Thursday, April 8, 2010

Plan Walk

Wanted to walk to USM Tennis courts instead of letting my mum fetch me there around 7am...crazy I was awake that time but ended up sleeping till 11am and planning to walk 1pm but the main matches semis singles finished d so going next week Team event + U18 guys Dylan against Naim & U18 Girls Josie vs Karin
*btw I was too tired + sunburnt*

Participate in Catch Life Contest to win a Vivaz (10 units available), X10 (5 units available) and exclusive Kelly Clarkson Meet and Greet passes!!! -link- from Sony Ericsson Malaysia
*I joined the X10 one*

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MY Customized jersey not yet here wth -link-

Song of the day/week/currently = Selina Gomez Naturally -lyrics-
*I fall too hard every time, its heartbreaking*

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