Monday, July 12, 2010

711 DAY + MonTues Collegeness

Sunday, 11 July, 2010 ~ My bro and His bday today same day same age heeehe

HAPPY 19th Bday~!!! xD 

Jose Henson and Melvin Goh

I went to the airport to send my sis Emma off

A MUST ~ Picture with the person
Safe trip back sis!!! I'm upset I dint get to spend time when you came back(3 weeks) O.O but when you come back in November you better xD

Monday, 12 July, 2010 ~
12-1pm CAS then powertrip class canceled. Went to Prangin with Jing, Fanny, Mich, Dorreen, Wan Ting, Kenny, Joseph Chi, Hui Yi and another gal. Popular 4-5pm read Eclipse while waiting for my mum. Reached home around 6pm Skyped with Wendy and David.
Happy Bday Tee and Joo Ling
Cheer 2010 results -link-

PictureS of the Day : 
Tuesday, 13 July, 2010 ~
Morning woke up around 9ish. Breakfast Big + Hot cakes + OJ @ McD Greenlane. 5 mins before reached HCC for CAS 11-1pm ended early. M Fishy @ McD Greenlane with Fanny, Doreen, Michiyo, Kenny and Joseph. Tried "Whats the G" burger(grilled chic burger RM9/RM13). Went back 10 mins before Moral Eric say canceled. "sex talk" with Fanny, Doreen, Michiyo, Joseph. 3ish dad fix break light not even 10 mins then went to Queensbay. 5pm Despicable ME(nice show enjoyed the last part ballerina recital turned into a DJ thing and the bloopers stand over the cliff and see how far u can stretch minons use ladder etc). Dinner @ Kenny Rogers ROASTERS Qb(1/4 chic ,2 mac cheez, mash potatoes, spag bol, 100+unlimited). Home around 10pm. Skyped with Wendy.
Despicable ME site -link-

PictureS of the Day :

 McD Breakfast and Lunch
Dinner @ Kenny Rogers ROASTERS

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