Friday, June 11, 2010

B.Y.M.C Team Electricus + Switch World 2010

*I miss the way we joked around during the time spent together*

new logo

Day 2 : 
Scary right?

Shooting Stream

Friends(David, Me, Tim and Josh)

Stop Motion project

Happy Bday Diane

Spoiled shot but I like

Day 3 : 
Roomates of 390

Squeezing OJ

What I do best

What he's doing

Day 4 :
Feedback form

We can't keep the tag T.T


Yimei signing out

The camp was awesomely tiring. I would go for it again. RM250 for a media camp is SUPER WORTH IT. Met some cool new friends. Prepared me for college mass com alot. They gave us all a CD of everything that happened which was cool. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to go for it. Next camp LiveWire


Switch World 2010 : 

Mini Cooper S

Display board

This bus was even better

3D Glasses baby

Paid RM.20x2


Dinner @

My Sukiyaki beef set(mixed veg and beef cooked in claypot with sweet sukiyaki sauce)

Switch WAS BORING!!! Enough said

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