Thursday, May 6, 2010

Official Launching Rapid Hitz On Wheels

304 to GURNEY then brought my cam out and started snapping pictures ^^

I won this by answering "What is (insert MC's name here) name?"

Sweep Panorama of the Rapid Hitz On Wheels bus

heheee Me and AdamC with the Rapid Hitz

My hand!!!~shaken with AdamC but his hand was kinda sweaty T.T

Moots, AdamC, Natalie & Jin

This was funny!!!~playing for a Wii

Limited Edition Hard Rock Cafe Rapid Preferred May Card worth RM70

Visited the BestFriend

Dinner @ Secret Recipe Sunshine~

A must!~Frosty Lemon Tea

Seafood Spring Rolls

Pumpkin Soup~perfect for the night coz it was raining

Chicken Cordon Bleu~looking at this makes me hungry for it all over

A slice of Oreo Cheesecake

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