Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Couple of EvenTs

The registration for TARA Season 4 ends today -link-

(Finding a bigger picture)

Next up this Saturday - World Pillow Fight Day at 1Utama - 3 April 2010 -link-

The following Saturday YOUTHWAVE 2010!!!

Join this to win(see picture below) NCIS : Los Angeles Contest -link-

Last but not least~I'm going to get my Customized Demonz Red paintball jersey in a few days time!!! AWESOME!!! #paintball

Monday, March 29, 2010


Yesterday : Cheng Beng Ditched slept whole day~tired

Register for SPM July papers-Queensbay M.F.M(singing to backstreet boys non stop) & Jusco(bought L jacket yay petticoat)-NZN ICY(@nznmy yay got my icy today(2 large Berryfruit & 1 reg Vanilla)~surprisingly no1 was there buying icy in Queensbay so noQ hehe)

Zzz Edwin called me around 9.20pm and told me a group of 30plus coming this friday Paintball IA...lema!!! *oh its on the 9th April

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Earth Hour

Paintball Job IA (x7) - IPC March Game Day & Popular Missed my outing with my class

Friday, March 26, 2010

Same ol'HoliDay

Eat-sleep-online argh!!!

I was supposed to go and be a "photographer" for the Penang Twestival 2010 held at OXO Cafelab but no transport x'(

Performance from FLORENCE KOH, DÉJÀ VU, WENDY AND STEVEN were entertaining them throughout the whole evening from 8-11pm

What is Twestival all about? - This 25th March, watch the world coming together as one, in support of Concern Worldwide in helping the 3rd World Children Education... Pledge your donation and support us in the endeavour to create a better future for children of tomorrow...

Usual *couch potato-ing* time...2 more days till Inti March Paintball Game Day...faster la...time "craws" so slowly

Did some polardroids picas : 

Found this site to win a Pink Nokia X6~hopefully my luck can win one more haha -link-
& this site to win a Sony Cyber-shot DSC TX7 -link-

I WANT a Jelly Fish Eye lens made specially for your mobile phone~YENG!!! no need get fish eye for dslr...can get same result for 5% of the money but my friend said : no good one/cannot stick properly on my n95 also

Check out Edwin Ee -link- and/or Photojojo -link-

Some argue that the best camera is the one you've got with you -- right now.

For most of us that means our cell phones, which we use to photograph just about everything. And by everything we mean ehhv-ree-thang. From your late night donut to the naked guy on the bus wearing a Darth Vader mask eating ice cream. (If you live in San Francisco like we do, this is a photo-worthy yet not uncommon occurrence).


12.38am : Fishy set M yesterday 4-5 hours later eating Shin Ramyun Spicy Mushroom Flavour
1.05am : My kor got my photocards yay!!!

Was supposed to go register SPM but ended up too late so went to Queensbay Jacket-Clinque-Tako-Austin Chase &Haagen Dazs-total time spent in Queensbay 6 hours

See this 2 jackets one in M another L I think I SO want the red one RM100 10%

LOOK~Bra's with pattern wow

Monday, March 22, 2010

Happy Day

Feeling happy today~Happy happy happy day
Its because of yesterday : #TARA4 EVENT in Penang~I JOINED, I PARTICIPATED, I HAD FUN!!!

Kinda lazy to blog bout my experience #TARA4 EVENT in Penang but I will by this week

The Amazing Race Asia Season 4 Malaysian Auditions :

You've seen Joe Jer and Zabrina walk away with the grand prize, cheered on the Chong sisters when Vanessa suffered a concussion, and laughed along with kooky actress-heiress team Ida and Tania as they ran the race on their own terms. Could YOU be the next Team Malaysia?
This month, The Amazing Race Asia (TARA) will be scouting Petaling Jaya, Penang and Kuching in search of Season 4's Team Malaysia. Think you have what it takes? Then head on down to one of these locations:
Saturday, 6 March 2010
North Court, The Spring Shopping Centre
Petaling Jaya
Saturday, 13 March 2010
Orange Wing, LG2 of Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall
Sunday, 21 March 2010
Central Atrium, Queensbay Mall

*For all locations, registration starts from 11am onwards.
On the audition day, you and your chosen race partner should come with your completed application form in hand and:
 i) Submit your completed audition video on location
ii) Walk into the video booth to record your audition video on the spot
iii) Convince the judging panel in three minutes why your team should be selected to represent Malaysia
Do note the following conditions though:
  • All contestants are to be aged 21 and above, must speak English as well as possess both a valid international passport and an international driving licence.
  • Interested participants are to submit their applications in teams of two, and must be living and/or working in Asia (excluding Australia, New Zealand, and the Middle East).
  • All shortlisted participants will be notified from late March after the call for registration ends.
What's more, fans will also get to meet TARA host Allan Wu, past contestants Vanessa and Pamela Chong as well as Bernie Chan at the auditions!
Can't make it to any of the locations? Then submit your entries together with a three-minute audition tape via snail mail to:
SPE Networks - Asia Pte Ltd
Mail Room
SPE Networks - Asia Pte Ltd
10, Changi Business Park Central 2
#03-01 Hansapoint@CBP
Singapore 486030
Click here for application forms and additional info. Hurry, as you only have until 6pm on 22 March 2010 to submit your entries!

Updated: If you've been playing with the idea of sending an application to participate in The Amazing Race Asia 4, then you're in luck. The organizers have extended their deadline for submissions until 6pm, 31 March 2010!

Sunday, March 21, 2010


My net's screwy can't update so I'm using my W995 to post a preview picture of what I did during the TARA EVENT held in Queensbay, Penang~pic taken before the TARA mini race when I got my tag and "passport"
ohh today is also smashpOp's bday Happy 321 to u...but I wished him belated haha oops*

hmm okay so its like this : Signed up for Mini Amazing Race Challenge-saw the new Sony Bloggie-Answered a question about Tx7 RM1788 and got a free AXN goodie bag-Ate a pancake stack and mushroom soup in Dome-Gathered behind stage for briefing-Saw ALAN WU so took a picture with him-5pm went on stage(Vanessa handed us our "clues" and she sounded the horn to start us off)-First place task World of Carpets Solve 1 face of Rubix~GONE D-2nd was in front of converse gave us lot number we gotta find 6places 2 of which consisting of a flag(HarveyNorman, Comic shop 3rd floor, La Senza, Memory Lane, Borders and Blue Cube)-Triangle blowpipes hit 3-Next Breeks shoot 3plastic foam things on a dart board-Fish spa count the number of AXN logos on a paper-Home base(stage) hit the horn-Got 5th outta 9 T.T-Played this texting game after that(no luck can't remember numbers got a pen and a lanyard-Took pics-Went to fb on celcom booth-Sat in Clinque waiting for mum again-Dinner in Sakae Sushi-Spent 9 hours in Queensbay


So I won this by entering a Nike Football+ Twitter Contest‏ last Thursday. Can't go coz its in KL but they dunwanna compensate me for my 4 passes I won...ishhh so annoying blahhhh anyways I'll be heading off to Queensbay for "TARA4 EVENT" whooooooooooo See me there and or on TV AXN in the near future ^^

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Paintball Job IA (x6)

urghhh gotta wake up by 4AM...get ready and reach Indian Association at 6AM...wtfish man...the group coming at past 1AM d some more...after work got Hard Rock Pool Party but dunno can go or transport

So arrived around 6.50am, Edwin jz woke up ended up reaching around 7.20am. Set up the stuff all 9pm d...briefing from Edwin. He stayed till 2something coz he was working half day. I packed everything up by 4pm. Ended up walking the field and got a pod full of pellets to play with. Mum came went to eat in Baskin Robbins then Yosenabe shabu shabu

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Bday & Queensbay

Party in Sri Sayang :
~Happy 18th Bday Elizabeth~

Fish la...after 1 week from getting results this party was my perfect cure to drink myself till drunk badly and wake up with a massive hangover...but then screw it mum lazy to fetch coz so far...stuck at home now while they're partying in Sri Sayang = ffffffffffffffuuuuuuuuuuuuucccccccccccccckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

SO went to watch Green Zone with mum then after the movie when we walked around I saw Sarah Chew...yay!!! Soon after our mum's started chatting and I hanged with The Chewies for an hour or so. Sarah was playing with my Sony Hx1 ^^

Elizabeth Kim.'s birthday Today
Izzati Azman's birthday Today
Liuyan Ooi's birthday Today
Marcus Tang's birthday Today
Rusy Lee Hye Min's birthday Today
Yongling Kow's birthday Today

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Paintball on 27/3/2010

Inti Paintball Club will be having a game day on the 27th of March at the MAPAAC Penang field. Everyone is welcomed to play, but do register first.

Special price to those who register early!!

Register before the 19th of March:
  • RM30 (Inti Penang staffs and students)
  • RM35 (Non Inti Penang staffs and students)
Register after the 19th of March:
  • RM35 (Inti Penang staffs and students)
  • RM40 (Non Inti Penang staffs and students)
Okay so if anyone is interested please sign up with me~

In case you don’t know what Paintball is: Paintball is a game in which players eliminate opponents by hitting them with pellets containing paint (referred to as a “paintball”) usually shot from a carbon dioxide or compressed-gas powered paintball gun (or marker).
It’s not actually as painful as it sounds - it’s not just for the guys – plenty of girls play paintball too!(LIKE ME ^^) Paintball requires stamina, team work, strategy and psychology in order to win a game, and it’s a whole lot of fun! Those that play online games will notice that has its similarities to Counter-Strike :)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sudden Random Plan

The Wong sisters & I~
About 2 hours before I msn'd them asking if they wanna hang or not...surprisingly they said ok. So fetched them at 7something went to Queensbay. Wanted to watch Alice but freaking fully booked, planned to come back 9pm to see if the reserved seats can be bought or not. Went to TGIF for dinner~my "treat" haha
About 9pm went to the cinemas again to check if the reserved spots for Alice in Wonderland was taken, lucky there were 3 spots left in the 1st row...omggg...neck pain la after the movie...had potatos/popcorn(dint touch)/chipster(last pack left)/coke no ICE haah
Came out of the show around 11.30pm took pics outside Coffee Bean while waiting for my dad to fetch -end-

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Paintball Job IA (x5) & Queensbay

Wanna post this with my Nokia X6 but food is here so bye. I'll blog this when I'm on my pc ^^

While waiting do this
Everything set up ready
Edwin says : Cheap labor - 2 pods for him to fill the bunkers whole day ^^
2 girls(bday game) Don't look at the cam la
Luis Henson
We even played in the rain~my mask was so wet but I dint take a pic
Edwin marshaling also got shot
I want this jacket~Adidas(RM280)
haha what I like to do while pushing the trolley
Bought a couple of Nike duffel bags~broke la
Summary of today : Met JC at McD Greenlane before coz he had to pass me the keys. Reached about 11pm. Waited-took pics of the pellets again-guys went for lunch(I dint join em). About 3 something my dad came with my Dye i4 mask, McD fishy set, Drinks & buns #paintball.
4 something a random group of 4 came(2 guys and 2 gals) Played with them for like 2 games then Joon Han's 4pm group came so set up everything for them, 19 fellas came OMG~He and his bro cam but not the sis but still happy to see him again ^^
We were screaming whole game MASK ON!!! They cannot listen wan zzzZzzz lucky Shion not there or else...dunno what happened to them already
8pm finished working at the Paintball field IA~karma last week never work then this week double #paintball

Went to Queensbay, dad met his friend so I walked to Adidas to shop...saw this damn nice jacket but cost RM280...arghh I want it so badly!!! Went to Nike next and bought this 2 bags(one for my paintball gear & another for casual overnight bag). Went food shopping next, spent like RM300+ Had "dinner" in Coffee Bean while charging my SE W995 & playing with my Nokia X6 till 12am then we went home.

Thursday, March 11, 2010



"Go forward in life with a twinkle in your eye and a smile on your face, but with great purpose in heart.” - What purpose :\

Sunday, March 7, 2010


ihate2.30pmtoday - freaking deleted my pics from my memory card without transferring to pc...lucky can recover or else I wouldn't touch my camera ever again!!!

The school going to Cameron tomorrow DAMN!!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Paintball Job IA (x4)

Summary of the whole day :
Larry's PMR
Inside a pod
The Art of pellets
Me self-shot using a mini tripod
Art of pellets
Clearing up
Does this look like Australia?
2 more shots of the pellets
Today waited whole day then the group who was supposed to come at 4pm, dint show up. So got "free pay" not counting the time waiting ^^

Today after working went to downstairs my area to have dinner...then I heard my Taman...white powder(enuf said)...omg!!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Undang Talk

I'm home~survived the undang talk. Part 2 had some laughs which was better than the first, plus I met a bunch of new friends. That's good!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Reflection

I look into the mirror and who do I see?
I try finding some answers into who I am, Who I'm not and Who I want to be~lost in my own reflection that's where I am

The truth hurts but knowing someone you love hurts you hurts so much more~*I'm sick & tired of my "friends"~get out of my life so I won't get disappointed all over again*

Stop hurting me~
Does it look real?

Too many voices whispering in my head. In the dead of the night it's as loud as a storm. Why won’t it stop? Just for a while? This isn't the life I imagined, curled up in a ball, watching life pass me by. What would I give to just be normal for a bit. The people so close, slip through my fingers. Clinging to the wisps, yelling their names. They pause for a while but continue to sink.

Every song explains the pain, every book my story, but yet no one understands my daily battles from deep within. When I fall, I hide before others can see. They don’t understand, I need a friend but they have escaped me. How can one go from popular to invisible without a doubt?

When I get off the ground, I am greeted by few. Others too tired of watching me fail to fly. The 'net holds no interest, just a torment of my missing self. Once the ADD kid that held all attention, now invisible in the corner, like the reject few.

The future is scary, always changing. How do you plan when a walk will remove the next month?

Only one person beside and even that is slowly fading. The say they are jealous but what of? All so naïve, complaining of the slightest itch. Throwing stones to see what brakes, enjoying the shatter of every piece.


My mother is often the only one that I'm around. We have a strong personality clash that cant be avoided. We fight often and there is never a good outcome.

Yelling and yelling, it never stops. Like the boy who cried wolf, we are all tuned out. The poking and jabbing is worse than before. Sanity swings with the slightest breeze. There's a source of the pain, like in every game, but this war shall never end. She is the enemy and I her slave.

She's always prodding and poking at even the slightest weakness. Creating a river, in turn a sea. She believes life is great and everything's fine, when in fact just the opposite. Clueless to all signs, but the pestering still flows; bringing fresh rain with every word.

Ever been asked how do you do? But in their haste they have never cared. When replying 'okay' it is left unnoticed. The survivors shall tell a story, they too have leant it is quite easy to erect a wall. To busy to be noticed, too selfish to care. Life shall continue on, just like before.

The wallpaper is up and at first glance is fine. A second glance proves that incorrect. Crumbled and decaying it continues to break. Until it is no more. Then reapplied, looking exactly the same. It is not noticed the difference, to the bare eye it is still just the same. A barren wasteland which is left untouched. Empty for years till invaders came. All in a rush, it is destroyed in a single touch. Tomorrow it is replaced but not the same, the damage is done and cant be replaced. We sit and watch the aftermath with a feel of déjà vu.


Life is hard. I'm failing school, I'm failing life. I try to keep up with everyone else, but try is all I can do.

I hate it. How do you ask can you lift this for me? Please slow down? I'm too tired to concentrate, can you tell me the answer?

To quick to judge without a second thought. I am failing, stoop to low and be forced to repeat, change schools, a new life, a new set of friends, a new beginning. They say 'time heals all wounds' but to be replaced and know life goes on is an injury in itself.

Special treatment is overrated. Pretend like in the beginning, to keep your pride. 'Are you going home to sleep?' leaves a hole each time. Pretend, please pretend.

Psychologist isn't the answer. Always waiting, referral in hand at our beck and call. Stop pressing and prodding, I do have pride. Shall not be called anti-depressant but instead a plain old pill. I wish, I wish for my old life back. Unhappy as not then but yet just presence alone. Happy and absent some may choose but where is the between so we shall not lose.

When balance was found a window shatters. The next wave comes like nothing else matters. Swimming is hard. My head breaks the surface but only to be hit by the next wave and be sent under again. The swim to the top is a hard and lonely journey, we have heard of many that have not made it at all.


Every step brings an ache. To lift a finger is like pulling a trigger. The pain is a constant companion; never leaving my side. I put on a smile and pretend I am fine. A new meaning for 'grin and bear it' is hidden inside. When I give a yelp, some rush while others ignore.

How to explain a pace too fast. Slow down, I am weak, please help. Weight and speed have no meaning. A feather is a boulder I can carry on my shoulder. This isn't life, I want a refund. I may be young but I have no life. Young and full of life on the outside, old and withered on the inside. Benjamin Button is who I am. Only time holds a cure and even that is not sure

I was returning to earth. Near the finish line when I spy one last hurdle. It is big and will change me for years. I am seizing up and it cannot be undone. Shrinking to the bone, leaving only blood and guts behind. Dancing I wish for, but instead I receive puzzles. What good do they do? Logic is the answer but I desire not.

Life had a new meaning. Nature is my friend, embracing when we can. It is my friend, it is my future, it is my hobby. So much ahead of me, I try to jump the gun. I am worry free 'when life gives you lemons make lemonade' so true but not always applied, too many it is unknown and will never be shown. Why focus on the negative when positive is better. I want to go far in life. So many experiences but so little time. Embrace every day, sunny side up is the best way to live.