Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bolt Youth Media Camp + Official Launch iPhone 4

Will be going for this -link- from today till Friday (8-11th June 2010)

Why so early jam

The room we'll be in for 4 days

Twitter wall for what 5 mins only #boltcamp

Sweep Panorama 

Winnas of "Giant, Wizard, Elf" game

Checking our Room 390 with Kim

Marcus made this himself

Josh took this next 3 pics

PLANTS VS ZOMBIES on Diana's iPhone 3G

Travis and his Canon EOS 50D

Bernard crazy with this pic

Team logo ~ ēlectricus(designed by Jeremy)

Day 1 - People of Team ēlectricus(Elaine, Travis, David, Bernard, Jeremy and yours truly)


iPhone 4 black ~sexy~

iPhone 4 white/black(clean/elegant)

Youtube vid -link-

iPhone 4G news : 
CEO Steve Jobs is slated to take the stage at 10:00 a.m. local time at the company's Worldwide Developer Conference to officially launch the iPhone 4G -link-
Should I Buy an iPhone 4 -link-
Official : iPhone 4 to Boast 5MP Camera, LED Flash and 720p Video Recording -link-

Happy Bday Nicholas Ong

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