Friday, April 30, 2010


omg dunno what to do The Rookie thing ends today...sigh...this is what I get for procrastinating it till now

Trying to do a short 1min vid thingy = FAILED

Got hungry

Then went to bed

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Iron Man2

Gonna watch it in Gurney Plaza with Edwin, Juey Fang, Jun Chong, Shion and Jon at 9pm. Dinner before hand meeting 7pm

Left the house around 3ish

Ticket 307

Taken around Queensbay

Ticket 304

My school~Sri Pelita Secondary

Last stop~Gurney

Canon EOS 550D promo(Body, 18mm lens, 8GB SD, Bag, Tripod, UV Protector, Glass LCD protector) = RM3099 *55-250mm lens RM799*

A page in an Archie comic

Dinner @ Nandos : Sauces 

Extra Hot 1/2 chic

My meal


Group pica
Midnight movies

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

40' LED TV

muahahaha just got a BRAND NEW one!!! It totally rocks...can view my Sony Hx1 HD vids straight on this thing...SO SUPER FREAKING EXTREMELY CLEAR!!!

(Yimei went back to watching her new TV so this post is left alone for now)

Hello new TV

Bye old TV

Watching American Idol

Vinyl in Your Pocket

Carry a turntable in your wallet with the Plastinkuzz DJ Scratch Card and pull it out for impromptu scratching action. Simply run your fingernail across the surface of the card for authentic turntable scratching sounds. The design on the card uses lenticular technology to appear as if the turntable is hovering on the surface of the card. Buy two for the real dual deck DJ experience.
Product Features
  • Plastic business card size turntable makes DJ scratching noises when you rub your fingernail across it
  • Lenticular technology gives a 3-D look to the card
  • Created by Russian Design Studio Art Lebedev (creator of the Optimus Maximus keyboard)
Available at ThinkGeek -link-

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

May Sony

Okay so joining this 2 workshopS in May~anyone wanna join me? Let me know

First one is Sony Cyber-shot Workshop 15.5.10 , Penang~Here we are again to look into your needs in creating better Cyber-shot pics. This time we feature FREE limited panoramic photo prints for participants! Hurry limited seats!

Second one is Football Challenge in Penang! 16.5.10~Have you ever tried shootin football? or any sports? Well this is the chance to get up close with the best seats to shoot a football match and win prizes!! (we will be given a Sony Alpha DSLR to shoot with)

Other news~
beats. by dr.dre :

I'm thinking of getting this :

With Tour ControlTalk, you get the same amazing listening experience of the original Beats by Dr. Dre Tour, with the added convenience of a built-in Monster ControlTalk. ControlTalk gives you on-cable control of your music, as well as easy, high quality hands-free calling. You’ll enjoy quick-access music playback control, like volume, play/pause and tracking, without having to dig for your iPod. Plus, the high-grade mic and sound-isolating headphones all combine to let you hear and be heard much more clearly than you ever could with your phone to your ear.
Beats™ Tour™ High Resolution In-Ear Headphones with ControlTalk™
$189.95  Free Shipping - Ships in 24 hours
Site -link-

Got £6k to spare? Look at this new superzoom lens from Nikon - 200-400 f/4 available from May: link
ooooooooooooooooooo wow that's an EXPENSIVE lens

 Splitter With Headphone Purchase;

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sleep 30+

8pm officially 30 hours from the last time I woke up and I didn't sleep after that. Thank you to MC, Emily(for calling me back) and Celia for answering my call and putting up with me for a few sec/mins and to others who did not answer tha phone. SCREW YOU~sorry I'm angry YEAH!!!(My mei, bestie, godsis)
New friends after the weekend : Carmen, Steve, Shaun Ooi, Sylvia, Benson, Sze Tyng, Aaron Chew(met before in Paintball), Nicole Lim, Zack Ng, Andrew Toh, Emily Tye, Qiu Yu Quah, Yi Ling, Yir Fang, Teck Jong, Jasniza Johari, Celia Lim, Ronald, Teik Min, Gabriel, Jia Wen, Kah Loon,  to be continued

10pm~32 hours since I last slept
11pm~33 hours since I last slept

Okay so I'm finally recapping what we did during the party :

4-5ish - helped MC moved some stuff to the Suite r00m 542

5-7ish - Played SEA water, Threw people in, Got gang bang by 3 girls(MC wrestled me into the water), Washed up(wore a skirt then Em came I switched to jeans haha), Watched some movie on TV horror

8-10ish - Dinner, BBQ, Poptarts, Marshmallows, Candids/Group/Perasan/Posing pics, Iced Jan(hahaaaa)

10-3 - Group photo with the Bday gal, cut cake, eat cupcakes, Saw the bathtub/toilet bowl filled with water balloons(Aaron & Ronald wtf), Went to Gurney roundabout area bought Burgers(Benson, Steve, Sylvia, Nicole, Me, James), Played Nicole's Sony Ericsson Yari~Tennis, Some slept

4-8ish - I started waking everyone up after I had enough of my PSP, MC woke up around that time so we chatted bout SGGS people(dint get much info~not as much as when Jasniza and Jeanette were around), 6something went down catch the Sunrise @ Beach, Benson and Sylvia joined us around 7ish, Everyone(Nic, Aaron, Sylvia, Benson, Steve, James) went for Breakfast eff them I was bloody hungry, Came back to the room MC left with Teik Min & Yi Ling for some morning thing

9-12ish - (Nicole, Benson, Steve, James, Wayson) left me alone in the room, then few min later Aaron & Ronald decided to suddenly come by after M.I.A the whole night, Ronald played my PSP while I took pics non-stop with Aaron and him, (MC, Teik Min, Yi Ling, MC's mum) came brought us chic rice for lunch, MC and I tickled Aaron like mad(there's a vid), took last pics down at the lobby then left me waiting for my mum

1-2ish - Waited for my mum, Looked tru pics in my Sony Hx1(Decided to name it Hexy)

2-8ish - Mum dragged me to Queensbay for her lunch, Saw some eco thing there, (Wong, Melvin Bro, Winnie) there hanged with Winnie
Dragged off to Harvey Norman(slept, saw 2 kids who remembered me but I kind forgot where I met them but I know them, woken up twice saying I can try but cannot sleep F them la)

9-11pm Came back washed up, ate Ramyun, drank a glass of 100plus, Slept

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Happy 16th Bday MC

whoops an hour to go, I gotta get ready head off to Tanjung Bunga Beach Hotel for the Bday Party*sleeping over so updating on "sunday"

Pics post the next one "Sleep 30+" will be summary on everything

Nice Bike



*Went down to the Beach to play with water did not bring my cam so pics taken from MC -link-

Night @ Beach

Planning to ICE Jan

  Group pic(incomplete)

Presents time

2am Burger

Playing Nicole's Sony Ericsson Yari ~ Tennis

Sunrise @ Beach

Pics Pics Pics

Met Winnie @ Queensbay Eco bag challenge thing

Finally sleeping after 33 hours of no sleep - 17 hours later awake

For more pics go to my album "A Sleepless Weekend -link-