Sunday, June 28, 2009


It started with friday PFS concert(26/7/09) :
Met my sch gang at mcD's then went 2 the school at 7...saw wy and her friends so i hang'd with them till like 7.20...saw my BestFriend and the sggs girls so hang'd with them next...saw mgs friends...sggs friends...etc...sadly dint get 2 catch up with em...after the show took pics with jan and the rest...ele fetched me back.
Pics of the concert Go 2 =
Vids of the concert Go 2 =

Saturday-recovering from last night LOL...then around 7 went off 2 RX 6th Bday party...makan, getting attacked by 3 girls & a boy & calls/texting.
*Ice wine + Ribena + Kids = A Major Hangover*

Sunday-Slept through the whole day...dropped by BestFriend's house...tried kidnapping her but failed...tried meeting up with her = failed.
Went 2 qb for dinner at M.Fish.Market. Hokkiado A4 dessert. Home 9pm

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The 2-in-1 post


Food friendship :
Drank my ribena, my water. Want my big breakfast and hot cakes. I took ur syrup ice. Even the tako tako. Lucky haroka made for u. When it comes 2 food I'm not transparent but other times i'm invincible = Food Friendship.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Back To School

omgomgOMG!...arhhhh...what i feared has youtube was vid by every1 in school...including the teachers...ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...omgg...dunno what 2 say lar...even HE saw it...omg...damn embarrassed...yes I have guts 2 post in BUT STILL...ahhhhhhhhhhh...embarrassed!!! & its only DAY 1...i know they won't let me ever forget it...haizz...ok whatever not gonna take it down since almost every1 saw it already...sigh...*mini star my fooT

2nd day : Redbox invite?! wth?!

20/6/09 : 92 views
1st July 09 : 103 views/57 views

Sunday, June 14, 2009

My June Holidays

I should be sleeping now...but the coke overdose is still in me...wth...shouldn't had drank it last night at 1am...couldn't sleep till 5plus then i woke up again at 9 and dint sleep till 2mro...awww...I'm so screwed as usual...LOL

It was a pretty cool holiday for me(for the 1st week only then boring 2nd week) : Hanged-qb/gurney/holiday/qb/homeX2/gurney/gurney/home/gurney/home/secret recipe/homeX3

Went out with wy 'shopping with her mum',sis 2 watch monsters vs aliens 3D and angels & demons, celebrated renee's 14th bday, watched terminator with the gang, switch 2009 roadshow, miley movie with ele & the girls then old town with mum after that, made plans with vampire but i ditch'd her in d end LOL...sorry la...then stuck remaining of the hols at home ele went 2 visit her relatives.
That a summary on what I did.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Our Friendship

Ok I officially HATE he dsnt even reply my texts & its the usual kinda normal ones before all this nonsense between us.
Haihhh...I don't know whether I hate him or not...complicated =(
If only I could.
I wish I knew if he actually cared bout me.
What am I doing blogging bout him again?!...I should be over him!!!

From a friend : 'It's about time I grow up and think maturely. I should just let him go. He doesn't want or need me anyway. I heard this saying a lot of times. "If you love someone, you have to let them go."
If I ever crossed his mind, he'll let me know. He has to concentrate and so do I. I'll have to leave it all behind and move on. But even if I've moved on, I'll still remember him. I don't think I'll ever forget him!'

*if love in friendship then the friendship will be my experience =(

ITS 3am PLUS...wth!!!
I'm gonna sign off...gonna be on my bed now.

-Lim Yimei