Friday, July 23, 2010

Exhausted Friday

CAS class 8-12pm/Rapid HQ 1-3pm/SP-Jammin' Senzation 8-9pm/Queensbay 9-10pm/Home

After CAS I went to do this for August

Damn sedap = Tesco Extra Black Pepper Ribeye Steak

My granny went to see doctor here : Waiting in the car in SP

Lil bro emo so edit to make it same mood haha

Awesome siblings Wendy and David : Spot The Blogger

The Magician


The Blogger Drumming


Wanted to watch a movie but too late so walked around and got this before leaving Queensbay

That pretty sums up the whole day

Happy Bday Fredrick Lim

Singapore has iPad!!!

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