Wednesday, June 30, 2010

HCC Orange + R.I.P (x2) + I Love to Touch My Touch Screen

(coz its a 3-1 dayS post)

Monday, June 28, 2010 ~ Suppose to blog this yday but night had to go Mourn for the death of Aunty BC so now only get to blog

Han Chiang Orientation "orange" Day
iPhone 4 coming out sept/oct 2010
R.I.P Aunty BC We will remember you

First time doing Vlog so if I look weird on cam LET ME KNOW lolxx

*insert Vlog 28.6.10 here*

I know I said I'll be just vlogging for this post but I couldn't resist it
Pictures : 
Perfect spot for taking pics

My welcome folder

wtf them la spell my name wrong

Student list for School of Communication

Perfect spot ruined by this 2 girls

Some must takes and extra courses(next sem)

I'm exempted muahahaa(see the heads blocking me)

Some notes

Mr Eric the Counselor

Head of Student Committee - Hansel(moving around too much)

Going for a Campus Tour

HCC Museum or something I forgot

Spotted my section in the English Library - Photography!!!

I'm so gonna borrow this book

In the Chinese Library

Vlogging @ McD Greenlane

LOL saw this ~ While waiting for a lift @ Prangin Mall

Nokia shop ~ iPhone 3G 8GB

Random Palm reader app

@Nokia Care

Dinner @ Sushi King Prangin(Chawamushi, Sake Sashimi, Sukiyaki Udon and Orange Sorbet)
R.I.P Aunty BC T.T

Tuesday, June 29, 2010 ~ Officially start of my College life but today I don't have class LOL
So I chillax'd at home updating my previous posts in my blog and now I can honestly say my blog is UPDATED!!! xD

Where ever I go, where ever I am, whenever it will be, I will cost always trouble/havoc/chaos/ problem/controversy/misunderstanding. Whatever you name it and thus, I will always be the center attention to everyone around me.

Should I blog bout Nuffnag's LG Cookie Monster Party? -link-
  1. Write a blog post titled "I Love to Touch My _____". But don’t get any ideas, now. It’s not the naughty stuff we want, tell us what you love about touch screen phones. Tell us why you turn your noses up at phones with buttons (those antiquated toys!). You get the idea.
  2. Include the following image in your post; shout it out loud that you’re going to the LG Cookie Monster Party!
 I Love to Touch My Touch Screen phone because its the way phones are supposed to work now. Not like typing on buttons or using the keypad to scroll through the phone. With a simple touch and flick you can view pictures, play songs and even take pictures. A cooler way to use phone. Hopefully I would stand a chance to win it because as I'm from Penang it is very hard for me to come down to KL  just for fun unless there's an event I can purposely go for.


I WANT MY NZNATURAL ICY!!! Members can get it today 29th but I'm stuck at home so tomorrow only getting my dosage in Queensbay branch 30th = 30% on EVERYTHING

ohhhh I forgot on November 11, 2009 I joined this MJ Contest on Facebook to win a "Limited ed MJ Tee" and I blogged bout it but forgot to show PICTURES of my Tee and now suddenly decided to wear it tomorrow to college.
I just tried it on bit too big wor *urgh* regret should have gotten S I got M and L sizes instead T.T

Pictures : 

iHijact'd an IceLemonTea Popsicle from the fridge my mum made

The M MJ Tee

Yes last friday 25/6/20 was the 1 year anniversary of his death and everyone was having a tribute to him(radios, tv programs etc)


Wednesday, June 30, 2010 ~ Woke up today saw loads of "R.I.P" messages on Facebook from my church gang for Anya Michelle Mckinney
My status today is dedicated to her *2nd death in 2 days ~ R.I.P Anya Michelle Mckinney ~ May you rest in peace with the LORD*

The Journal site that was updating us on  how she was doing -link-

Tuesday, June 29, 2010 1:05 PM, CDT
Anya died tonight. This is the saddest day of my life.
Tuesday, June 29, 2010 2:11 PM, CDT
I want to thanks all our friends and family for all the prayers and support! Anya was truly loved by many! May she light up heaven with her smile! 
Tuesday, June 29, 2010 8:39 PM, CDT
We will have a three day wake starting Wednesday and the funeral will be on Friday at:

Immaculate Conception Church
1, Lorong Maktab, Pulau Tikus
George Town, 10250 Pulau Pinang
(+6) 04 - 227  8297
Tuesday, June 29, 2010 2:11 PM, CDT

I'm in shock once again, she was around 9 years old only.
If anyone wanna know what happen here click this -Background Story-
*What a way to start my day*

Brunch @ Queensbay(Old Town, Iced Enriched Choc, Soft boiled eggs, Western set, Trying out a Nike, Mirror Me)

@ Han Chiang College Day 1 (Moral Class Break, Mr Eric, Class over, In the library, Going back)

After College @ Queensbay(Shake and Fries, picking up stuff from Jusco supermarket, New Zealand icy new liking flavor White Choc and Raspberry/Vanilla/BerryFruit, Price for Tubs, Total damage done on $$$, 30% off)

*insert Vlog 30.6.10*

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Freedom Over

Just came back from RX's 7th Bday party
Made "nuggets" from McD
Mushroom soup-Spring rolls-Roast potato-Garlic bread-Oreo mousse cake
Watched Princess and the Frog with KY and RX
Vainned with the kiddies with my Sony Hx1 and 4 lens cam
Reached home around 10ish

Pictures :
My mums gang

Thru a toy window

RX eating something

KY and I *oops* chopped off RX's head

Reading 1 of RX's bday present while watching Princess and the Frog

Got to use this with the Kids - Took Woody and Buzz figures and US

"Midnight" snack

*My last hours of freedom ~ College life starting*

Friday, June 25, 2010

MovieS TWS & Lone

Thursday, 24 June, 2010 ~ Movie Sistar

Took 304 to Gurney
Met up with Debby around 4ish
Movie 4.30pm till 6.30pm Watched Night and Day
Got a Combo 3(Large popcorn and 2 cokes) Get free Toy Story 3 limited edition mug = I got the Aliens one.
Went to Haagen Dazs for my "treat"
Celia wanted BR Double reg scoop Pistachio and Choc Chip Cookie Dough instead
Spring to eat dinner with The Wong Sisters - Had tomyum
Dropped me back by 9pm
June 10 Woody June 17 Mr. Potato June 24 Aliens July 1 Buzz Lightyear
Joined a Toy Story 3 contest on GSC website
iPhone 4 is launched in US and 5 other countries HURRY COME TO MSIA!!!
iPhone 4 blends

Pictures :
A "fake" rose

@Haagen Dazs - This robbed my RM35 T.T

My shirt matches my drink WOOT~ The Wong Sisters

Celia, Debby and Yimei

My sis using Hexy with me behind

BR icy Mint Choc Chip

I want some icy too *sobs*

The Blogger

Some stuff I bought - curse blew like RM30

My Bag has a Tag with a human beside the Bag (was tryna rhyme)

tnxxxxxx fo the dinner gals(Celia, Mine and Bie)

Dinner @Spring E-Gate

omggg Astro Beyond!!! YES!!!

Watching Wimbledon on ESPN HD - Andy Murray against Nieminen something

Free from GSC Combo 3(2 reg drinks + popcorn)


Friday, 25 June 2010 ~ Lone Queensbay

Took 307 to Queensbay
Went to watch Prince of Persia alone 4.30pm movie Only me then 5pm movie start more people come
Ended around 6ish nearly 7pm
Spent my time in Switch playing iPhone 3GS 16GB Rockband
Bought burgers home
Reached home by 9ish

Pictures :
@rapidpg 307

Should have started collecting this but now too late left Buzz Lightyear

Movie I'm watching

Cool place for Queensbay Security but how come the guard not inside it???

I've been slinging Hexy on me eveytime I go in but never stop me also

Me in @GSCinemas 5

Samsung roadshow @GF(ground floor ok)

Should I get a cam bag like this one(RM99)???

iPhone 3GS(promoting my blog, watching WhatYouMeanToMe and playing Rockband)

Roadside burgers for dinner

Night when I'm home : My W995 battery died on me WTFish ~ "Battery cannot be charged. You must use a Sony Ericsson battery" o.O