Monday, May 31, 2010

KL Trip (27-31st 2010)

Youth'10 + Digi Smart Plan Blogger Party(Break Free with Digi) + CHARM Cheer Comp 2010


*I'll always be here for you. You always have my shoulder to lean on. If you cry because you fell, I'll be there to make it better. Whether it's something small or something big, I'll always be there for you. Never forget that!*

*And I'm still here, waiting here, to catch you if you fall. I don't know why I care so much when I shouldn't care at all*

Big Time Rush interview -link-

*Cheer : I support Vivacious, Blitzerz and Vulcanz xD
Blitzerz : 1st place in the International all girl stunt group division
Event page -link-
 More results of C3 -link
Picture of the Day :

28/5/2010 - Youth'10, PWTC ~ "Red carpet event"

29/5/2010 - DG Smart Plan Break Free Party 'prop'

30/5/2010 - Vivacious and I ~ C3 Full School Routine(School) 1st Runner-UpS

New toys = Jelly Fishy Lens for Mobile phone RM16.9
35mm 4lens Action Camera RM85

Summary of each Day :  

27/5/2010 - 6-10 on the way to KL(tried capturing the moon)~Reached Duta Villa around 10pm~Waited for Jazz to finish 8tv shooting with Shane

28/5/2010 - 1-4am supper at Ali Maju Restaurant(2 roti telur+ice limau, got lost, Ginger went "high" coz lack of sleep, fit 8 people in a car 6 behind)~Some lady stole our taxi waited an hour for another one to go to PWTC for Youth'10~Rock climbing for RM10~Ginger and Pei Ming did Sudoku~LOTS OF DOOF BEAN BAGS~Saw Alex Jazzada guy~Hungout at the yoyo rubix dice stacking booth~Met Dimi, KJ and Aaron(Malaysian Pros) Ewin wasn't there~Giant(Jengga, 4-in-a-row, Chess, Snake and ladders), Some photography talk but nothing wan~Dimi thought me the trick "Breakaway"(throw a yoyo 90degrees then rest ur finger on the string)~Saw a turtle(rakan cop booth)~Airplane simulator by Firefly I think(RM10)~FINALLY XPAX DJ HERO!!!(Be a fan of UOX~Uni of xpax and XPAX get a game coupon and u get to play 3 rounds) My first round was damn cacat I got 1 star Imagine that. Then I got Yu Tatt, Eng Seng, Ginger to sign up and I got 3 more to use on Day 2~Jazz, Gin, Yu Taat and Eng Seng tried Rock climbing~Had dinner @ The Mall Kenny Rogers(cheez and mac unlimited refil coke a muffin)~Slept around 3ish
29/5/2010 - Breakfast @ The Mall~Wanted Cinnabon but no1 at the store so bought Pretzels(2 cine and a lemonade berry drink)~Bought 2 Mars Bars from Watson for RM5 o.O~Rushed off to the Maybank Conference Hall~Paul Moss was ending his talk~Walked around saw Graffiti artist~Dance battle showcase thing~Saw a Chewie(Sarah) weeeeE~Her friends played Jengga~Denis Lau talk I think~I WON A MAYBANK BAG for being the fastest to raise my hand and JFKJohan asked me "What this the name of the hall were in? - Maybank Theater" WOOT and just like that I got a lappy bag and a wallet~After Niki Cheong and Ginger's talk I wandered off coz Showdown 2010 was at the Dance hall~Wakaka Crew performed 2-3 numbers~Took a pic with that So-You-Can-Think-Malaysian-Winner Alam~Went to find the yoyo guys and ended at dance hall~Ginger tried her hand at Dj Hero(with my pro assistance coaching she won a pen but chin chai I gave her a tee)~Saw Joel Khaw~5-6ish Dinner @ The Mall~Went to Ecobar, Damansara Perdana for DG Smart Plan Break Free Party(BATTERY DIED T.T managed to get a few shots here and there Free Broadband zone netbooks, Costume party to win HTC Hero, Met Miss Malaysian 2009 but dint get a pic T.T, Shane performed BEATBOX during Jazz's sketch, Chilled there with finger food and unlimited OJ till 2am)

30/5/2010 - The Penang Youths went back today~Breakfast Cinnabon~Took pics of the place~Left Jazz sleeping~Called my cousin to fetch me~I decided to go and watch C3 instead of going to Youth'10 Day 3~Met up with Nabilah~Saw Vivacious(this was unlucky I reached 1U then they just finished their cheer T.T)~Makan'd with them/pics with them~Cheryl/Sam was like shocked to see me~Luvenia was like yelling "stalker" to me~Nabs called like 4ish so I said laters to Viva~Met up again with her and her 2 other "boyfriends"~Watched Team Thailand Rainbows and Team Malaysia Charms~Walked to BR coz she wanted ice cream(askin' me to treat but I said if there's NZN then I would seeing as I can get 30% sadly none lol)~Then she chao d so went back to hang with Viva(after today I will be getting more friends on FB *perasan*)~Viva(see pic on top for the results)~Met Bryanlyt there snapping away~Viva left at 7pm~I went to MPH to read Eclipse(saw Mighty Beanz + TEMPTED to get em but in the end dint)~Walked around 1U alone T.T came across this shop selling unique stuff and found my MOBILE JELLY FISHY LENS and a 35mm 4 lens cam(cool + bought it = burned my cash RM120)~Bought 6 pack Cinnebon home~Called ko to fetch home(opening ceremony for my new toys)

31/5/2010 - Woke up around 9ish~Ko went to College d so couldn't say bye to him~My uncle fetched me to "Hentian Duta" to buy a tick back to Penang coz Aeroline was FUlly booked O.o~Bus 11.30-3ish(Lunch Egg sandwich+Milo, 8 including me on the bus, Eagle Coach)~Mum fetched then go Queensbay straight(Jusco claim vouchers, Clinique, Baun Bauffel claim Bday stuff she bought a new bag I tried this White Sunglasses SO COOL RM410, Dome Big Breakfast+Fluffy Kola Espresski Both of us wearing purple jz a random fact) 10ish Home

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

3 BirthdayS ShoutoutS

 Tuesday, May 25, 2010 ~ Happy 18th Bday Amanda Ng

Wednesday, May 26, 2010 ~ Jhensen Lim 17 and Emily Tan 16

Here is a slice of cake for u xD

Monday, May 24, 2010

ChurcHangout Queensbay

 Before meeting them(Sarah, Cass, Garren and John)

Finally they're talking bout releasing Alpha with HD!!!

Lunch @ Food Court then Borders - Expensive expensive Star Wars item

Reading cookbooks/food-related books

The meaning of 'Mitch'


that cost RM76 T.T

Too bad I did

The Style Factor

Some really weird games I found in Borders

Best looking of Robert - when he was in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire


2pm they went to watch Shrek 4 so I : 
Spent RM5 at the Arcade playing this - some boy was annoying me saying play other game or some crap(I wanted to slap that boy!!!)

Went back to @StarbucksMY Borders and continued reading my #photo mags

Found this in a mag I was reading

Had enough reading went walking seeing as it was nearly 4pm - Saw this shirt omg nice but price T.T

Ended in J.Co

J.CO Pops

Sarah took this shot

Cass, Sarah and I

I took this shot then some lady said I can't take photographs here in Padini but too bad I took already

Last shot when they fetched me back

Urgh had to wash this from yesterday

See -link-
Paintball news -link-

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Paintball Job (x10) + Snakey Rapid Hitz

Check this out -link-


Morning Paintball took half day

In the Rapid Hitz on the way to Snake Temple

Slithery Snake

Bloody hell King Cobra Female

Cute logo

Love this shot that I took heh *perasan*

I see the moon in the bright sky

Reena took this shot - I know I was posing for her haha *admits*

Kick ass choc I love

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Gurney "Rapid Hitz" Hangout

 Some ***hole neighbor threw a light bulb at my plant

So jam - BJ Bustop

Spotted Rapid Hitz On Wheels - I was on Rapid 10

Reached Gurney called Kevin, Wendy and David to the Rapid Hitz On Wheels to chill - Melissa commented I looked "smart" in my attire today

With the Idiot clown

Wendy's DNA

Wendy, Kevin, David and I @GSCinemas watching Shrek 4

David(his fire wallet), Owayne(crazy), Kevin(geek) and Yimei(the photographer) @ A&W

@rapidpg "Rapid Hitz On Wheels"~I got Kevin, Wendy and David on it today. When is it going to be your turn?

Want to win a Nokia E72 -link-