Wednesday, April 28, 2010

40' LED TV

muahahaha just got a BRAND NEW one!!! It totally rocks...can view my Sony Hx1 HD vids straight on this thing...SO SUPER FREAKING EXTREMELY CLEAR!!!

(Yimei went back to watching her new TV so this post is left alone for now)

Hello new TV

Bye old TV

Watching American Idol

Vinyl in Your Pocket

Carry a turntable in your wallet with the Plastinkuzz DJ Scratch Card and pull it out for impromptu scratching action. Simply run your fingernail across the surface of the card for authentic turntable scratching sounds. The design on the card uses lenticular technology to appear as if the turntable is hovering on the surface of the card. Buy two for the real dual deck DJ experience.
Product Features
  • Plastic business card size turntable makes DJ scratching noises when you rub your fingernail across it
  • Lenticular technology gives a 3-D look to the card
  • Created by Russian Design Studio Art Lebedev (creator of the Optimus Maximus keyboard)
Available at ThinkGeek -link-

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