car...reached church bout 10.10pm. Was already hearing d choir...while we were singing some guy snaped our!...oooo connie dog was singing!!!...listen'd 2 some testi's...then at like 11.59pm we did d countdown frm 13secs...i got a vid...our theme 4 diz year is 'ignite the passion, light your world'. Ok so blessed new year every1...went 2 makan next...then saw abs!!!...hehe...dint chat with her long cuz we had 2 insect went in d car and sarah went crazy...haha...end 2 a perfect night spent with my bestie and her family.

Original by ME

I try 2 speak 2u but u wouldn't hear me...
Wanted 2 tell u bout my day...
but you'll wouldn't listen.

I'm missing u badly.
Do you know that?...
Ignoring me...
How much hurt you're giving me.

Should i move on or hang on 2 my feelings 4u?
Tell me...
I really wanna know.

Its bad enough I have 2 see u when school starts,
Let alone just thinking bout u...
Day in and out missing u.

Sometimes i wished i didn't say those words...
It cost us our friendship... i miss it so much...
How i miss U so much.

I'm trying 2 move on...
...2 get over u & on with life...
However much it pains me 2 but I'm failing 2 do so...
Still missing U.

Once friends...

-Lim Yimei

Sunday, December 28, 2008

-no title-

Stop.. listen.
Sometimes when you think that it's best explaining it all out, you might just hold back & think again.
Realizing that there are no point doing so.. for you know yourself the best.
& you might put someone else in a position, misunderstanding about what you're trying to say.

So sometimes.., some things are best kept as secrets to yourself & for others, better off not knowing.
What you don't say, won't hurt you.

-copyrighted by S.(remains unknown)-

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

»¥¡mξ¡« iS officially 16

Celebration on d 16th in QB...
I'M 16 =)

*lazy 2 blog now...cuz its like 1am++ so will blog bout my day when i wake up haha*
*wont be blogging bout diz post*

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I Just Want To Be Me

You think that they'll always be there
Through it all.
But you can't always rely on them
To catch you when you fall.

Sometimes you find yourself
Lost in the crowd.
Doing all that you can
But never making them proud.

You follow each step
That everyone takes-
You're living your life for them,
But as a fake.

They lie to you,
You lie to them.
When will you realize,
You can do whatever you want to do?

When you finally stand up,
You find yourself pushed back down.
And you're left all alone,
With nothing but a frown.

Nobody cares
About what you have to say,
In this life,
It only goes their way.

Nobody cares,
What you want to do.
For they rule everyone,
including you.

Nobody knows what it's
To sit alone at home and be
alone tonight.
And nobody know what
it's like,
To never have anything ever go right.

But young girl, stop your crying,
Stop all your tears.
No one can help you,
You just have to get over your fears.

Stand up to those,
Who put pressure on you.
Let them know what it is
That you want to do.

If they laugh,
Then you laugh, too.
If they point,
Just point back at you.

Let them know you're sick
Of always following them around,
That you don't want to be,
Just another background sound.

You'll feel so much better,
After conquering your fear.
But you'll still be looking,
For someone to be near.

Someone will come,
They eventually do.
'Cause after you stood up,
They'll be looking up to you.

Just take a lesson from this.
Never let anyone tell you how to live your life,
Or who you should be.
Just smile and say back to them,
"I just want to be me."

-Lim Yimei

Left Behind

A beautiful girl sits at the computer
and stares.
Waiting by herself for someone to care.
No messages pop up, no one calls her
Life passes her by as she sits home alone.

Her heart hurts with emptiness, there's nothing inside.
She just needs a friend in whom she can confide.
She wishes things were different, the way they used to be,
When she mattered to people, or so it seemed.

Those people she thought would be her best friends forever?
At the first sign of change did what they said they would never.
They found new friends and didn't need her anymore.
But change is change-all is fair in love and war.

She still loves them now even if they're gone,
It's a shame she's the only one who
wasn't able to move on.
She can burst any second, the
tears are so hard to fight,
She puts on an act at school and
cries herself to sleep at night.

She's at her lowest point but
refuses to break,
And continues to live the life that's
so ridiculously fake.

She's living in the past, remembering
days full of laughter,
So whatever happened to living
happily ever after?

-Lim Yimei

Silent Scream

Outside, you see me smiling
And floating through each day,
A little tired, a little thin,
But overall, okay.

But you don't hear my anguished
Which surface every night.
They plague me, haunt me, torment me
'Till I'm too weak to fight.

And so, next day, I come to
With deeply shadowed eyes.
I smile, laugh and speak on
Living a pack of lies.

A silent scream echoes inside,
Reaction to my lie-
'Till with no warning, it erupts
And I crumble down and cry.

Come find me, help me, make it stop-
No! Keep out, go away!
For if you come, I've no control
Over the words I say.

Can't you hear my silent scream,
Decipher what I hide?
So come and ask me what is wrong,
Come sit down by my side.

If nothing else, then please read
This tangled web I weave.
For you are really not the one
I'm trying to deceive.

Help me-I don't know what I want
I've lost my guiding light,
Please hold me, let me cry and say
Somehow, you'll make it right.

Perhaps, deep down, I know what's wrong,
What keeps me up awake.
What is the source of all my tears
And ever-there heartache.

But not yet can I face it,
Or maybe I just won't.
Please, someone, help me understand-
God only knows I don't.

-Lim Yimei

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Just Friends

Here's they story of a girl,
Who learns that no matter how hard you try,
"Friends" means just that.

It all began one normal day,
When everything was fine.
The new guy sat down next to me,
His heart beat close to mine.

We often said "hello" and "hi",
Talked about things so dumb.
I never would have guessed then that
Such good friends we'd become.

Together we talked and laughed,
We knew what the other liked and desired.
He was cool, funny and kind,
And that was everything I admired.

"Friends" a promice was made,
And soon the months passed.
You grew on me, did I grew on you?
Time flew by so fast.

I took the plunge, I held my breath,
I ment those fateful words.
You said, "(2 private 2 type)"
But "no" is what I heard.

My heart was crushed and torn in half,
It was the moment that I'd dreaded.
You left me with no other choice,
So just friends we'll stay instead.

-Lim Yimei

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

-no title-

1st of all i would like 2 wish:
~Happy Birthday My W800i...ur 4years old 2day~

Found a text in a book i tought it was somehow very touching 2 me...

*It is time to move on. I realize I have done the right thing. Although I did not get the response I had hoped for, I have learned an invaluable lesson. You cannot make someone love you, you can only make yourself someone who can be loved.*
...its been a 100 and 18 days since i said my confession...and yet every day has gone by i regreted saying the words tht changed was last year nov when i 1st felt d feeling...idk what made me do it but i did and i cant change what has been done. Gonna miss him for 2 freaking months...i still hv feelings 4 him...i hv no idea why...maybe its time for me 2 move on...or shuld i hold on 2 d feelings??? Our friendship is close but i know it wont be more than that...were just friends.
-Lim Yimei

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


DANZITY DANCE HOUSE is organising the
This project is endorsed by the Youth & Sports Exco of the Penang State Government and approved by JPN. It's main sponsor is HOTLINK, venue sponsors are NEW WORLD PARK & EAGLEPOINT PENANG...

They believe that this event is a good start to create awareness and promote interest in dancing to the youth of Penang as a healthy activity.So, this year , in August 2008, Danzity Productions will expand this event into the launch of a state level dance campaign called 'I-DANCE'. This campaign's main objective is to echo the promotion of dancing as a healthy pastime to the youth of Penang (as in PSSDC2007)Therefore our target audience are high school and undergraduate students aged 13-25. Participants of other age groups, who are also interested, are most welcomed. (no age limit)

The IDANCE Campaign seeks to create awareness amongst the youth on different genres of street dances and to promote interest in dance as a healthy pastime to counter social ills.

Classes will be held at NEW WORLD PARK Jalan Burmah Penang every TUESDAY 7:15-8:15pm from August until December 2008.

Danzity, PSSDC08, Hotlink, NewWorkPark, Eaglepoint and Red Bull.

It had influenced me to start dancing soon...or help out...

iDance Campus Rally in Sri Pelita =)

Ok well 2day started like any other last week of class was late as usual...and me early lol. The iDance Campus Rally was coming 2day at 9-11am, no ko-k. So it started at 9.30am...cuz d food came late etc la...knowing the 'kids'...d guys from danzity were already here 10mins b4 9am actually. Well we started by giving them our contact info haha then forming 6 line was luis leading then wilson, cat, celia, me, zh, ben. Did some warm ups first then sean did some intro 2 the basics of hiphop. Thats what we were doing 2day...some basics of hiphop. Personally for me it was fun...but u know la my friends make me so paiseh nia haha...wanna do also haihh...they make such a big deal about me 'DANCING' lol...celia was d bomb keng infront of me..i enjoyed myself none d less. Time flew so fast and b4 we knew it, we were warming ended at 10.30am...aiyo why so early?...haha. Offered 2 help them pack up. Special Thanks 2 Sean and d Danzity Crew for coming 2 my sch and teaching us d 'basics of hiphop' hehe.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Looking out for Myself

I wanna tell someone...
...I'm afraid to
Scared for myself...
...trusting no one
Dying inside... heart and my soul
This burden in me...
...hurting me everyday

I wish I could just open up and tell YOU

My life is...

*Heavily Broken*

-Lim Yimei

MY concern 4 Her =\

What's on ur mind?
Tell here 2 listen...
Share ur problems with me...
I'll help u ease ur pain and troubles...
If only u open'd up 2 me...
U'll know i'm a friend worth telling...

Worried 4u...
If u ever need 2 talk...
...i'll be here

Jz want u 2 know it =)

-Lim Yimei

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Just For A Moment -copyrighted blog- XD

Clock ticking. Time flying by.
Plans being made. Expectations to meet.
Things to be completed. Deadlines to meet.
I just ain't strong enough. I don't got what it takes.
I need a break. Even Just for a while.
A time to relax; breathe
There must be a fountain... flowing with rest.
Even for a moment, I'd give a lot.
Just for a moment; just for a moment.


Monday, October 20, 2008

-no title-

Our lives have taken us in so many different directions
since we first became friends,
and yet our friendship has remained a lasting bond
that keeps us from drifting too far apart.
We've been there for each other in good times and bad,
with support and sympathy, laughter and love.
As I think about our friendship,
I realize it is one of the things I cherish most about my life...
And today, I just wanted to be sure you knew it too.

-Lim Yimei

-no title-

I can't get you out of my mind.
I keep thinking about how much I enjoy talking with you,how great you look when you smile,
and how much I like your laugh.
I daydream about you off and on all day,replaying pieces of our conversation...
laughing again about funny things you said or did.
I've memorized your face and the way you look at me...
it melts my heart every time I think about it.
And I catch myself smiling when I imagine what will happen the next time we're together.
You must be something really special,
because I can't remember the last time I felt so strongly about someone.
Even though neither of us knows what the future holds,
I know one thing for sure-you're one of the very best things that's happened to me in a long time.

-Lim Yimei

Monday, October 13, 2008

Toughts & Feelings

1st of all i would like 2 say »Happy 16th Bday Jerry«
Did a lil party 4 her during lunch...consist of a slice choc cheesecake but hey it was toughtfull of me hehe =)
ohh and credits 2 nerd ZH 4 being d photographer hehe =P

*Save my soul...from this burden that I'm keeping in my heart*
*I'm lost in my own world...hiding behind my mask*
*No1 will really know how i really feel*
*Know me, know my life*
*My past, present and future*
*Only I'll know my true self*
*She's all I've got loving me*
*Loving her, loving me*
*The 2 in my life*
*My past cannot be forgotten*
*What you say and do to me, will come back to you*
*A deep dark secret lies in me*

Sunday, October 12, 2008

A Sunday 12 October 2008

12th OctoberMorning reached at 8.30pm...did return of serves...backhand wit leaf then forehand with lengye...played denzel 5 all then we both also hv 2 gtg haha...11.33pm Jz got ma PAINTBALL book frm borders I had 2 pay another extra inclusive of my deposit of RM30 and RM5 but d time stated on d receipt is 11.03, 1/2 hour late.Dunno la count here and ther total RM57.90 4 d back RM22.0 i think. Went 2 pizza hut 4 lunch at 11.25 or something am, bout 5mins after i got my food guess who came in...janice lol...wearing a green shirt haha...she was shocked 2 see me i can tell...judging by her wide eyes...hehe...unlike me cool nia...sat like 1 table away frm me...ha...can hear her lol-ing went 2 makan basin...hehe cappuccino blast and mint choc chip...wasted my maxis $$ texting jan's digi...haha jk la...funny...11pm currently chatting with mei lin bout paintball...omg jz heard team phoenix no more...aiyoyoy so sad...cuz d members cannot commit 2 d team.

Monday, September 22, 2008

To My Mother

Never Enough
Sometimes I know the words to say,
Give thanks for all you've done,
But then they fly up and away,
As quickly as they come.
How could I possibly thank you enough,
The one who makes me whole,
The one to whom I owe my life,
The forming of my soul.
The one who tucked me in at night,
The one who stopped my crying,
The one who was the expert,
At picking up when I was lying.
The one who saw me off to school,
And spent sad days alone,
Yet magically produced a smile,
As soon as I came home.
The one who makes such sacrifices,
To always put me first,
Who lets me test my broken wings,
In spite of how it hurts.
Who paints the world a rainbow,
When it's filled with broken dreams,
Who explains it all so clearly,
When nothing's what it seems.
Are there really any words for this?
I find this question tough...
Anything I want to say,
Just doesn't seem enough.
What way is there to thank you,
For your heart, your sweat, your tears,
For ten thousand little things you've done,
For oh-so-many years.
For changing with me as I changed.
Accecpting all my flaws,
Not loving 'cause you had to,
But loving "just because"
For never giving up on me,
When your wits had reached their end,
For always being proud of me,
For being my best friend.
And so I come to realize,
The only way to say,
The only thnk you that's enough,
Is clear in just one way.
Look at me before you,
See what I've become,
Do you see yourself in me?
The job that you have done?
All your hopes and all your dreams,
The strength that no one sees,
A transfer over many years,
Your best was passed to me.
Thank you for the gifts you give,
For everything you do,
But thank you, Mummy, most of all,
For making dreams come true.
Lim Yimei

My Blogspot

ok so here it is...MY BLOG =)
I bet quite a number of people are going 2 be happy that I finally made this blog safe 2 be viewed and read by the public