Saturday, April 24, 2010

Happy 16th Bday MC

whoops an hour to go, I gotta get ready head off to Tanjung Bunga Beach Hotel for the Bday Party*sleeping over so updating on "sunday"

Pics post the next one "Sleep 30+" will be summary on everything

Nice Bike



*Went down to the Beach to play with water did not bring my cam so pics taken from MC -link-

Night @ Beach

Planning to ICE Jan

  Group pic(incomplete)

Presents time

2am Burger

Playing Nicole's Sony Ericsson Yari ~ Tennis

Sunrise @ Beach

Pics Pics Pics

Met Winnie @ Queensbay Eco bag challenge thing

Finally sleeping after 33 hours of no sleep - 17 hours later awake

For more pics go to my album "A Sleepless Weekend -link-

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