Sunday, June 6, 2010

Perak Eco-Resort

Back from Tg Rambutan LOL

The Roots is a brand new eco-resort near Tanjung Rambutan, Perak at the base of the Kinta Hills, on the backbone of Peninsula Malaysia.  Situated among fruit orchards on the shores of the Kinta River, the resort is easily reached by road from Ipoh, around 12km away~wooT I'm going to Tanjung Rambutan, Perak LOL xD

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Okay so woke up at 7pm  Breakfast 8-9ish Hokkien Mee + Milo Ice

Random restop around 11am

Lunch in Ipoh Restoran Kok Thai(Hot Tau Hua but I made it cold with ICE ~ white syrup not sweet enough taste like gingerish sweetness)

3ish reached The Roots

Walked around checked out the place :
 Awesome place to chillax ~ TO THE PEOPLE I INVITED : TOLD U this place is sweet!!!


8-9ish one of the DINNER dishes

Morning view from my room

-no comment- haha

Indulgence toilet LOL

With a swimming pool, volleyball court, place to chill with friends, horse riding, white water rafting activities. This place is barely 6 months old and with the jacuzzi outside our rooms was a plus. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED PLACE to come with FRIENDS about 8 people will cost you RM110 each for 2 days here. It was kinda lonely for me seeing as I was among my mums gang who came for the trip never the less I enjoyed myself here
My "eating trip" post ends ;D

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mario kramer said...

Greetings from Germany

This year we went to 2x the Roots Eco Resort in Tanjong Rambutan / Malaysia and we were thrilled. Real beautiful and comfortable accommodations in which nothing is missing. The Roots is very picturesque at Kinta River and offers everything you could want, great service and very good food. The former owner and the new owner Meena are excellent people with whom one settles happy times for an interview. One can learn a lot from you over land and people and thus make a better picture of everything. The resort does have a clean impression when you first walk, the pool is clean and the equipment there is nothing wrong.