Saturday, June 19, 2010

Paintball + 2 Malls

5ish - I'm back home : Today is a GOOD DAY!!!

Paintball today with Wei Wen, Antoine, Zack and Jamie was fun. All got shot expt me haha xD
At IA from 10-noonish then took @rapidpg 10 to Sunrise McD for Lunch.
Zack went back left me, Wei Wen and Antoine walking round Gurney.
Ended up in MPH with me stealing electricity, read some sick book damn LMAO.
2pm he left, 2.30 WW left, I met up with Benson and Teik Min @ Mr Tepanyaki.
3.35pm : Dropped of at Sunny Point now heading to Qb via @rapidpg 705

Pictures :

Played with this people (Jamie, Zack, Antonie and WW)

My edit

tskkk the book they're reading is damn sick xD

Smut is an "AWESOME" book

1 of the MRC mascot

Killed time @SwitchTM Qb playing iPhone 3GS 16GB Rockband!

Toy Story 3 roadshow


"ooooooooo" goes the Green Aliens - fav characters

Free popcorn xD

Treated myself a drink as I was walking home

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