Tuesday, April 13, 2010

For U

I don't know what to say...wait actually I do...looks like u were right...here I am blogging again...what to say? *You do know me

Well one I do know your trying to do your part in our friendship, it not like I'm blind. Maybe its you that's why your still the one I still share with. *If I need you, you must be doing something right* or else why the hell am I still talking to you at all...with you consistently disappointing me. Okay sure we have our ups and downs but I'm confident we'll pull this through...well speaking mostly on my behalf~but I'm sure you will actually take the effort to like you said and I believe it

You may not think this, but I want to be friends with you. I have very few people I can trust in my life anymore. Everyone either feels sorry for me or disassociates with me because of my "issues". They figure I’m going to die, and it would be a waste of time…I bet you felt the same way(ok so no you don't but still). Her eyes were piercing towards the person she was talking to, as though they were trying to melt a hole in the persons head. “Well I will not give up. I’m going to keep fighting, even if I’m too weak. I know the chances aren’t good. I know that it might end badly. If I even make it to remission, I’ll be happy. The point is, I think I’m going to be sticking around for a long time. So you better get used to me.”
From 1st and 3rd point of view

True friends are evergreens. They don't thrive in the springs and summers of our lives only to turn dormant when the autumns and winters roll around. They can be counted on year 'round, through EVERY season, no matter how hard the winds blow or how much rain falls. And when the good weather returns once again-and it will-they will be by our side to rejoice with us.

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