Sunday, April 18, 2010

Fame Up 2010

Back from Fame Up~my bestie was awesome!!!

1something : Lucky I asked ele bout the tickets~SHE DINT BUY ME ONE OMG!!!

This is all what happened from my point of view : Reached around 7.30ish, I thought I was already late but judging by the crowd I think it'll prob start at 8pm. Saw Delton & Zhi Xian outside. Went to find a person called Jin Theng(there was a lil mix up, She said Ele reserved 3 RM50 ticks I was like wtf...Nooo Ele reserved RM25 for me only...after asking one of the ushers to talk to Ele~she offed her phone I can't call her silly gal) Everything was settled.
Went in with Rach Yeoh to find the PCC gang who was there(saw Helen's mum)-they reserved the whole row then I dint have space to sit with!!! So I sat in the front row...ok la whatever I came to watch the show anyways and First row seemed like the best idea at that time coz I wanted to take pics/vids-Went mingling with MC/Emily Tan/Cheryl Tan/Helen before the show. Ame and her 2 friends sat next to me.
Interval 15 mins from 9pm-took some gal(Ni Wen) "all access media pass" to go backstage with Emily to find Ele & the rest of the people I know~took pics with Ele, Abigail, Dharshini, Luvenia, Zian Kim and Cheryl Tan before going back to my seat. Some usher said can't reserve place so only one of Ame's friend(can't remember her name but I can recall she's F2 that's all I can remember bout her LOL) could sit next to me as I had put my bag on the chair.
OMG the freaking curtain call was more than 15mins DAMN!!!
~After~ Everyone was hyped up I took 2-3 pics with the PCC gals and Ele. They were celebrating someone's birthday and everyone was singing "Happy Birthday to whoever was it". There was a last "meeting" up on stage/announcements and stuff. Then as everyone was packing up another "meeting" was called(seems like 3 guys went back stage and stole some of the cast/crew stuff eg Cameras MP3's etc like that)
Walked with Ele to the car but couldn't actually talk to her seeing we were within earshot of the family so I said stuff like "no other guys to act and stuff like that" LOL okay it was kinda sad la but u know. Penang guys damn RARE and always Paalan lead stuff like that.

Overall I give the Musical a solid 4/5 (A cheesy play for my taste but enjoyable nonetheless)

  • Singers were good, in-tuned and not "shrilly"
  • Producer/Directors/Choreographers did a wonderful job in coordinating the whole thing
  • Thumbs up to the dancers for not screwing up, if they did I dint notice LOL
  • On the acting side~some scenes "touched" me xD
  • Enjoyed Luvenia's evilness xP
  • Chipmunks
Minus :

  • Changing the scenes were too long(at lease in front of the curtain they could had done a few scenes or something rather than letting the crowd wait but I know for a fact the dancers have to change costumes etc)
  • People with mikes should know when to shut up(the touching someone's ass or grabbing was heard)
  • The whole "first come first serve seat thing"~they should imply it at the very start because 95% did not know and my friends lost their seats thanks to the ushers zzz
  • They could have used Dewan Sri Pinang~the stage was same height as the orchestra so the ones standing blocked the stage
  • Bad security

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