Friday, May 14, 2010

GlowStickS + Shortlisted DJ

Thursday, May 13, 2010 ~ GlowSticks

Found em in my house and started to play with em

Today, May 14, 2010 ~ So on Monday I emailed my CV to because I was "Interested in working with the Hitz Cruisers" and today at 7.07am I received an email saying "Recruited!" but its not a done deal yet, I'm only "shortlisted as a try-out DJ(whatever that means)
So I was supposed to go and make my Rapid May Pass

Here's the actual email proof

Collected my DSC-T30 from Sony

Found it in a shop in Queensbay

Big Time Rush in a Mag

My Dinner - Shepherd's pie(RM7.9), OJ(RM9) and a Caramel latte(RM11.9) @StarbucksMY

Article about the Sony Bloggie PM5

Spending time in Borders Queensbay

Watch this : Justin ur replaced!!! -link-

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