Sunday, June 27, 2010

Freedom Over

Just came back from RX's 7th Bday party
Made "nuggets" from McD
Mushroom soup-Spring rolls-Roast potato-Garlic bread-Oreo mousse cake
Watched Princess and the Frog with KY and RX
Vainned with the kiddies with my Sony Hx1 and 4 lens cam
Reached home around 10ish

Pictures :
My mums gang

Thru a toy window

RX eating something

KY and I *oops* chopped off RX's head

Reading 1 of RX's bday present while watching Princess and the Frog

Got to use this with the Kids - Took Woody and Buzz figures and US

"Midnight" snack

*My last hours of freedom ~ College life starting*

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