Saturday, May 22, 2010

Gurney "Rapid Hitz" Hangout

 Some ***hole neighbor threw a light bulb at my plant

So jam - BJ Bustop

Spotted Rapid Hitz On Wheels - I was on Rapid 10

Reached Gurney called Kevin, Wendy and David to the Rapid Hitz On Wheels to chill - Melissa commented I looked "smart" in my attire today

With the Idiot clown

Wendy's DNA

Wendy, Kevin, David and I @GSCinemas watching Shrek 4

David(his fire wallet), Owayne(crazy), Kevin(geek) and Yimei(the photographer) @ A&W

@rapidpg "Rapid Hitz On Wheels"~I got Kevin, Wendy and David on it today. When is it going to be your turn?

Want to win a Nokia E72 -link-

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