Saturday, January 30, 2010

3 PartyS

1st held at Qb 12-3pm : Li Ying's turns 15th

A group pic with the girls before they "ditched" me

Stayed @ Coffee Bean Qb till 4pm something then went to Apple to check out the gadgets and here's a pic of me *mirroring* x)

Wanted to get this cool mini speaker but its RM129
2nd Missed

3rd 7pm-2am Usual monthly gathering @ my Godmum's house

Tennis news : Just out of reach -link-

Official Launch of the Nokia X6

As most of u know this happened last night :

I heard people were complaining coz it was raining and all that...but u guys should be lucky u went alright...I'm down in Penang and I not attending this was worst than u guys complaining about this event being a wash out and stuff. Congratz to the lucky ones for getting the Nokia X6 for RM66* I know it wasn't easy...well gotta go...its late and I have to wake up early for 3 partys on sat...whooo finally

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Giving Up

Kill me...take my life use living my life anymore...its meaningless if I don't do anything with my life now...go ahead...I surrender~

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

MyStudioC event in Penang

...and the PEOPLE GO : WHAT???

MyStudioC is giving out 50 free passes to attend a super cool event here in Penang


Date : 6th February 2010
Time : 7pm-11pm
Venue : Sixty9ine (Beside Hotel Inn)

All you need to do is -
1. YOU GOTTA BE 18 and above first !!
2. Have a blog? Just post the below picture on your blog and say " I WANNA GO TO MYSTUDIOC !!!"
3. And then send us your full name, telephone number and Blog link to
4. Be reminded that if you are selected to go, you MUST attend the event else you will be BLACKLISTED from Jazzada Solution

Original blog from where I took this -link-
Studio C site -link-

Just after 30mins this had been posted I've already sent in my form to win the tickets xP

Woahhh I'm featured in this -link- & -link-

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Surprise Send Off

Was texting Abigail last night+morning asking her details of her flight today. Everything went according to plan and I arrived 1 1/2 hours earlier waiting for them to show up. Waited @ CBTL airport till 2pm when finally she texted me saying she was here. Joel met me first then she saw me, blur with my text when I asked her about it as she did not expect me to show up(Thanks to Joel for half the details and to her for telling me everything I needed)

Spent 2 hours with The Ng siblings - Abigail, Joel & Aberlyn...eating candy(Wonka & Yummy Earth root beer)...talking bout PAINTBALL with Joel!!! and took pics like mad with my Sony Hx1
Sent them off at 4pm & waited for my mum to fetch me from the airport at 5pm

Pictures :


Nerds from Abigail xD
Abigail, Aberlyn & I
Abigail, Joel & I

Being perasan

Me & Aberlyn

The Ng siblings & I
Alone with my Nokia X6
Tiramisu ClassicI miss Abigail Ng, Joel Ng & Aberlyn Ng. Even though I jz saw them a few hours ago xD

oh that reminds me - Happy Australia Day~!!!

Australian Open 2010 Women's Singles - Quarterfinals :
  • Justine Henin(BEL) def Nadia Petrova (RUS) [19] 7-6(3) 7-5
  • Jie Zheng(CHIN) def Maria Kirilenko(RUS) "the unseeded who defeated sharapova during the first round" 6-1 6-3
Both the matches was played at Rod Laver Arena

Nadal experienced a right knee problem gave a walkover to Murray during their quarters 6-3 7-6(2) 3-0 Ret.

Justine Henin might be playing in the Malaysian Open 2010 : -link-

Get a Nokia X6 f32GB for only *RM66 during the official launch party happening this Friday 29/1/2010What u need to do :Forbidden :
Nokia X6 services : -link-

Sunday, January 24, 2010

IPC January Game Day

IPC = Inti Paintball Club organized a Game Day for the staff & students. Special guest ME~I played with them hehe

We were supposed to start at 2.30pm but there were a bunch of boys playing first.
So we waited...and waited till 4pm and FINALLY we the girls were Carmen, Eunice & Alicia. The only 3 girls that showed up. I really respect girls who play paintball. Its just RARE to see them play so...good for them and me xD

Summary : Captain 7 men against 6. Named our team Flame but in the end it turned out we dint need a name. Right(won 3 died)-Left(won 1 died)-Right(won 1 died)-Left(I surrendered but my team against the 2 girls left)-Right(killed all left Alicia, took out Eunice, Triangle & Dorrito killing me lucky bounced 3-4 pellets no splat)-Left(2-2 against snake guys)-Left(2-2 Called one dude to surrender Dorrito side)-Right(I surrendered). Played till 6.30pm then Caren fetched me to Pesta bus station and I walked home passed Kwang Hua-Komplex Bukit Jambul(went in 711 to get myself a slurpee but rosak so bought a Orange Gatorade, that guy at the counter commented on my pants asking for bike or something and I explained to him it was Paintball pants...he asked bout the price how many people time etc I raftly told him and note "I spoke to him in broken BM" haha...reached home around 7.50pm so it means I walked home for about 50mins.

Ok I'm like talking to myself here so pictures :

Our paintball pellets are HALAL
The pellets

Alicia & Shawn

The only shot of me in action that day

Inti players + Me + Outsiders(not complete group photo)

Stopped by 711 to get a drink
-edited- To make it look more painful

The advertisement of today's game

omg I took less than 20 shots today during paintball...too busy playing I guess

Thursday, January 21, 2010

My Nokia X6

It has been a week since I got my phone from the Nokia Music Explorer event and my points about the phone are :

  1. 32GB of internal memory
  2. Comes with a year worth unlimited download with the "comes with music" software
  3. Carl Zeiss dual flash AF 5 M.P camera
  4. Easy sync with the Nokia Ovi Suite
  5. Free downloads from the Nokia Ovi Store
  1. Taken the battery out for more than 20 times before asking David Lian for help - X6 mass reset : Press and hold the, Green key, Red key + Camera Key and press the On button. This will wipe out everything #comeswithmusicmy
  2. The WiFi is unstable and so is my 3G on the phone
  3. I can't use 3G video call
  4. SMS function in normal I don't like it
  5. Apps lags quite often

The Nokia X6 is overall an excellent phone but it still has some bugs that need to be taken care of by Nokia. The reason my phone hanged was because of in compatible apps I downloaded from the Ovi Store. Hopefully by the official launch of the phone in Malaysia. Everything will be running smoothly.
Good thing it can work when its "offline" so I can just use it as my mobile music player. The headphones that came with the phone are simply amazing, lucky I waited before I bought a new pair of headphones. In this case I can use it for both my phones now cause the jack is 3.5mm.

Some pictures from the Nokia Music Explorer @ Royale Bintang Hotel :

Nokia X6 box with my name on it xP

My Nokia X6 + reflection of my Sony Hx1
I'm a Nokia Music Explorer

My Nokia X6 & I

Listening to music with the headphones

Monday, January 18, 2010

Tears of Joy into Sadness

It has been a pretty good week then out of the blue on a fine Monday afternoon you finally decided to tell me this :
whaaaaaaaaaaaaa wtf...YOU!!! Australia, Queensland??? In a month!!!??? whatttttttt!!! xO
Ur confirm leaving on the 17/2/2010...I really am speechless by the wonder u haven't been replying me and going emo recently.

Lucky thing don't need to suffer for SPM even though u did for a year~I'll miss you!!! x'(

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Pg Hill overnight

Turns out I did not manage to go 5mins till 10am I received a text from Joo Sing saying my cupcakes are ready but then 11pm went to collect the cupcakes. Took the 12.15pm tram up and we reached 45mins after. OMG I was squashed/pancaked/and over cramped in the thing(note to self : if u wanna go to penang hill during the weekends take the earliest tram and the last tram back down to avoid the crowds)
Okay so I pretty much "freezed out" in Pg hill...the good thing is Jo, KY, RX was there but something not so good was the "powerpuff girls" wrestled/pulled my hair after dinner~had Chinese pancake, peanuts, rice crackers, egg, spinach, sushi bread crabmeat mayo thing, chic soup, laksa etc for food
After dinner I was having a mini Kids Wrestling Yimei thing with them...omg imagine 4 girls and a boy pulling my hair, kicking, beating me up...its not as funny as u imagine ok!!! ITS BLOODY PAINFUL x(
Managed to escape the nightmare by going to the end of the field and plugging in my headphones and just overlooking the scenery. Aunty Julie called me to get ready the cupcakes then as I was walking up the stairs to light them up, I freaking tripped and there goes the cupcakes all mashed up...wtfish that rubber mat thing tripping me zzz unlucky x(

The next morning around 7something the kids woke up and caused such a noise!!! They pillow hit me and whacked my back so blood hard to "wake me up" - efff them!!! Then around 10am I went around the place taking photos with the kids...soon photos and finally some peace and quiet from 11-12pm I sat in a shady spot of the field and plugged in my headphones and relaxed. After relaxing for an hour I decided to teach KY how to use my Sony Hx1 - my apprentice xP
Mum asked me to buy Skyline sunglasses, the aunty's were all talking bout it.
Walked to the tram cause Jo took my spot in the 50-50 good bad thing...gotta walk with the kids and also take loads of pics. Reached about 2.30pm

I'm in Jo's house using her laptop feel like blogging after Her house-Gurney(to buy the skyline sunglasses)-bak kut teh dinner with her aunty-Her house till 9pm then my dad fetched me home

Pics coming soon~

Saturday, January 16, 2010

I'm in Penang

Shoot its 2.18AM on a Saturday kinda morning time...just had a shower and now sort of updating on what happened the last three days

Well I was in KL as most of u have already know

Summary - I was down because I was chosen to be a Nokia Music Explorer and I received a Nokia X6(not launched in Malaysia and no price set yet)
Its a very cool prize for me because one of the reasons I told Nokia to pick me was My birthday + Christmas present seeing as I did not really had a good one during 2009. Thank god for answering my prayers and let me have the Nokia X6
Friday met with Nabilah from 2-5pm before my cousin fetched me after his college to his house. Went to take out dominos pizza while waiting for my dad to come fetch me and leave for Penang. 9pm left for Penang.
At 11.22pm - Bought dunkin donuts & a mango smoothie at tapah reststop. Dad got himself a redbull for the road

13/1/10 - Departed from Qb at 3pm sat Aeroline down to KL, the trip took 5hours and I reached at 7pm outside SunwayP
14/1/10 - Royale Bintang from 6-11pm for the Nokia Music Explorer event...till 8pm they gave us dinner yay! Then 9pm finally we were having the Nokia X6 in our hands testing it
15/1/10 - Supposed to meet Nabilah at 1pm The Curve but dad had a meeting so 2pm only met her. Found her at the center CNY deco area sleeping/waiting for me to show up. Went to pavilion cathay cineplex for a movie but she was in school uni so couldn't watch a movie(wanted to watch Cirque Du Freak : The Vampires Assistant with her at 3pm) Tak jadi and I was already starving so we went to Dome for my lunch and her second lunch LOL...played with my Nokia X6/Sony Hx1 and ate a chic pie. Around 3something we went to The Curve NZNatural to redeem my free reg tub of icy that I won from the "NZN Freeze Contest" last year...lucky they sent me the voucher the day I left Penang or It's gonna be useless in Penang.

Okay gotta sleep like ASAP...morning 10AM need to go collect the cupcakes and then go up pg hill, around 2pm Jazz will fetch me from "Asia Cafe" at the bottom of the tram place to McD greenlane for a Youth meeting till 6pm then I dunno whats the plan after that.

Pics coming soon~

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

BYE Penang

hrehhhh if anyone can guess where am I...I have told u before!!! So shut up about where I am now haha

Monday, January 11, 2010

Nokia Music Explorer

AT approximately Monday, 11 Jan, 2010 4: 34 PM I received an email saying :


Dear Yimei,

Congratulations! Thanks for applying to be a Nokia Music Explorer. We’re pleased to tell you – You’ve made it!

We’ll be kicking off the Nokia Music Explorer programme with a briefing and interaction session this Thursday, 14th January 2010. At this session, you’ll get to meet other Nokia Music Explorers, and find out more about Comes with Music and your role as a Nokia Music Explorer.

Of course, you’ll be equipped with a power Nokia X6 32GB entertainment device and one year’s subscription to Comes with Music to explore, experience and discover new music to share with the community.

Details of the event:

Date: 14 January, 2010 (Thursday)

Time: 7pm-10pm

Venue: Royale Bintang Hotel

Level 1, Tiara Rini Ballroom

6, Jalan PJU7/3, Mutiara Damansara,

47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor


and I fainted~haha only joking. I can't believe this I won???

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Beach and Club

A post for sat, 9/1/10 but I don't know why the post I did yesterday couldn't work(pics and words turn'd out weird & no cursor). So here I am re-posting on sun, 10/1/10

3-6.30pm : @ Naza beach having a Bday beach party with Low Wee Nee celebrating her 18th years alive xD
Had to drop by cold storage @ gurney to buy some marshmallows, I couldn't find the minis only large. Wern was our 'chef' and we had cheese sausages, marinated chic, weenee's ham+shitake mushrooms combo, pz and her corn, chic pattys, coke, sprite, pepsi twist, 7up & bicardi.
Summary : Bbq'd, roasted the marshmallows straightaway, played with a can of silly string that Justin got, threw Joel in the sea, Ben hit Joel and me with sand him kena my cam ***hole!!! Had to clean my cam damnit~Guys did a head in a hole thing

Large marshmallows

Sweep panorama view of the sea
PZ's corn on butter

A couple of Windsurfers among a number of them out there

Chef Wern

Playing with the silly string
They threw Joel into the sea

Same watches comparing

Ben likes the sea today, everything that needs to wash. He suggested the sea LOL

Celebrating Wee Nee's 18th Bday(Rachel, WanYuen, WeeNee, Me, PeiZhen, Justin, Joel, BenSaw & Wern)
Me & Wee Nee(I look blur she looks fit xD)

7-11.30pm : @ Heritage club having a Karaoke/early Bday celebration for Cai Ling
I was the EARLYist there...even before she came LOL
She was having dinner with her fam so I played my psp ROCKBAND UNPLUGGED!!! till 7.30pm that's when Owayne, Zarris and David came

Me & The guys of JazzRock went to the room first and : See the first 3 pics

The room(iLike the effects here, That coke is my own LOL)

Me & The guys of JazzRock(Owayne, Zarris, Me & David)
(Posing = so-called 'rockstar', stonner, cool, magician)

Zarris wth!!!

Me & Kevin karaoke-ing

3 girls & a Kevin(poser!)

Me & Cai Ling(she's tomato RED)

Self-taken before leaving Heritage club xP
Omg my first picture filled(20 pics) post of 2010 xP