Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Townie Rapid Hitz

Tuesday, May 11, 2010 ~ Round Townie "Rapid Hitz On Wheels"

As usual took 304 after Komtar the whole rapid was MINE

Gerald Haagen Dazs

A sign

4ish it arrived



Route of the day : Belisa Row-Gurney Drive-Weld Quay-Pg road-Gurney Drive-Weld Quay(drop me)


Today ~ Rapid Hitz + Backpackers

Took 401E to Komtar

tskkk u see driver on call what kinda driver man?!

Then switched to 101 to Belisa Row

Prangin Mall~I saw Mika
Some person asked for out autographs

Updating my PSP

Backpackers from Sweden

Ken, Daryl and Joseph

Supper @ Gurney Drive Hawker with Therese Sundström, Karolina Perzon and Ken :

Ice Kacang

Tomyum maggi~damn spicy

Trying "Rojak" and "Sotong"

Last picture with them

Chilling @ Coffee Bean Gurney

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