Monday, May 24, 2010

ChurcHangout Queensbay

 Before meeting them(Sarah, Cass, Garren and John)

Finally they're talking bout releasing Alpha with HD!!!

Lunch @ Food Court then Borders - Expensive expensive Star Wars item

Reading cookbooks/food-related books

The meaning of 'Mitch'


that cost RM76 T.T

Too bad I did

The Style Factor

Some really weird games I found in Borders

Best looking of Robert - when he was in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire


2pm they went to watch Shrek 4 so I : 
Spent RM5 at the Arcade playing this - some boy was annoying me saying play other game or some crap(I wanted to slap that boy!!!)

Went back to @StarbucksMY Borders and continued reading my #photo mags

Found this in a mag I was reading

Had enough reading went walking seeing as it was nearly 4pm - Saw this shirt omg nice but price T.T

Ended in J.Co

J.CO Pops

Sarah took this shot

Cass, Sarah and I

I took this shot then some lady said I can't take photographs here in Padini but too bad I took already

Last shot when they fetched me back

Urgh had to wash this from yesterday

See -link-
Paintball news -link-

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