Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sleep 30+

8pm officially 30 hours from the last time I woke up and I didn't sleep after that. Thank you to MC, Emily(for calling me back) and Celia for answering my call and putting up with me for a few sec/mins and to others who did not answer tha phone. SCREW YOU~sorry I'm angry YEAH!!!(My mei, bestie, godsis)
New friends after the weekend : Carmen, Steve, Shaun Ooi, Sylvia, Benson, Sze Tyng, Aaron Chew(met before in Paintball), Nicole Lim, Zack Ng, Andrew Toh, Emily Tye, Qiu Yu Quah, Yi Ling, Yir Fang, Teck Jong, Jasniza Johari, Celia Lim, Ronald, Teik Min, Gabriel, Jia Wen, Kah Loon,  to be continued

10pm~32 hours since I last slept
11pm~33 hours since I last slept

Okay so I'm finally recapping what we did during the party :

4-5ish - helped MC moved some stuff to the Suite r00m 542

5-7ish - Played SEA water, Threw people in, Got gang bang by 3 girls(MC wrestled me into the water), Washed up(wore a skirt then Em came I switched to jeans haha), Watched some movie on TV horror

8-10ish - Dinner, BBQ, Poptarts, Marshmallows, Candids/Group/Perasan/Posing pics, Iced Jan(hahaaaa)

10-3 - Group photo with the Bday gal, cut cake, eat cupcakes, Saw the bathtub/toilet bowl filled with water balloons(Aaron & Ronald wtf), Went to Gurney roundabout area bought Burgers(Benson, Steve, Sylvia, Nicole, Me, James), Played Nicole's Sony Ericsson Yari~Tennis, Some slept

4-8ish - I started waking everyone up after I had enough of my PSP, MC woke up around that time so we chatted bout SGGS people(dint get much info~not as much as when Jasniza and Jeanette were around), 6something went down catch the Sunrise @ Beach, Benson and Sylvia joined us around 7ish, Everyone(Nic, Aaron, Sylvia, Benson, Steve, James) went for Breakfast eff them I was bloody hungry, Came back to the room MC left with Teik Min & Yi Ling for some morning thing

9-12ish - (Nicole, Benson, Steve, James, Wayson) left me alone in the room, then few min later Aaron & Ronald decided to suddenly come by after M.I.A the whole night, Ronald played my PSP while I took pics non-stop with Aaron and him, (MC, Teik Min, Yi Ling, MC's mum) came brought us chic rice for lunch, MC and I tickled Aaron like mad(there's a vid), took last pics down at the lobby then left me waiting for my mum

1-2ish - Waited for my mum, Looked tru pics in my Sony Hx1(Decided to name it Hexy)

2-8ish - Mum dragged me to Queensbay for her lunch, Saw some eco thing there, (Wong, Melvin Bro, Winnie) there hanged with Winnie
Dragged off to Harvey Norman(slept, saw 2 kids who remembered me but I kind forgot where I met them but I know them, woken up twice saying I can try but cannot sleep F them la)

9-11pm Came back washed up, ate Ramyun, drank a glass of 100plus, Slept

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