Thursday, April 29, 2010

Iron Man2

Gonna watch it in Gurney Plaza with Edwin, Juey Fang, Jun Chong, Shion and Jon at 9pm. Dinner before hand meeting 7pm

Left the house around 3ish

Ticket 307

Taken around Queensbay

Ticket 304

My school~Sri Pelita Secondary

Last stop~Gurney

Canon EOS 550D promo(Body, 18mm lens, 8GB SD, Bag, Tripod, UV Protector, Glass LCD protector) = RM3099 *55-250mm lens RM799*

A page in an Archie comic

Dinner @ Nandos : Sauces 

Extra Hot 1/2 chic

My meal


Group pica
Midnight movies

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