Sunday, May 31, 2009

Why does the pain never end?

This Never ending Nightmare Why doesn't it go away?

The pain and suffering I've inflicted on myself Why don't I stop?

Does the pain Soothe my Ripped Heart?

what does it do? I wonder

Should I Leave this world behind? Stop the Horrible pain in my chest?

Should I Let my heart be Captured? Like a bird only to be ripped apart by a savage beast?

What Should I do?

Could I Let this Pain end? Leaving this Horrible life behind?

I'm alone, no one should shed tears for me if I die. Should they?

Do they Care? Would they mourn?

Or would they Watch and laugh as The knife was raised to this broken heart?

So many questions I have running through my mind? Will they stop?

Will they Take away the pain?

Or will they inflict more? Opening these wounds once again?

Can I say I have a love? Is it safe for me to?

Or will My "love" Shatter My Heart?

I raised the Knife to my torn heart. As the last question raised through my mind.

Will This pain ever end?

Saturday, May 23, 2009

How I Hate You

I hate the way you look at me,

Without the slightest care.

I hate the way you act as if

I’m never even there.

I hate how when I think of you,

Your image will not go away.

I hate how I’m forced to see you

Nearly every single day.

I hate the passion that burns in me

Whenever you are near.

I hate how when you look at me,

I am paralyzed with fear.

I hate how when I see you,

My heart begins to race.

And I hate how your smile

Brings a smile to my face.

I hate the cute way

You always do your hair.

I hate how I must watch you die

In all my worst nightmares.

I hate how when you laugh,

Things just don’t seem so bad.

I hate how your not near me,

I feel I may go mad.

So I hope one day you’ll understand

What I meant the day I said:

“I hate how you are always here,

Will you please get out of my head?”

Am I Missing?

It’s what we are,

It’s what we are born into,

It’s who we are,

It’s something that’s pressed upon us,

Yet why do we bother?

Past decades reveal,

Terrible events transmigrated by it

So why do we bother?

We bother because we are born into it,

It’s predestined

We cannot decide.

So I ask myself the question

Should I partake or not? What am I missing?

The fear of death is around me, everyday, people are afraid,

They are afraid of what will happen when time comes,

So, why not wait?

I ask myself can we not decide then?

Unanswered questions, destined to be answered

Monday, May 18, 2009


Change is something that happens spontaneously, it happens when you expect it and sometimes when you wish it never happened.

One of the major changes I see, are my friends.
Do your friends change as you grow older and even more your best friends. You think about BFF,at that point you think that you got it,we're going to be tight for life.

I don't want my friendship to change,
something you take ages to build and to give it up like that...i guess it's not worth it.But it's hard to keep in touch and sometimes I don't feel like putting in the effort.
I don't want change but i also don't know what to do.
I don't like change, I wish time would stop but it wouldn't. Change is necessary but doesn't mean I have to like it.You can keep wishing but nothing is going to happen.The road is long and arduous but there's a light at the end,it's whether or not we want to see it.


-Lim Yimei

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

-no title-

...wth...seriously...been skipping sch...fighting with my mum...screwing up with what I'm doing now...why am I still living my life!!?! used 2 be a place I love messing around...having fun and all i find it no point 2 do it.
I mean come on, go 2 good grades...pass exams...go 2 the a life...then die. Full stop. That's what life is...seriously...why am I still here...would someone please tell me why should I keep on leaving...keep on hanging on 2 what?...they're so many ways 2 end it now...suicide, drugs, alcohol, guns & so much more.
I really don't know what to do with my life now...been thinking on ending it soon...who wants 2 help? me u got my number.

My friends are leaving one by one...drifting far apart from me unless i start studying. Studying. How i loathe that word. The fact everyone will be leaving my life soon and if i don't catch up I'll be the one left alone...I ask god for a sign...something...anything to make my life still worth living for.
This is not the person I am or want to be.

God help me.

*Heavily Broken by The Veronicas*

-Lim Yimei

Saturday, May 9, 2009

iN Shock

Ok i'm currently speechless bout this...wha? how?...omg...

Leaving will definitely means a change in life...I friend who has left 2 years ago...has change alot...for the better or worst i will not say...all i can say is our friendship has been messed up ever this friend will be leaving her school, parents say transportation problem...but thats not a proper reason right???...what happends after she switch schools...her life in her current school has been through ups and downs but she loves it there.

Plus she's apply'd for tht damn asean thing & i have a feeling she's gonna get i knew my other friend would...were not classmates or what but i can say she's pretty damn close with me...and i don't wanna lose that friendship line I have with her...that 'limited' line i have with her already.
I've heard about that saying *friends drift apart* and yes i believe they do...but i nvr want 2 lose my friendship with her...NEVER...

...ok its getting outta hand...I'm gonna stop now...

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy 15th Bday Eleasha

(In the car/In church/Celebrating V-day with her and the family)

A post for My BestFriend xD
She turns 15 today.
7 years of friendship & still growing strong each time spent together with her.

A friend dear 2 me since our days back in sri pelita.
I miss the times with u during school hours,
Words cannot describe her friendship with me.

Oh yea...I call her Alyssa
...but u can call her Eleasha Chew xP

Went 2 Coffee Island for a Belated celebration with her & the family.
'Vained'-Took LOTS of pics-makan-

Monday, May 4, 2009

2nd May 2009 - Happy Birthday Mummy

2 party's in a row...for her...crazy...