Saturday, May 1, 2010

MY MayDay 2010

Gurney, RedBox, Mum's gathering(Bday celebration)

Arrived 1 hour too late for the Canon PhotoHunt comp

Went to find Aaron at GSC~Ended up walking to Sony/S&J before meeting MC

Met Shannon in Big Apple Donuts

 Walked to the food court and waited for Nicole we(Me, MC & Aaron) saw this

After much debating/walking around deciding where to eat we ended up in A&W(my first choice)

2.30pm They went to watch Iron Man2
Me, Nicole & Sylvia went jalan-ing around Gurney

Anyone for?


Have u tried this?

Crazy things we do~Online in RedBox

Walk-in-interview @ Echo Park

Cute RM500 caps

Switch @ Gurney Plaza


*No alcohol below 18*

Singing ~ Avril Lavgine Complicated WOOT

Kelly Clarkson - Because of You

Party till broke a glass

Last Group shot people
Tennis news : -link-

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