Saturday, April 17, 2010

Inti Paintball Training and Gathering

Not working again so I woke up at 8pm today, WC supposed to fetch me to IA
Called him at 9pm-he just woke up. 30mins later he came
Went to IA today saw Edwin working alone
Inti Paintball Club training
Took pics of them
Saw Bridget, Sam, Hanis tennis again
Got to use MY Jersey
Mum fetched me after her school around 2something
Went for Pan Mee with 8 scoops of Chills omg NICE!!!

Pictures :
My gears

Tennis court

The training group

JC coaching

WC coaching

Snap shot

WC shows you how

JC teaching the proper way to hold the marker

Marshall Edwin


JC and WC 1v1

Epic shot


Tired but still can smile heh

Went to Aunty BC's kindergarten(Satay, Nasi Lemak, Curry Prawns, Crunchy veg-veg lobak(nt that nice)
The hard stuff+Sparkling grape(for the kids)
Celebrated Aunty MC's birthday
Ate grapes/potato RM5 or RM7
Vain'd with Chen Wen Qui-The bouncy thing and MY Mighty Beanz Flip Track
Went home around 1plus

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