Monday, April 19, 2010

Bowling Hangout

So ZH was back for the weekend...I called up the sch gang for a lil gathering/reunion/hangout/meet up or whatever u call it but in the end only ME, Celia, Wilson and ZH hanged.

11ish-12ishpm Celia fetched me from Vistana-Met Wilson in Gurney and had lunch in Swensens till 2ish-Went to Penang Bowl 5 mins later ZH showed up-Played 2 games of Bowling-ZH gave us the souvenirs from France-I used 10kg bola to play with-2X the rest got 1X overall-Celia/Me raced Wilson/ZH to school they were supposed to fetch their siblings back-Paid RM2 for each class photo(x2 The crazy and normal)-Collected concert DVD 2009-Fetched Remus from Sri Pinang-Headed off to Gurney again(CELIA USED THE RAMP~sorry I had to caps it haha)-Saw Paulina there at the cinema floor woah-The Wong sisters/Wilson/Remus went to watch Be Ultimate(4pm show)-I couldn't coz mum fetching me 5ish so bid them farewell and I headed off to MPH reading comics-Reached home 6ish

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