Friday, July 2, 2010

HCC Class D2/D3 + Jose's FareDay

Thursday, July 1, 2010 
I really gotta start uploading ma Vlogs instead of Blogging LOL

*insert vlog 1.7.10*

D2 Before College

After College

The Rip Curl Fisheye 2 Special Edition ~ Granny's buying me (x2) of this from Colombo ok!!! 663.00 HKD = 277.39 MYR for the cam and don't forget the film
News from a Buck's blog -link-

Friday, July 2, 2010

D3 College in the morning

Celia's house

Gurney Fourskin saw this

Jose's house did this ~ The gals

 Yum Apple Strudel

Played Taboo

1st shot after Taboo

The kewl people(Wilson, Cat, Celia, KT, Jose, WN and Me)

Candid ~ Jose said look like "model shot" and Celia agreed

The gals

Glee LOL

Mirror ME
Sexy Shades


Circle shots

Solos with everyone

Jose Henson

I'll miss you~

Check it = -Event-/-XPLAY Invite-

My invite =

sadly cannot go la...1 its in MOIS PENANG 2 I got gathering at Jose's house liao T.T Win-lose situation...oohhh before I forget Jing thinks a Wai keong and I are a couple just because we hang out most of the time SAY WHAT?! Not even 1 week people paring me up d O.O

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