Sunday, February 28, 2010

Penang 3 on 3 Amateur 2010 Paintball League 1st Leg

*Playing in the Penang 3 on 3 Amateur 2010 Paintball League, I wish my friends could go support me in Youth Park~Go PAINTKILLERZ* #paintball
*PAINTKILLERZ played in a freak'd up paintball comp~I got first second third shot & more blood out = Internal bleeding all over WTF* #paintball
Reach around 9pm an hour and 30mins before we started
HAPPY BDAY EDWIN KIM~my teamate just turned 21 today. Saw from his blog he says get him Tolberone if u don't know what else to get him, so yeah I got 2 for him xD
1st game - Right field - Dorito side bunkered some fat guy but the moved to the other side of the can then shot = Me out left Edwin in the game Lost
2nd game - I sat out Larry went in Lost
3rd game - Left field - Jon out - Edwin marker jam down see vid in Youtube -link- Won
4th game - Right field - fk wei most memorable game - Break Edwin went to snake kena shot dunno how = out - Jon also dunno how out - Left me alone Dorito side Maya prevented me from going up and 20 Dorito came to the Can 10 clock from me then nearly bunkered me but the guy that came up from Snake to Temple already shot my lower right back, I tried shooting him but nvr break so I stepped out of the line d la shot like 5-6 times FK!!! Legendary I was sprayed 3v1 not knowing my team was already out till I was the last one...they dint communicate so I was screaming where to shoot zzzThe last team we expected to be in the finals went IN wth

2pm went to eat lunch in Bella Italia - Seafood soup - ordered wrong pizza broccoli & garlic combo wth - Seafood pizza - home

Team PaintKillerz
My bruise

Saturday, February 27, 2010

IPC February Game Day

The summary :

Checked out Youth Park before going to work in IA
New cleats for paintball
The 3 of us against 4 of them
Through the netting
Inti Feb Game Day
Chest shot the Yellow shirt guy
The Art of taking PelletsEdwin and his snake
Night shot of the field
So reached around 11pm...kinda late already...dropped by Youth Park...3something Bullet came...then 2 other Inti guys...JC's friend/twin joined them to play against Me, Edwin & Jon. Edwin got a snake drill from that guy. Went back to Youth Park after work, chatted with Norha while waiting for the field to be set up. Walked the field and all that, Edwin was so happy there was a snake haha...went to Chili's at Gurney to eat & saw Delon next table. Home slept around 1am 3on3 comp on Sunday

Friday, February 26, 2010

Komplex Bj & Queensbay

The summary in pictures :

Ate in
Blended Ice Lemon TeaSeafood Cheese Baked Rice
A sudden cut on my finger
In White House White Coffee
Watching The Vampire's Assistant : Cirque Du Freak
Nike Bj
aL ikhsaN Qb

Dinner @ Sushi King
wth so long Q(around 9pm)

2nd over 18 movie of the year(forgot whats the first d lol)
26/2/2010 6.20pm I bought a pair of Football Boots, a Purple Hoodie & a pair of Finger Sleeves from Nike Bj & Bought tickets to watch The Book of Eli(Got free Sunsilk shampoo) then an Adidas backpack and 2 pairs of Nike mid socks in Al-ikhsan Qb

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Addicted to Paintball

Paintball is :
Paintball is a high
Paintball is the ultimate game of action packed Paintball games
Paintball is so popular
Paintball isn't anything like war
Paintball is good for a bucks party
Paintball is my life
Paintball is it mindless violence or a real sport?
Paintball is back
Paintball is now #3 extreme sport in the USA
Paintball is a revered and joyous occasion in which all can
Paintball is UK’s Paintball at its best
Paintball is played in over 40 countries by millions of men and women of all ages and lifestyles
Paintball is not just awesome
Paintball is dangerous
Paintball is dangerous more letters
Paintball is a very safe sport in comparison to many other action and adrenaline sports
Paintball is great fun
Paintball is a thing of the past
Paintball is safe to play as long as it is run properly
Paintball is popular
Paintball is not about greed
Paintball is a sport that involves the use of an airgun
Paintball is a challenging and sophisticated combination of the childhood games "tag" and "hide & seek"
Paintball is recognized as one of the world’s most exciting outdoor sports
Paintball is a dangerous sport
Paintball is America’s fastest growing extreme sport
Paintball is one of the fastest growing outdoor sports in the world
Paintball is an outdoor/indoor participation sport
Paintball is located in Saginaw
Paintball is cool I heard it's cool
Paintball is one of the newest
Paintball is a game played up of many players or teams
Paintball is a character building activity that builds self
Paintball is a ball shaped
Paintball is an exciting sport that is fast paced and action packed
Paintball is played in over 50 countries by millions of people
Paintball is not a violent despite its appearance to the uninitiated
Paintball is very physical
Paintball is an exciting sport
Paintball is the world's fastest growing outdoor participation sport
Paintball is laying in wait behind a tree as you hear your prey moving closer to you
Paintball is not bad for kids
Paintball is a game of elimination
Paintball facility with a perfect safety record
Paintball is mainly portrayed as a 'man's sport'
Paintball is only 7 miles from 1
Paintball is hands down the best Paintball in the lower mainland
Paintball is played in more than 45 countries
Paintball is considered an extreme sport by those who play it
Paintball is fully insured by the national Paintball association
Paintball is fun
Paintball is played in over 30 countries by men and women of all ages and lifestyles
Paintball is a game that is played all over the world
Paintball is the fastest growing sport in the 90's
Paintball is one of the fastest growing sports on the planet
Paintball is going no
Paintball is going nowhere
Paintball is creeping up
Paintball is basically a version of long range tag
Paintball is a combination of many childhood games such as tag
Paintball is called the fastest growing sport of the '90s
Paintball is one of the best stores out there
Paintball is the world's fastest growing outdoor and indoor participation sport
Paintball is a fast and furious sport played on both a social and serious level by a large number of people around the world
Paintball is a very safe sport as long as the safety rules are followed
Paintball is one of the fastest growing sports in the world
Paintball is simple to talk about
Paintball is a sport played by people from all professions and lifestyles
Paintball is an adrenaline
Paintball is recognized as one of the world's most exciting outdoor participation sports
Paintball is currently one of the fastest growing sports in Europe
Paintball is played in over two dozen countries by millions of women and men of all ages and lifestyles
Paintball is a game of strategy with an emphasis on team
Paintball is more than just war games
Paintball is a revered and joyous occasion in which all can rejoice in the thrill of warfare
Paintball is a war game
Paintball is played year around at organized outdoor playing fields
Paintball is team building
Paintball is an exciting game of tag and hide and seek all rolled into one
Paintball is indeed used in military training
Paintball is like a small water balloon
Paintball is a exciting and physically challenging
Paintball is a recreation and an organized sport played year round
Paintball is a safe
Paintball is a combination of the childhood games "tag" and "hide & seek
Paintball is played in over two dozen countries by millions of men and women of all ages
Paintball is as widespread as beer and as contagious as syphilis...It gets in your blood. It becomes a part of you. But paintball isn't presented, or experienced, the same around the world.

»¥¡mξ¡« iś addicted to Paintball : Team PAINTKILLERZ

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Stop Coke

Nearing 6AM playing Bejeweled and downloading songs on my Nokia Ovi gotta meet Norha in McD Greenlane

23/2/2010 :
You'll prob be wondering what on u mean "pain killers"??? NOPE~I ment Paint Killerz!!!(whoops I ment Team PAINTKILLERZ #paintball) My paintball team!!! whooo~wooT!!! B)

~23/2/2010 11pm in Old Town White Coffee My Team PAINTKILLERZ was born xP~

Went out with Edwin & Jon, they went to take their ID pics for the 3 on 3 paintball comp happening this Sunday 28th Feb 2010 around Paya Terbong area. I dint have to coz I printed my own. Then we went to Old Town White Coffee for our meeting on our team name and stuff. Wanted to hang out with the guys till late but mum dint till 11.30pm reached home.
Gotta hand in the registration forms for the Penang 3 on 3 Amateur 2010 Paintball League to Norha tomorrow, meeting her in McD Greenlane anytime I call

24/2/2010 - Jon fetched me around 5 to meet Norha @ McD Greenlane around 6.30pm

Happy + Sad feeling but It felt freaking GOOD to get outta house!!!

Gotten spam'd on this status : -link-

My Photography Site : -link-

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Work & Play

8-6.30pm : Paintball field IA~

My box
"prize giving"

7-12.30am : Junior's Bday RoomStay in Hard Rock Hotel Penang~

HRH Penang @ The Beach

Group shot with the girls
Fireworks shot failed

Went walking with the girls while Mei Shien playing with 5 boys
13th year old Bday girl & I~LOL

Friday, February 19, 2010

Penang 3 on 3 Amateur 2010 Paintball League

(Not sure but they spelled "amatuer" in BM or English)

The new 2010 penang paintball league will be held on the 28th February 2010 at Youth Park,We sincerely thanks to Penang State Government and MSNPP for continuing funding and supports towards our sports making the league a reality.We welcome all participants and wish them a successful appearance in the 2010 Penang 3 on 3 Amateur league.

The registration form is out!!!
Received it today~anyone interested to play???
Contact me for the form ;P
Deadline is 24/2/10

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


1 SP-Penang
2 Emma Lim

Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Friend

1st Day of CNY + V-day nothing to write so posting this poem up which was written on the 11/2/2010 around 4.30pm

I'm not quite sure where to begin or where to start
All I really know is that is poem's from my heart.
But I'm ready to begin this poem to you.

A tortuous winding path-life is a confusing place to be
I want to get away from this stress and find the real me.
Why can't I be happier? Today's a brand-new day...
Yet I have thoughts and memories that don't go away.

I think of my life, and my problems aren't so bad
But for some unknown reason I still feel kind of sad.
It's though being a teen, sometimes it's just a scare
I wish I had some answers-life isn't always fair.

Sometimes I'm just really lost and don't know what to do
I wonder where to go and who can I talk to.
No one really knows which thoughts I choose to share
But even if I told them they probably wouldn't care.
Sometimes I want to say, "Thanks for all that you've done"
But the words fly from my head as quickly as they come.
I don't know how to talk to you, to tell you how I feel,
Now and then it's so complex-life sometimes is surreal.

You may not always see me when I stumble, trip and fall
When tears are in my eyes and there's no one to call.
You may not hear me when I cry in bed at night
Hoping that my worries will somehow be put right.

You may not always love me when we just don't get along
I may screw up when I just won't admit that I was wrong.
I'm sharing with you because I know that you really care
The friend you are to me is special, precious and rare.

Sometimes I might act joyful to camouflage my fears
But deep down inside, I want to burst right into tears.
All I need sometimes when my heart just wants to break
Is your smile and a hug-That's what I can't fake.

I need you-my friend, take my hand and try
To help me mend my broken heart and be there when I cry.
I want you to be with me and walk with me on this road
To step along beside me and help me with this heavy load.

I want you to feel free-I hope I don't ask too much
Just be there when I need you, and offer me your touch.
Some people are ashamed to cry, but I am not afraid
For crying is the way that let out all my pain.

A friend walks in when all others walk out
You knocked on the door when I was full of doubt.
You are an angel, You've helped me to do what's right,
When I had no eyes, you saved me-you were my sight.

You helped me through, without you-where would I be?
A blessing and a treasure is what you are to me.
You are a great person with good advice to lend.

Lim Yimei

Saturday, February 13, 2010

CNY 2010

1st day : Family Reunion STEAMBOAT hehe
9pm reached SP - Granny was pissed coz we arrived late
About 11.30pm fireworks started freaking noise cracks...then went to the field cousin released more
12.37am Took fireworks shots~nice & not nice shots but its good to take em

2nd day : Happy CNY + VDAY ;P
Woke up 6am hungry then 8am got ready. Went out 1,2-lunch stop with KL cousins then back around 2pm

3rd day : 2nd day of CNY
Whole day home nothing bored.
4.51pm Received red packets and I dint have to get out from where I am~skilled or what xP
Played "pop pop" in the evening with cousins then went upstairs vainned with them.
10.02pm On the way to Gurun, ish mum wanna go late so missed the 2nd steamboat dinner
10something pm Reached Gurun after coming down straight took crazy loads of pics with everyone = 4 Generations-Mum's side Granny, Mum & her Sisters Brother, me & my Cousins, my Nieces & Nephews.
12.22am Cousins, nieces & nephews went back so early...dint get to take pics with my fav niece x(
Went back around 1pm reached straight went up to sleep sooo tired.

4th day :
10.48am Lion dance suddenly came...not ready at all couldn't take nice shots 2-4pm Park Avenue visit my 6th aunty before she flew back(having a milkshake fries, playing with my cousin's Rebel XSi & taking pics with my cousins)
Went out for dinner - So freaking super stuffed with my fav herbal chic dish & sambal prawns & 2 bowls of rice omg
Slept around 4am after watching the Paintball CDs whole night/morning

5th day :
11.43am Leaving SP-Penang cousin driving us to buy lens for his Canon Rebel XSi
1.50pm Butterworth pit stop visit my 1st kor's godfather for 2 hours omg
3.37pm Photo shopping around Komtar - Saw Jane in the last shop we went
6plus went to a place somewhere around Air Itam for dinner till 11pm...reached home around 12am...straight slept till 12pm

Friday, February 12, 2010

Paintball KL Trip

11/2/2010 : weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I'm in KL since 3pm sat Aeroline 10.30am to SunwayP

Date : 12/2/2010

Time : 4.30
Place : Pro Paintball Shop, KJ~I bought 2 Dye i4(Liquid Red & White Gold) #paintball

Dye i4 White Gold
Dye i4 Liquid Red

10.35pm : Stopped by Auto City walking around & checked out the famous bridge took pics~WiFing in Starbucks now

Monday, February 8, 2010

Paintball 3-on-3 Competition

Got a text from Norha saying there's gonna be a Paintball 3-on-3 Competition happening soon - The details are below

Date : 28th February 2010
Venue : Youth Park
Price : RM30 per person (free pellets included)
Equipment : Masks, Markers & Camo jackets provided

Any questions ask me...its the day after IPC February Game Day. Isn't that "awe(wait for it)some!" xD

*If today was your last day
Would you make your mark by mending a broken heart?
You know its never too late to shoot for the stars
Regardless of who you are
So do whatever it takes
'Cause you can't rewind a moment in this life
Let nothin' stand in your way
'Cause the hands of time are never on your side*
Taken from : -link-

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Paintball Job IA (x1)

Well my sis predicted if I woke up 6am on Sunday its gonna rain and it happened before I even went to sleep and woke now 1.35am just came home after updating this gonna sleep 7am gotta be @ IA urgh!!!

Facebook status : -link-

7am @ IA
Paintball field in the dark
Morning sky

Between the netting
My Nike shirt got dirty from filling the tanks but I'm happy working here haha
Wei Chun fixing the net & Edwin holding the ladder
A bag of pellets
A pod of pellets

Wei Chun vaining with ma cam
A few shots taken of me but this is the nicest one

From a distance
A friend who was watching the game
Target practice area
Behind view
12.34am 8/2/2010 : Just had a 4 hour nap

*LOVE is like paintball, u get bruised but u still love the adrenaline rush*

15 pic Post to elaborated soon