Friday, April 9, 2010

Paintball Job IA (x8)

I reached chun chun before 7.30am, mana tau again earliest there. Edwin said by 7am be at the field so 30mins late ok la but they 1 hour late?! wth wei
Not much to say besides a group of 26 people from Volkswagen company KL had a "company retreat" thing here in Penang. So its a mini tourney with 4 groups I think...Shion came today...the group bought 2 boxes of pellets but only used about 1.2k so the remaining Shion let us use for training and it was about 800 pellets left whooooo Winners of the comp got a condom LOL
We were using new pellets today Proto Bullets
Did 1-1 snap with Edwin(atap-full can) I shot then change to Dorito side(big mistake kneeling down) I kena left mask shot spray sim tia lor
Then the gal-jon-edwin rotate...the gal gave Edwin 1st blood but she wasn't snap she was waiting for him to come out(she signed the wound after that)...the last 1-1 snap jon kena edwin direct left mask I vid it hehe
I came back and saw PISA Paintball poster on my notice board cool!!! + Had Neogouri for tea

Pictures : 
The VW Group

1 of the teams

ALL VW cars T.T

Prize Giving

1st Prize LOL

Snap shot with Edwin I kena

Edwin and Juey Fang

LOL the Atap

NS on WHITE gold

Sign the wound

Saw this on my notice board

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