Wednesday, June 23, 2010

SPM June Papers

Tuesday, 22 June, 2010 ~ SPM BM
Breakfast Koay Kak then Reached SMK BJ
Paper 1 at 10.30-12.30pm
Dad brought me Subway for Lunch
Paper 2 at 2-4.30pm
Took rapid home-hp no batt coz left the net on for the whole exam-called mum tru a pay phone dunno dint get her
Happy Bday Chung Lee

Wednesday, 23 June, 2010 ~ SPM Maths
No time to eat went to buy a calculator RM43 gone T.T
Reached around 9am Read my Alex Rider book Skeleton Key
Paper 1 at 10-11.30pm
Lunch with Dad @ Station 1 Cafe 12.30-1.15pm Tried understanding math
Paper 2 : 2-4.30pm
Came outta da hall walked down SAW ZHU oh lolx much Chatted catched up wacked each other and gossip'd like old ladies LOL
Mum fetched me around 5pm

~Pics in my W995 and it died on me since 25/6/2010 So I can't upload pics from ma phone(I took the pics the past 2 days from my hp only)~

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