Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Day

30/10/09 : Got an email at 10.33am saying -

31/10/09 : Woke up around 12 rushed to Queensbay cause I remembered the Sony PSP Go Free Trial was supposed to be 10.30am-1pm. Reached at 12.45pm, asked some lady if I could still try the PSP Go(I was thinking oh freak I missed the chance, how come no PSP Go on display wan?! The PS3 got loads of people trying out) She then told me to wait for a moment as she went to tell the boss someone wanted to try the PSP Go out(wahhhhht, not yet open?) She then asked me if I wanted to join the Game Tournament(Can't remember but I think it was Street Fighter) Dint take pic of the scoreboard I was too busy waiting to get my hands on the Sony PSP Go haha
I went in to the Sony shop and asked a few questions while he was opening the new box. According to the guy, the trial was supposed to start at 1pm and he said I'm the FIRST to try it out today.(In my mind I was screaming whoooooooooooooooo!!! First to try in Penang!!!) Tested for like 30mins 12.45-1.15pm

From the Net - Click the link

Introducing the smallest and mightiest PSP® system yet. Download rich, immersive digital gaming or the best movies and TV shows saved directly to the ample 16GB hard drive. Browse the incredibly deep lineup of PSP® gaming and movie content on the PlayStation®Network. Use built-in Bluetooth support to connect a wireless headset and utilize Skype to talk with friends. But best of all, show off your content via the ultra-crisp 3.8 inch LCD screen on the most portable PSP® system yet.

From ME testing out the Sony PSP Go = Straight out of the box you can see that this is probably the slimmest PSP up till today from Sony. There's even a pre-loaded internal battery so you can play straight out of the box when you buy it. Even though, The PSP Go is awesome with the 16millon pixel resolution screen and its great for watching movies or viewing pictures bear in mind the screen is smaller than the previous versions of the PSP. It sounds fantastic I might add but I find the PSP Go too slim and I normally like to get a good grip on my PSP while playing it. Wi-Fi on this is pretty good, a fair speed. They also had a pre-loaded game LocoRoco2(Its like a blob u control with the R and L which tilts the screen to move it - Quite lame I must admit)
At RM1099 I wouldn't recommend current PSP holders to get it unless they don't mind getting use to it or if they would just like to buy the 'latest gear from sony'. I bought my dear Sony Hx1 a screen protector for RM29.90...omg expensive but it looks so good!!!

Yimei SCREAMs : *I was the FIRST to test out the new Sony PSP Go @ Queensbay on Halloween, it was AWESOME!!!*

Pictures : soon

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wenesday @ Queensbay

28/10/09 : Went to QB after school, mum wanted to check out the Nokia E52 that arrived yesterday. That guy called her when it arrived. Was in qb fresh point from 6-9.30pm finally getting the phone. Then went to MFM to have our 'dinner', we were the last customers as they were closing already. Mum couldn't stop playing with the phone already LOL
Bought my DONUTS~weeeeeee last customers again
Spent 6hours in QB today 6 till 11 - Enjoys going to qb on a weekday.

~Halloween Deco for this Saturday~

~Nokia Phones~


~My Grilled Prawn Platter~

~Ceasar Salad~
~J&CO : JPOPs~~Flavors : Choc with choc fill
White choc & milk choc swirl with peanut butter fill
Choc pop with cream fill
Coffee cream with cream fill
Minty & choc pop with cream fill
Strawberry with cream fill
Mango orange with cream fill
Unknown cause I dare not try - Took the top part and it tasted horrible - Ham I think *urgh*
Cream & almond flakes with cream fill
Unknown again

P.S : Lazy to upload pics into my blog cause its so hard to put the pics in order but if I have the time I would

Friday, October 23, 2009


Life sucks sometimes, but if we don't get over it then it'll just be more suckish than before.
Even when life goes downhill, we still have to bring it back up. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done, so I can't really say I've ever corrected such a problem.
As I looked deep into my hands, I lost concentration, realizing how my life was just about to go down the tubes.

Sure, I could always 'turn it around,' and 'make it better,' but what was the point?
What was the point in anything anymore?
I didn't feel the need to breathe as I grasped the plastic stick in my hands, but I realized I had to as my face began to turn purple. I guess I didn't want to commit suicide, even if I thought it would be easier than to make a decision such as this.

-nearly died and nobody cared-
26days till spm from today

*Hero in Me/Gotta be Somebody*

Thursday, October 22, 2009


Couldn't sleep so I decided to draft some tees.

(draft 1)

(draft 2)

(draft 3)

What do you think? Anyone wanna order? Can anyone help me make them? :)
~Its 4AM PLUS. Good Morning xD

*applying for Brisbane International 2010 Volunteers

News from Justine Henin herself on the 23/10/09 : -link-

Sri Pelita's Penang Closed

Its a post for yesterday 21/10/09 but guess I'm only posting now

My Singles - First round against Nick Ang(4-0), Semis against Joe Shuen(4-0), Finals against Ben Saw(1-4)
Doubles partnering Pei Zhen - First round against Jia Le & Gill(11-3), Second round against Ben & Nick(6-7)

(insert my school tennis group photo here)

A related post :
Former No.1 Justine Henin is making her comeback at Brisbane International 2010.
In preparation for the Australian Open 2010!!!

*oh and saw Dylan Teoh in The Star today about Penang State Tennis Closed Championship Junior 2009

Monday, October 19, 2009

A Month

That is all for our final exams, last year of school, the last time we'll get to see each other as were going our separate ways into the world.
I'm gonna miss you all very much, however annoying u all can be(myself included). Years & years knowing all ends up with this final month of school.
I don't know what I'll be doing from this point forth...I've tried to study...its no use for me...can't even get credits for my SPM.
Maybe its better if I just end my life...because its gonna be a living hell anyways...not getting grades...studies plus me = useless.

*I'm emo and I don't feel like living anymore~

Monday @ Queensbay

Ogawa SmartAire, Stuffing and spending time with my dad in TGIF. Haagen Dazs for 4 pints and a raspberry sorbet freeze. 20%

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Overnight Deepavali

Just got back from Seri Sayang apartments~omg worst stay!!!
So freaking wasted Rm260 a night...Rm52x2, no proper bathrooms(there were 2-bathtub and normal), no gas to cook stuff, washing machine that looks old enough to be my aunty, 3 rooms...not so bad.

At lease I got to go to the beach

Friday, October 16, 2009

TieDay, Friday

What will my class come up with next LOL

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Happy 17th Bday Jerry

yoooooooooooooooooooooo another year older woman!!! xD

HA beat celia in wisshing you by 16 sec...12.00.15 she .31 LOL

Pics : The Bday girl/iPhone/Slurpee :)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Thinking 2 much

*enough hurt from you, just forget me from ur life. I'm done holding on 2 my end of the friendship line* on Sunday

Not again...the feeling its unbearable...I just gotta talk to someone about it...
I can't~

Ashley Tisdale - How Do You Love Someone - Guilty Pleasure - HD

*Why do people change?
Is the change for the good of the world?
Or is it the need to feel wanted?
People changed and so have you.

*You're shattering my protective wall,
but will You catch me when i fall?
Or will You watch me hit the floor,
then walk away and close the door,
Pretending that You didn't see the collapse of
who I pretend to be?

We cant change the future, but we can change the outcome of the future.
I hope this feeling wont change forever.
Stay beautiful inside..

*Lost and insecure
You found me, you found me
Lying on the floor
Surrounded, surrounded
Why'd you have to wait?
Where were you? Where were you?
Just a little late
You found me, you found me

*I've heard that love
Is supposed to be like Heaven,
But then why
Is it hurting me like Hell?

Saturday, October 10, 2009

F5's Pj Day-Self proclaimed

argh its past 12am I'm posting was yesterday Friday ~9/10/09~
One of the many pics we took :

Meeting in McD Greenlane at 12-1.30pm about the pillow fight event*
Met up with emma's friends I think haha...and tommy to discuss bout the posters and such
Night~Aunty SI's place for india photo session(her lappy toppy was filled with virus!!!), ate hokein mee, saw chien wen & roy, my god aunty, slept around 2am.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Contest & Photographer

I'm joining this :

New Zealand Natural Freeze Frame Contest!
Its another Press 'Like' contest so hopefully you'll help me :D

AND this :

Malaysia Largest & Penang First Mass Pillow Fight Event !!
Location:Penang Times Square
Time:10:00AM Saturday, November 21st
*ARE YOU JOINING?! Get ur tickets from me
I would be event photographer on the day but I'm sure I would be allowed to join in :)

I hope EVERYONE will support me in both alright ^^
Ohh btw the AAR concert is postponed to 31st Oct 09

I'm saving up to get myself a proper DSLR cam - I WANT A SONY ALPHA MODEL!!! xP
Digital SLR Camera - DSLR-A350X : 14.2 Mega Pixel Twin Lens Kit

One amazing DSLR camera, two incredible lenses. Attach the included SAL1870 all-purpose lens or the SAL55200 telephoto lens and let your imagination take over.

Quick AF Live View lets you use the LCD monitor as a viewfinder, so you can frame your subjects with greater ease.
• 14.2 megapixel CCD image sensor
• Optimized BIONZ image processor
• 2.7" variable-angle, Clear Photo LCD monitor
• 9-Point Center Cross AF Sensor with Eye-Start® activation
High sensitivity ISO 3200 setting for low-light shooting

Standard Retail Price: RM 2,999.00 * BODY + Twin Lens xP

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Went to my favorite organic shop after school today.
People normally go into an organic food shop to buy veg's & fruits etc right?...but not me
I go in to buy CANDY...yup u heard it right...its about time I introduce you all my favorite organic candy. Trust me is GOOD!!!
Its called YummyEarth
(Click it to visit the website)

YummyEarth is Certified Organic, No Chemical Dyes, 100% Natural Colors & Flavors, Real Fruit Extracts, 100% Vegan, Allergen-free, GMO-free, Soy-free, Nut-free, Gluten-free, Wheat-free & Dairy-free.
They have Lollipops, Candy drops and now recently for Halloween organic Gummy Bears & Worms!
Flavors ranging from : (to be inserted)

I have tried : Tooberry Blueberry, Mango Tango, Pomegranate Pucker, Wet-Face Watermelon, Wild Peppermint & now Roadside Root Beer

Pics : the CANDY stock/my CANDY stock/Mum bought some stuff too

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Press 'Like'

*Hey everyone, Can you help me by liking a mobile photo I've uploaded in Facebook? I would really appreciate it. Thanks xD

Click the 2nd one please

*Hey everyone, Can you help me by liking my mobile photo I've uploaded in Facebook? I would really appreciate it. Thanks xD

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Words Straight From My Heart

Felt a poem coming through me so here it is :

You lit the spark,
In my shy quiet heart
Feeling grew,
While conversation flew,
I've never felt more comfortable,
Then when I was with you.

Then things began to change,
I thought we'd still remain friends,
But unconsciously,
You were distancing me,
And now it's just not the same.

Now I can't speak
Words straight from my heart,
When I hurt I hold in the pain,
I'm scared
of you,
For me to hide,
Is the easiest thing to do.

I'm touchy and sensitive,
Hurt and insecure,
I know its silly,
But I feel tricked
For believing I deserved more.

*I just can't live a lie*

Lim Yimei

'Our apologies, The All-American Rejects concert on 10 OCT is postponed due to an injury to the lead singer.'

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Icy Cream

30th Sept 09 :

Finally got my icyy supply!!!
Bought Hokey Pokey & Vanilla with a Fruits of the Forest thickshake(4 scoops of icy + 2 cups of milk)
Paid the bill...RM85 *jaw-drops*

Pics : The crowd/Ice cream/That guy saw me taking a pic/Sizes/My thickshake/The freezer