Saturday, May 15, 2010

Sony Cyber-Shot Workshop

@SonyMalaysia Sony Cyber-Shot Workshop The Gurney 2F Function Hall 12-6pm

So I took Rapid Penang to Komtar then 101 drop at CRC and walked to Gurney Hotel

Basics of Photography by Sony(kinda boring coz it was the same like the previous workshop I went)

We had to do the same Half press shutter-focus thing

I want this so badly but not this "eggplant" color!!! - Had tea(Chic wings, Beehoon, Fried sweet potato, Coffee/Tea)

Paid RM8 for bus+entry fee to the Butterfly Farm : There was a butterfly on me for about 15 mins

Rapid Hitz On Wheels SPOTTED!!!(Gurney Drive area)

This shot looks like it came outta a mag yeah!

Cold or Hot?

Sashimi Mori(Nami) - salmon, akami, shiro maguro, shiromi, shime saba, kohada, tako, hokkigai RM50

Sukiyaki Tei(Gyu/Tori) - slice beef/chicken, vegetables, bean curd in sweet japanese sauce RM20

Dinner with mum @

I'm really REALLY REALLY thinking of getting the Sony Bloggie PM5 PINK(just because they don't have red now)~and do V-logS to mix my blog up. What do u readers think? Leave a comment/cbox

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