Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sleepover Night

Tonight sleeping over The Wong sisters house...reached around 8.30 watched Little mermaid for awhile then went upstairs watch So u think u can dance, Edwin called to tell me tomorrow no need to work coz a teammate girl take over me then came down caught a mouse went back up continued watching then played Monopoly with The Wong sisters till 11.30pm...now 5mins to 12am jz blogged bout this...gonna wake up at 6am something FISH!!!...fetch bie to skool, fetch cat for dimsum, hangout in coffee bean island plaza while lia go get fit, go sony, go gurney, wait for bie then go movie
Woke up around 6plus AM today coz fetching bie 2 sch...ok la 8.30something reached...lia went to buy Neslo I think...then went to fetch cat for Dim Sum. After eating around 10am d, dropped her back we zoomed off to Island Plaza Celebrity Fitness while I waited in Coffee Bean with a slice of cheesecake & Cranberry Snapple. Around 12pm we left Island Plaza dropped by Sony Center to go service my DSC-T30(RM50) then parked at cat's place...spent at lease 45mins there finding the card key...it was in between the seats. Wanted to watch a movie but by the time we got there most of the shows were starting at 2plus, too late seeing as we were supposed to fetch bie after sch. So we walked around went to Popular(Facefull March & April issue not yet here?)-Sony-Celia's re bonding thing-TOYS R US(they had 2010 Series 1 Mighty Beanz : I cannot tahan d I bought the 3 packs, 6 packs & flip track)-off to Chill's to eat coz I wanted the Free refill Ice Lemon Tea-ordered a Molten Choc cake while lia ordered a Corn & Free refill Lemonade-opening ceremony my Beanz then some guy from the other table came and asked where we bought em(some guy his friend said Popular) LOL-3plus lia wanted to use G Hotel restroom wth then we went to fetch bie-Saw ak villa bobo ben-The One Academy next lia had to pass this entrance test or something-Farlim fetch bie 2 tuition but when we were like halfway to Spring bie called us and said tuition canceled lolxx, so we had to fetch her-Spring from 4plus to 6plus-Went back to their place washup bathe pack up called my mum to fetch me at 8pm in the meantime we photoshot our Beanz & vainned(they're gonna kill me I dint upload pics yet aha)-Went to super tanker mum dinner claypot rice me milo ice-home around 10pm

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