Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Youth Creative Workshop 2009

*At this ungodly hour I gotta wake up? Worth it or not? I'll see!

~29 Dec 09~ aka DAY ONE
8am-9am : Saw Mei Fang when I walked into the lobby, waited with her for her friend Hazel. Went up together and talked.
9am : Had an ice breaker game(adjectives of ur initial - yummy yimei, hot hazel, mysterious michelle, magical mei fang, jealous jamie, polarized palaan etc) Draw lots 1-7. I'm in group 5~Jamie,me, michelle, Oo, yong kuk aka SLASH did some short skitt pose thing 1 gal in the middle 2 guys 2 girls. 123 We AREee...SLASH...girls cut the guys necks I did double slash, guys dies LOL
10-12pm : Had 3 talks from speakers...was "listening" *cough* psp-ing *cough*
1pm-1.30pm : Lunch consisting of fried rice - ONE MALAYSIA JOKE~we all were "united" Chinese, Indian, Malay haha
2pm : Beatboxing workshop with Shane Low(basics of beatbox learned the kick/beat/snare)- my group Michelle used a harmonica to play We wish u a Merry Christmas x3 and a happy new year, The guys and Jamie beatboxed kick/beat/snare and I sang the lines with Mich. Since we were the last team to perform we had to do a lil extra thing from Jazz ("beat-dance" with Shane Low Dance while he Beatbox)
4-5pm : Before it we were supposed to (praise ourselves to feel more confident" *I'M AN AWESOME PAINTBALL PLAYER) Modeling - mostly took pics...dint really enjoy the session...not me LOL
5pm-6pm : Class over, chilled with the youths, took a 6pack justea green tea home, ate a choc double 5 bread, "Magical" and "Hot" were playing ping pong downstairs couldn't join em I had to go.
7pm-12am : Slept, am I really that tired???
4am : On the comp blogging
5am : To bed

~30 Dec 09~ aka DAY TWO
10am : Reached - ice breaker my group Michelle 17 EX-CLS Dance, Rahula 14 CPT Singing, Amanda aka Mandy 14 CPT Singing, me 17 SRI PELITA Paintball, Eunice 17 EX-SGGS Roler skating, Dixy 17 EX-PCGHS Piano, Emilyn 16 UNION Violin. Intro to the whole group...then human knot...Wendy 14 MGS Guitar. Last team to tie out LOL
11am-1pm : Broke into 2 groups...group 1 went for dance while group 2(me) did music...Jay, Kevin & Jey Sern(electric, acoustic & rhythmic guitar)
1-2pm : LUNCH!!! Beehoon...sat with Michelle, phantom, eunice, four others forgot their names
2pm-4pm : Group 1 & 2 switched~Dance...girl style/breakdance(frog and hand stand)/poping/locking
4-5pm : Dj workshop~finally!!! Owayne & I volunteered ourselves...this is the main reason I came for the workshop actually
5pm : Team meeting for tomorrow's performance(6mins item and a modeling show 3min) URGH
Had dinner @ Secret Recipe till 10pm...mmm mushroom soup, seafood spring rolls, chic cordon bleu,hot choc + water LOL
Slept @ 2am
Go read NST Online : -link-
Dj~ing ROCKs!!! xP

~31 Dec 09~ aka DAY THREE (morning)
Bloody woke up @ 7pm cuz gotta go for driving talk...stupid idiot lady dunno where I stay so dint fetch me
*WTFUCKTHEM!!!~I had to freaking miss my practice in KDU with my group ok...we're SCREW'd!!! x(

~31 Dec 09~ aka DAY THREE (evening/night/early morning AM)
6pm-6.30pm : Waited at Starbucks NWP with an Ice Raspberry Large. Michelle Kasvini
7pm-10pm : Met up with the guys girls. Sound check. My rubix cube is a jinx :D
10pm-12pm : Kevin's group, 2, mine, 4, 5, 6, woah, monsoon wave. Up the stage for crazy dance DJ TURN THE MUSIC UP!!! Michelle and the person 1-1 and I jumped in excuse me and did the moon walk fade out :D FIREWORKS OTOWN ais kosong & pepsi :)
Jazz fetched me back...was squeezed with Ginger her sis John i think, Michelle Ling at the back. Nearing Qb that area we kena police roadblock :D
Wow cool haha...asked us for our IC's and the police chief asked Ginger's sis some qs like age, add and stuff like that.

Pics & vids will be delayed :)

Monday, December 28, 2009

Paintball with Yimei

Finally my first event...actually second event organized EVER~Go to facebook to check it out -link-
If it turns out well I'll organize another one next march, if not I won't ever organize again!

Paintball to me means : Everybody's supposed to have fun, I don't care how we shoot each other and where we shoot each other, that's what paintball's all about...the camaraderie, the friendship-it's all about fun.

Wants a Switch Pro Axis Google Camo - RM 279.35Switch Turbine Fan - RM 174.53(too expensive cannot afford to get this but when I scrape the cash I will : a good investment for my mask!)
Don't know why suddenly I'm crazy Camo xD

Update from Aunty Saw Ping - this sat paintball 8.30am omg!!!
*I've died and gone to paintball heaven!!!*

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Boxing Day 2009

Bloody hell...damn woke up at 7am today, freaking car dead so next Thursday only can go for the talk.

Sat night with the family. Got tickled so much and touched by Pandan Cake...grr...wth!!! Not even 30sec they came back after I went in the house. Lunch @ HRC jealous :(
Saw Abigail & Joel.
Went out after worship talked to Tim, Rachel Lee, Garren, Bug, Saw Emma. Joel highlighted his hair~I want his fedora!!!
10.51pm : I'm back home. Had koay teow thing and milo with the family. They gave me a photo frame for my bday present!!! whoooo~Thanks

my best present ever!!! - quite blur cuz used my diamond cam to take 3.2mp only

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day

*Paintball on Christmas Day - sweeT!!!*

*Paintball on christmas day. Am I hardcore or not, you tell me? XP Best present ever : Got to even use a Tipmann X7 -link-

Played with Kids = soso BUT with Big boys = OMG FREAKING AWESOME!!

Date : 25/12/09
Time : 10-11am
Pellets used : More than 1.5k
People not including myself : Kids = 8/Big boys = 4
Total spent RM35 heh xD

Undang talk tomorow, will elaborate after it~Canceled so zzz

Reached at 10am...played like what 3 rounds then no more d...had to wear some ski mask before wearing the mask. It was so bloody hot I had to wear their jacket coat thing. Couldn't remember much...ran outta pellets.
Left field-Right field-Left field-end

Kids game was a warm up. It was over before I really got going~so there were a few guys playing on their own. They wanted to play against the kids but the kids u know la...haha

So I asked if I could join them, they said yes...so 1st round 3-2 Me, Bernard & Raymond against Melvyn & Victor. Took the Right field. OMG kena'd headshot!!! LOL(1-on-1 with Melvyn snake)
Me and Melvyn against the rest 2-3. Left field. Slided to the snake was SPRAYED shot like 5times my right shoulder area by Raymond i think...gosh I went down~haha 3-1 against Melvyn I pity him :)
One incident the barrel plug got "lost" it wasn't on the chair. The Marshalls gotta go hunt the field like 3 of em.
Melvyn let me try his Tipmann X7 1on1 with him. Right-Left-Right field for 3 rounds. Shot him all and he kinda ran outta pellets the first round. BTW we played FULL LOADER for every round!!! And they even ran outta pellets when I still left 3/4 lol
Played till 11am.

Went to Godmum's place to shower wait for aunty chew yen to come. Me, mum, Aunty Saw sisters, Aunty Chew Yen met Aunty Huey Nee and Julie at 1pm. Penang Swimming Club for lunch. Mum & I ordered Set lunch of Prawn salad, Mushroom soup, Salmon steak butter and garlic sauce Bake potato sour cream/Turkey roast potato cranberry sauce, Xmas pudding thing with vanilla thing. Coffee/Tea.

Went to some cafe next. Sat there till 6pm drinking a raspberry smoothie, coffees and virgin mary or something forgot the name. Couldn't meet the family at 5pm *sigh*

Went to Qb, wanted to watch Chipmunks 2 but then the 7.40pm show was selling out fast(someone was dating then) so went to eat Sakae Sushi @ 8-10pm LOL...bestie decided to disturb me while I'm eating xP
Reached home around 11pm...my paintball stuff gonna stink!!! I left it in the car LOL

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Paintball @ Indian Association 2

Today, I'm gonna play paintball with Garren, Tim and the group. I can't wait!!! Tim's gonna test his Dye i3, so jealous :(
Lucky guy got it from his dad from the states.

Date : 22/12/09
Time : 3-6pm
Place : Indian Association
Price : RM40
People : 12

Well I arrived like 10-15mins before they started.

Summary on my paintball :
1st round - Right side - Right Dorrito. Got 2-1 with Garren from the snake & Tim from the other Dorrito. Shot Micky head-shot 3 times. Garren was outta pellets so he was out. Tim against me he too went out x pellets. Then I ran outta pellets haha Won 2-1 Me
2nd round - Left side - Left back Temple, Middle Full can, Right Triangle. Shot Micky again, this time not so lucky. The pellets bounced off him and he asked me to surrender. Lost 2-3 Them
3rd round - Right side - Half can up to Triangle(did a killer full body slide to it, got shot but bounced off my leg. Was exposed so badly) Shot the dude out. Won 5-1
4th round - Left side - Stayed at a left Dorrito for awhile then went back to middle Full can cuz outta pellets. Ask Deon I think for his marker. Continued. Won 3-1
Garren vs Tim 1-on-1 (x2)
Garren Tim vs Daniel Delon (x2)
Garren guy(forgot who) vs Tim guy(forgot who) (x2)
Guys were drifting around the field till some man came and complain to the Marshall LOL
Till 5.30pm : Chatted with Tim, Garren, Daniel, Sam & Christina. They were waiting with me. Rubix cube/KDU College/Singapore/MORE PAINTBALL plans
6.30pm : Mum finally came!!!

*Not very good with lefty shots*

The pics will be uploaded soon

Monday, December 21, 2009


Okay this is they freaking last straw...I really do have a bunch of fk'd up friends!!! Yeah I said it...so?
I mean really...if they're really your friends they'll do anything to help you or join you in whatever u plan right?!?! *Ha, I can slowly dream on*
I have enough of this crap, I organize something...they said yeah sure blah blah they ask the details then soon after then come out with all kinds of nonsensical excuses to get out of it. I mean come on! First you said okay fine I wanna play. Then 2 days later, u twist your words into something else. Than why the hell in the first place you said u can sure come??!! Go to hell~!!!
If you claim to be interested in the activities I do then PROOF it to ME that you are willing to play.
Make an effort to sacrifice your time and SHOW me your really interested to do iT.
Don't promise me anything if you know your certain you'll break it cuz to me promise really means a lot and not some bloody word you can just say and then take it back!
*Its not that I hate you. Its just that you disappoint me too many times till I don't know if I should trust you anymore or not. I do. I just don't know what to do.

I feel like ranting out here now at 2am in the bloody morning. I need to get this off my heart and into the world wide web. Times like this I wish I have a gang like my mum's, they're the best~!

And to the "friends" of mine who reads this post and decides not to be my friend anymore you can just block me or whatever. I don't give a damn anymore

*I won't get my hopes up, I would end up getting hurt again*

Justine Henin confirmed for Sydney -link-

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Gopeng Trip

ooooooooooops looks like I've forgotten to blog about this...was too excited about paintball already haha

~19th Dec 09~
Woke up @ 8am. Arrived the check point @ 9.50am. Stopped by Bukit Metajam for breakfast(Dairy Fresh choc chip & peanut butter wafitto & Bought RM60 Digi reload). Reached around 12pm. Checked in to a 11 person hut. Lunch - egg and rice with some koropok.
Hiked to a waterfall but too far(had to piggyback my kiddo). Took pics of the place, a monkey, met new a new friend(she's 14, I said 16 and she thought I was 15!!! omg haha I look young) but as we were chatting less than 10mins my mum asked me go walked the other places with her...ish...so went to see 2 other places. Adeline & Gopeng Resort or something. Did some fishin' and walked across a bridge made outta bamboo(3poles,2poles,3poles,2poles uphill) OMG HEART ATTACK wonderfully ADRENALIN PUMPING!!! Tea - choc cakes and red bean soup
Showered freaking COLD WATER~arghhhh shivers~the whole resort could hear me screaming like a ghost was torturing me LOL-RX dropped my PSP wtffffffffff...and when I was in the shower he told me...zzz
Played with RX's water boat, don't know why couldn't dive properly. The batt went dead so headed to dinner.
Dinner @ 8pm consist of steamboat. Planning to look for my friend after dinner but I guess she went back to her room already...mum allowed me to go out till 12am so I grabbed my cam set it to Hand held Twilight mode, plugged in my headphones and went around shooting everything in the night. Went back and slept.

~20th Dec 09~
Woke up the next day @ 6pm wanted to go out and take some morning shots and I thought could hang with my friend before she leaves today but I shut my alarm off and went back to dreamland...2hours later...zzz damn turkeys making so much bloody noise I had to wake up, can't stand it anymore.
Breakfast @ 9pm - toast bread butter kaya, fried rice I think can't remember
The rest went for fishing, played with the RC Boat & Car. Stopped after 10mins or so...went to take pics of the whole place again...then I saw her with her family getting ready to go. I helped them take a few group shots and mention her to come over.
She was gonna leave without saying goodbye to me!!! LOL
Took her contact & a pic with her for remembrance in case I simply add someone online haha
1.40pm : Finally OUT of the ulu no signal place
Went to Qb around 6pm. Ate the usual @ Dome again...this time with a Esperski Frog drink. Mum went in Braun Buffel again...zzz...so I went to the center to take some pics of the final Idol Search 2009 thing. Reached home @ 11pm

All words post...pics haven't sorted yet

Thursday, December 17, 2009

My 17th Bday

»¥¡mξ¡« iś 17 on τhe 17th

To the people who wished me THANKS :
Ele, Debby, Nick Chan, Nicholes Ong, Joe Shuen, Su Jen, Cat, Jan MeiMei, Sarah C, Celia, Jes CheChe, Esther Lau, Kai Sze, Pei Zhen, Nabliah, Ben L
im, Jewel, Gi Im, Michelle Tan, Uncle James, Tommy, Janice Ooi, Wei Lynn, LY2, Felicia Chan, Melvin Bro, Daniel Lim, Wei Sern, Leowaine Leow, Rachel Ooi, Yuen Chern, Amanda, Andrea, Kenneth Yeoh, Rooban, Ms Shirley, Emily Lau, Shannon sis, Jen, Ice Ribena, Joel Soo, Greg, Evelyn, Karyn Khoo, Cheryl Oo, Tan Jin Yin, Mei Shien, Vampire, Ben Saw, Sybella Ng, Theresa sis, Alex, Celery, Jason Lyne, Yee Ming, Ostritch, Jacob, Viona, Oliver, Maxine, Gavin, Dharshini, Sze Sze, Helen, Tee Lim, Yosa, Cat, Aunty Saw Hoon/Julie/Hai Pin/Chew Yen

12.39am wished me ^^
12.49am wish me
10.49am granny wished

wait ahh list not yet complete haha :)

My Bday dinner @ Hard Rock Cafe
Next post : mygopengresort

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Froggy Movie

Summary : Ate @ Dome-The usual + 3 drinks then saw Louis sisters, went to Sony to checkout somethings, watched a movie-It was damn hilarious!

What we ate in Dome
My new love haha
Failed tryI'm so not gonna kiss the frog

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Too Much

Ok I've already reached my limit. Bloody sick now...oh freak...my Bday's in 4 days!
Omg feel so bloody awful

*Too much : Bloody sick = Sleep + Drugs + H2O*

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tasting Freedom : A Rockin' Bday PARTY @ HRH

Okay its past 1am nearly 1.30am but I gotta blog this - SPM YOUR OVER TODAY AND WHEN YOUR DONE I'LL be @ HRH to celebrate Justin's Bday PARTY

The place I'll be after SPM

Met celebs like Avril Lavigne - okok its just a picture haha but I've seen her in Concert Aug 2008 in KL
Justin's smiley bday cake
*After SPM : PARTY @ Hard Rock Hotel...hell yea!!!*

*I'm feeling HYPED UP!!!~wooT*

Pictures from Justin's iPhone : -link-
Note posted using Justin's iPhone : -link-

After the party, I've taken a liking more to underwater cameras because we can use it in the pool or whatever. Unlike my Sony Hx1, I can't like get it wet or I'll screw my own cam...unless I get myself a waterproof casing for it but so far none...'dry' pics are all I've got wheres Jose got the cool 'water' shots of us.
Juice, Happy 17th Bday AGAIN~

I like this one : Olympus u TOUGH-6010
Specs : -link-

Saturday, December 5, 2009


*ASEAN is ruining my friendships x(

ITs happening again...I really don't want to go down the same road with her this time...not again...I just can't take another friend gone...argh...I wish there was another option instead of this...It tears my heart when I think about SG...oh freaking hell why did she have to apply for it. I could feel it in my bones, she would get it. Apart of me wants to tell her "wow, of course I'm happy for you. Congrats enjoy yourself there okay" but another part of me just wants to say "wth don't go"
Can't rant anymore my eyes are blinding me~Once again I can only offer my moral support then...ahh I hope she doesn't go anyways(yes how selfish of me ^^)
7/12/09-CNY 2010

I need distractions

A question to the readers : What would you do if your "friend" decided to keep the biggest secret from you and decided to tell you when they might be leaving you forever and there's nothing you can do about it because you can't but if you could what will you do?

Friday, December 4, 2009

An Unexpected Day

I sat rapid bus to greenlane McD, went to luvenia's house for a movie premiere, waited for a bus pfs 45mins, ended back @ bj 6.30

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Dec 2009

Things to do this month :
  • Finish SPM
  • Go for Justin's birthday PARTY sleepover in HRH - he copied my idea hah
  • Hang out with my classmates
  • Get A Polaroid camera from my granny aka Low Wee Nee
  • Meet my old friends from MGS and the rest of the schools
  • Learn my drivers
  • Upload the thousand of pictures I've been delaying them (prom etc)
  • Have an overnight stay in Penang Hill with my gang - we'll go terrorize the whole area :D
  • PLAY PAINTBALL AND FLOORBALL~must exercise, all the "fat" has been accumulating from no sports recently :(
  • Get all my bday presents for my gangs...I've been delaying em :)
P.S : This list is not yet finished and not in order