Monday, August 31, 2009

Merdeka Youth Jam 09

*I wanna spin*

Still half asleep from the hyperness during yesterday~Noon

Arrived at pg times sq 10 thirty thought I was late coz the workshop was supposed to be at 10am. Snapped a few pics here and there...check out the schedule for the whole thing then went for breakfast at roti bakar. The cheer workshop was going on already, I saw luv and dharshini leading them. The seniors did a display & Front roll was there first move

12-1pm Dj Spin the Plate Workshop with Dj Justin : About 20 something signed up. I dragged some friends along to the workshop.
Then outta the blue the cheer gals started showing up, I think they're just there for the free gift xD
I tested out the Pro Mixer DJM-800...no1 wanted 2 go try so...MORE TIME FOR ME with the awesome 15k thing!!! ^^
*I wanna spin* (Those who hanged out with me would slap me when I said the words LOL but they dint :P)

After the Dj workshop till 3pm : Chilled at a place inside the mall called DairyFresh. Had IceKiminos...or something like that...then talked, chatted, chilled.
3-4pm : They went for the street workshop, I took pics.
15mins later iJOINED in. Haha U heard it right. (Just remembering the steps - Shoulder Shoulder Shoulder x2 Right Leftback Right Pose Left Rightback Left Pose Stepright Left spin forward Sidestep Kick step open x4 Kick turn kick pose)

Chatted the Danzity people then off 2 OldTown for some Sausages, Fries, Drinks and chat.
Walked around the mall with they surveys then ended up at DairyFresh till 8 iThink...went crazy took pics, talked about random stuff, teased seafood :D

As we were walking out, the crowd got bigger...I did some online survey thing by catcheye for a lucky draw. Grand Prize is a HP Mini 1000 Netbook :)
Took pics of the open stage fame Ocean Of Fire, Hannah Tan, Shawn Lee(Dint show up), An Honest Mistake, Altered Frequency
Jazz suddenly gave me her tag and asked me 2 go on stage and snap pics of the crowd band etc wow...and I was just snapping away for 'fun'
Bought balloons with the girls...ish I got the pink my wish on it before letting go along with the rest of the crowd. I pray It'll come true
Went up to the stage took pics with the whole gang...I'm somehow a volunteer after taking pics on stage haha
Saw yany but dint talk 2 her
Saw eli for awhile...and met tinee too...last chat with the gang and jazz.
Went home at 12.30, slept at 2am for my pictures
*Merdeka Youth Jam 09 was awesome!!!Thanks 2 all who made my night simply amazing. Missing u all already ;)

Currently : Sorting out my 800plus pics...omg so little xP
I'll upload some soon

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Anger Hate You

Come back fucking fight scream and shout at me.


*tears of anger, pain and hurt flowing*

Friday, August 28, 2009

Nightmare of a Headache

Yesterday almost the whole day got a freaking headache

*Screwing up with life...don't know what to do about it now...letting time pass by...getting hangovers along the way~

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


*Got let down again many times I've put up with it...I must be crazy not 2 care and let you continue doing it 2 me X(

Friday, August 21, 2009

KL before D.E.A.T.H

21/8/09 : Leaving for KL soon...sitting a bus be continued :)

22/8/09 : Paintball stuff bag 2 shirts and 2 caps
Sunway Pyramid Shopped and took pics RIPCURL!!!
Six thirty onwards now chilling in coffee bean and drinking my cranberry snapple. Dinner at Tony Roma's French Bread with garlic butter, MY med well filliet Mignon with buschetta and mashy potatos side and a carrot cake for desert. Oh my cranberry infused cherry apple fizz

23/8/09 : ok I think when I go back 2 pg I'll only update properly...just a quick note...woke up at nine AM and gonna go 2 Bukit Tinggi soon.
Lunch A&W...double root beer float for me cony dog and curly fries...went down saw some bee dude, took a pic with jack the albino snake, mascots panda and leo
Around 4-6 in Bukit Tinggi...paintball area closed/Tea. 6pm-The Curve/sony center/wonka candy/ with sis...omg BLACK DRESS...rofl...

24/8/09 : Woke up at 1pm...coz last night slept at 5am chatting with humans LOL
Swimming with cousin...kidsitting her...she trapped me in her 'house' omg wtf. Night went for Haagen Dazs with family 2 kids used me as a human tug of waR :(

25/8/09 : Woke up at nine thirty left d house at 10. Met her at starbucks while i'm having my espresso tiramisu ^^
Went 2 Aeroline to buy my tick for wed morning 8pm then Its off 2 sunway lagoon.
Summary~Saw tigers, waterfalls, surf beach, ATV, flying fox, suspension bridge, took pic for some sri lanka family. the lost city of goldroller coaster, wheel wagon, SCREAM PARK!!!~, rm21 bucks lunch dried popcorn chickenn 100plus fries and water, paintball target shooting 40pellets, locker, candids, starbucks, ice skating pics, coffee bean, lak cek fetched me at 7pm outside starbucks. slept at 1plus

26/8/09 : 15mins before 8 reached at bus. Wanted 2 get jco donuts 5min not open wtf. Subway burger for breakfast, watched DOA & Handcock. Arrived home at 12.30pm...went for lunch with mummy tomyum goreng with praws crystal tea awesome. 15mins in some bathroom shop became 3.30pm...played my psp awile then k-oed in the shop. Went home onlined till 11.30pm then slept

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Principles of a Good Death

To know when death is coming and to understand what can be expected.
To be able to retain control of what happens.
To be afforded dignity and privacy.
To have control over pain and relief and other symptoms.
To have choice and control over where death occurs.
To have access to information and expertise of whatever kind necessary.
To have access to any spiritual and emotional support required.
To have access to hospice care if necessary.
To have control over who is present and who shares the end.
To be able to issue advance directives which ensure that wishes are respected.
To have time to say goodbye and control over other aspects of timing.
To be able to take (2 missing words) is time to go, and not have life prolonged pointlessly.

Took a holiday with the girls LOL

Monday, August 17, 2009

W995 Award

European Music Phone 2009-2010 -> Sony Ericsson W995

This device targets the multimedia enthusiasts by making it easy to access and playback audio and video media. The W995 is featuring a 2.6 inch display of 240x320 pixels resolution - enough to give the user a sufficient viewing experience. The phone includes include a music player, Walkman v4.0, with shake control, mini jack input for your favourite earphones and wireless Wi-Fi. Additional features include: a camera of 8.1 megapixels, a LED flash, a geo-tagging and an image stabilizer. With the new Media Go application, it’s incredibly easy to organize and transfer your music and movies to the W995’s internal 118MB memory or to M2 memory card (an 8GB is included). This phone even works as a DLNA server, so you can view photos or listen to music on compatible devices. Finally, there’s a neat kickstand for table use.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

New gadget - Sony HX1

Came back at around 1am on sunday morning~The proposal Seven Thirty till Nine fifteen, Walked to SonyShop checked out Hx1, T90, PS3 till closing, Coffee Bean till Twelve Thirty.
*getting my new baby gadget tomorrow...gotta wait a whole night ^^
*can't wait till I get 2 hold you in my hands...the sooner, the better ^^
Actually I would have gotten it there and then but mum dint bring the called dad asked him 2 talk to my mum(nego) hehe

I don't get up for anything or any1 unless they're special to me~
Haha...I waited a whole night(I was sleeping obviously)
Now awake at 9am...if I go and wake up my mum now...My head will be chopped off for waking up now coz last night we got back around 1am
Really supper excited...after getting it I would be able to try my awesome baby at Gembira Parade for Innebandy's Futsal activity
I really want it now xD
Dint go for futsal in d end...spent the whole day from 3-11pm in qb...another 7 hours :D
...after 4 weeks and a day after I bought my W995...I got my new Hx1
~my Hx1~

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Relationship Status

Just changed my status last night around 10pm and suddenly its flooded with comments by my oh-so-wonderful friends who CARE about my 'not single' anymore...LOL...friends like BenSaw, JasonLyne, SabrinaLoh, KhengGuanLeow, TheresaTeoh, ErnestHa, TracyKhong, Zoe, RachelSee, my idiot cuz TeeLim and DanielLim lastly Nerd.

Told 3 gals on fridya :)
Hottest topic haha

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Our Penang Story

Were both in pg now BUT unfortunately due to circumstances we can't meet each're mum, my upset now.
~YOU know how I feel~
Today was supposed to be the BEST day damnit
We'll find a way to meet...even though its for a few minutes or a couple of hours spent together.
If only I could drive...we would be chilling now and having the best time spending it together.

I will not give up on seeing you when your in pg now!!! often do I get this chance?!? really has been too long since we last saw each other...I miss you like crazy...loads to tell you in I wish I could see you now.

*just like that, we can't upset I am...only you can feel what I'm feeling at this point~I promise I'll find a way 2 see YOU~IMY

*Its killing me, I wanna see YOU*

Will drop by island plaza area 2 check out the paintball field then off to gurney!!!
I'll be there waiting for u...we'll catch up...take loads of pics and all that.
Change of plans...sighh...ur having dinner in gurney hawker stalls but I'm stuck netbook shopping with my mum...and she's 2 tired 2 drive all d way 2 Copthorn.

Just got back from qb like 30mins ago...dint manage to meet you in Copthorn again...ishhh
My hp is 3 weeks and a day old :D

*Sleep well, I'll be up when the sun rises 2 meet you

8-9am : I'm up, you're up...its a green light. See you at ferringhi beach ;D
11.15-12.30pm: Copthorn~Hugged ^^ caught up on each others updates...talked...went 2 ur room...u bought a dress...went 2 da beach...talked some more...took pics...said our last goodbyes.

AFTER THAT : Went for makan Ant SIM's house...saw the kids there(KY & RX). Had tomyum beehoon, watched tom & jerry in Chinese.
3 thirty yuen fetched me...saw her friend and darren on a bike near my old tuition place they passed yuen 2 floorball in RC. Arrived 10mins before 4pm.
Got the IC contract...dropped by some Organic shop-bought CANDIES!!! Peppermint & Lollys :D
Dinner with Ant HP, Dorreen & Roy and my mum downstairs around 8pm.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Years aparT

Ditched school today.

Back to the present :
Yes like my tittle has been 2 YEARS since we last saw each other...'my other half from KL' coming to Penang tomorrow!!! Ooooooooooooooooo(wonders who is yimei talking about) :D :D
I can't wait to see you...u really made my day when u said you were coming down. I really pray our day will work out.
Ok i'm crazy happy now...can't stop smiling at ur sms LOL ;)
~Just so freaking happy~

*Omg i'm seriously damn happy now. Thanks a lot!!!...I can't wait for tomorrow!!!...I MISS YOU LIKE MAD~can't wait to see YOU :D :D

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

An Off Day

I didn't go to school due to the fact I have been sick for the past school(the principle/my chem teacher) actually banned me from going. My mum actually allowed me instead of the usual insisting me to go to shocked
So here I am trying to earn $$$ from my blog...using Nuffnang and GoogleAd Sense...actually signed up long time ago but I didn't do it right so no $$$. Now I pray hopefully after today it'll actually work for me LOL
BestFriend finished her trials today ^^

Click on my addS~ :D

Monday, August 3, 2009

A Monday

Ok so mum fetched me from sch at 3pm coz we get 2 leave early...went 2 check out the paintball place at island plaza but then this weekend only the field ready so mum wanted 2 go 2 qb 2 buy some stuff so i tagged along.
Jusco 2 buy some ironing stuffz...then 2 the cosmetic dept...I got damn bored waiting there like mad and finally asked my mum if i could go 2 the arcade 2 kill my time lol.
She said ok till 6pm, so off I go played like rm10~5games worth of Initial D 5(used a Toyota MR-S S Edition (ZZW30) before getting myself some game card...I was like wtheck la ok la get it in case my mum decide 2 make me waste my time shopping with her so i made a card...bloody rm16 omg...spent rm30 at the arcade just to kill 2 hours...after racing like 6times(used A Suzuki Cappuccino EA11R) it was already 6 thirty so gotta meet my mum already, I had 1 more round worth but ok la next time only use it.
She moved from cosmetics dept 2 handbags/shoes OMG...I saw a blue sling bag that I liked and asked her if i could get it...she said yes...yay...its rm239 btw :D
Hanged around there while mum was still shopping...she bought cosmetics, shoes, handbag + mine total rm800 goshhh...then we had paddington for dinner...another rm100 iThink LOL
Mum wanted 2 check out phones somemore...omgf!!! around 9 onwards went 2 batt died so can't WiFi~sad
Luckily BestFriend and micky managed 2 layan me sms...omg if not for both of them for my whole qb I would have died outta boredom haha
Left qb around 10.30pm

Summary : *7hours and 1k in qb today omg*

Goodness me...its 12am already!!! ;D