Friday, June 18, 2010

Emo'in Queensbay

I really hate my friends now
I'm sick and tired of this happening to me
I keep forgiving u guys but wtf
Yeah call me dramatic
Maybe I haven't found the right group of friends at this point of my life
I keep on setting myself up for the fall
I wish someone would break through to me
Make me happy once again
If ever that day will come
I would hold it on forever

I'm about to give you my <3
But remember this one thing
Don't hurt me
Desert me
Make me sorry I ever counted on you

Currently : I'm emo, I hate my life and I wanna die

Went to the Seaside @ Qb today to think and to take "pics" xD

Kids playing kite

 Raw B&W

Cool cloud


The Usual @StarbucksMY Borders

Grand Opening for The Wizarding World of Harry Potter with stars from the movies -link-

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