Monday, November 30, 2009

Last day of November 09

MMS to Blog :

Picture taken with the Sony Ericsson Satio 12.1mp cam - VERY expensive!!!

*I just tested THE Sony Ericsson Satio @ freshpoint qb - Omg its such sweet phone!...for RM2.6k xD

okay HAPPY BDAY SISTAR~another time I'm wishing you from my blog

ohh Before I forgot on the 29/11/09 : Went out with my dad to upper pg road. They had some Christmas bazaar. Bought some sushi & soya milk. Took out my cam and started to snap away...cause I have nothing better to do here.
After upper pg road(saw daniela), went to gurney apple ripcurl popular & sakae sushi. Mobile internet suck'd couldn't connect the whole time

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Paintball @ Indian Association 1

Reached at 10am hung out with my friends JC & Mei Lin while waiting for the group to show up. 11pm-2pm. Played around 5 rounds RM40

The pics will do the talking :

Look what happened when I decided to use my mask today :(

This is my Paintball Mentor/ta ke che haha, she was being the Marshall today :)

The most important rule
Co2 tanks

Paintball pellets
Tech guy - JC

Getting my marker
I'm ready

Gearing up

Into the Battlefield
My pic 1

Garren ouT
Cleaning the mask

My pic 2

Mask shot 1

Mask shot 2

My pic 3

The group I played with - not complete(2 girls a guy less)
My pants after the game

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Day Out

Class photo session school in the morning-not complete friends : Ben fetched us all to gurney : Celia & Jose sat behind : I watched new moon with Jerry Jose Pz and Ben : @ winter warmers for lunch 2plus had a macaroni cheese bake with ice lemon tea : Broke up with Jose, Pz, Ben : went to cold storage with Jerry Celia called up wanted to meet us, off to the cinema floor to check what movie to watch, 2012 was decided-used my free ticket pass coz is an (*) movie 2 student cards and a rm7 tick-my treat the tickets LOL went to manilla place for potatoes and wedges!-jerry with the sauce & celia with my mag TWILIGHT freak, an xmas tress deco dropped by 3rd floor dvd store and sony shop-wanted to ask if they had a waterproof casing for my Sony Hx1...guess not but the girls asked me 2 check out this photo wall in sony and SPOT ME~!!! Walked around 3rd floor before going for the movie...jerry spotted my bestie...I told her it wasn't la...mana tau it was...LOL
There was a camera exo tested out Sony a330 : view from the escalator
After 2012 we dropped by the Apple store cause Celia wanted 2 check the 17inc macbook.
I played with a Mirror and Mac : The Wong sisters wanted to use the toilet in G pics there cause I was lazy to take out my cam but loads of mirrors to "solo" there haha

Dinner @ some restaurant : Lastly followed by Coffee Bean Dark Choc Peppermint : while waiting to go back Celia & Debby : using my PSP and her iTouch
11.30 mum fetched me from their freaking nm vid 30mins worth of my fav part got deleted...screw me for boasting bout it "karma"

oh before I forgot I found Shawn Lee in a mag and bought it coz he was in a section about xpax blackberry haha

I came back straight away slept till 1am the next day 15hours of sleep
Going for Paintball on the 28/11/09
... that there is no such thing as conditional love. Love is either unconditional or it's no love. You might like someone conditional on their personality or behavior or circumstances. But love accepts no boundaries. So never say 'I love you because', for love has no cause, love comes from God.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Remember the thrill of polaroid cameras? While chilling with your friends, you could pull out the Polaroid camera, snap away, and watch as the image slowly appeared in full vivid color...For sentimental reasons, it was a bit sad when Polaroid discontinued Polaroid film last year. But leave it to the tech community to recreate the main virtues of the Polaroid: its quick-to-develop satisfaction, distinctive color hue and fun "shakeability."

There's Poladroid - an online program available for Windows and Mac users that converts your digital shots into Polaroid look-alikes. What's rad about Poladroid? You drag and drop your digital picts on top of the camera. From the camera, out shoots a blank photo that slowly "develops" on your computer desktop.
You can download it here -link-

Sticking true to the real polaroid model, you can only take 10 shots at a time. Therefore, though the conversion not very time efficient and convenient, it's pretty fun to play around with? Better yet the cost is free- though Poladroid is taking donations

*Using Poladroid 0.9.6r0 software to ease my craving with it*

~girls of f5 2009~

~the sony X challenge~

My photography site -link-
Five Elements of a Great Photograph -link-

*awesome I got selected for the "Youth Creative Workshop Camp 2009‏" and I can bring 2 other friends of mine*
Go to -link- for more info

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My official photographer tag

My official photographer tag~sent through mms to blog

Test Blogger using my W995

Original text & title = Test Blogger using my W995

*used my phone's sms function to send this*

Saturday, November 21, 2009

a Pillow Fight event

"Fight for A GOOD CAUSE!" : TODAY - 21st November 2009
Details : 10am, Penang Times Square, RM15 inclusive of a pillow or RM5 bring your own pillow

I'm gonna be an official photographer @ this event xP

*Go to -link- or -link- for more info*

Wow, I slept from 6pm - 1pm = a total of 7 hours + sleeping at 5am waking up at 8am ;P

...I will update soon

In the meantime check out my friend's blogs who posted bout the event :
Winnie = -link-
Chien Ming = part 1 -link- & part 2 -link-
Nicholas Chan = -link-

UPDATE - The pictures will do the talking

Venue :
Cause :
Cute Kids :
Photographers :
Pillow Fight :
Even the MC was attacked :
more pics at -link-