Wednesday, July 28, 2010

July Collegness

 ~Pictureless coz lazy to upload~

Monday, 19 July, 2010 ~
Woke up around 10ish slept for a solid 8 hours(before 12 thirty the night before). CAS CL6 learn Insert WordArt, Bold the lines in diagram, made a chart, insert pics format etc. After class ate Wan Tan Mee(RM1.70) + Lipton can Ice Lemon Tea(RM1.5) + RM5 worth of Sushi pc. The people were talking smoking lucky my senior called me over and watch his project. Saved a good 10 mins of my life haha Came back watched tv on facebook skyped with Mel Bro(He wanted borrow a hp and I talked to him bout this College Friends problem)

Happy Bday Aunty Penny

*I wish you were here with me telling me everything is gonna be okay ~ I'm breaking down and your not here holding me*

*My heart torn, Eyes bloodshot from the tears and the feeling of wanting to die still gets me even though I know someone still loves me*

Tuesday, 20 July, 2010 ~
11-1pm CL6 CAS Word Test done 45 mins early = easy as pie. Lunch Maggi Tomyum Chips Ahoy Full Cream Milk 4 crabmeat sushi slices. 2-4pm Moral L LT1 no presentation again shift to 22/7/10. Talked bout Plagiarism Mr Eric hates so gotta redo my presentation again. Came home around 5pm and blogged bout my War Museum Snap. Facebooked Skyped Texted friends

Happy Bday Billy Wing(Paintball Pro), Emily Chow(PCC Senior), Karen Kuan(Kidscomp teacher), Sharon Low(Sri Pelita Senior), Tim Yeoh(PCC Junior)

Wednesday, 21 July, 2010 ~
Woke up around 11am went to college. MoralT 1-4pm. Took pics during the 10 min break with Jing, Hsin Ying, Ah Ying. Came back around 4ish 5. Problem with Wendy coz I dint upload the Bon Odori pics yet disown me as sis coz of that. Watched Digi Next Level on NTV7 saw Jazz my Youth Leader(8.30-9.30pm). THS Taylor Swift on Astro 712. Dint get 1 of the MTV World Stage invites from Blup2MY. Presentation tomorrow.
I joined this -link-

Happy Bday Aaron Tan, Ashley Suelyn, Brandon Theseira, Sherleen Thung

Thursday, 22 July, 2010 ~
Woke up around 11am. Class MoralL presentation day but I ended up next tues only present. Followed Hsin Ying and Jing to the hostel. Dropped Jing in Gurney meet her bf. Hsin Ying dropped me at Belissa Row Coffee Bean coz I wanted to hang on the Rapid Hitz today. Had Apple Crumble while waiting. Fed up with waiting so went to buy Koay Kak before going to CPT. Mum fetched home. Had Neoguri fo dinner with lots of seaweed.

Monday, 26 July, 2010 ~
CAS 12-4pm but ended at 2.30pm zzZz. Mum bought back GBC for me(nicer with mustard). Dint do my presentation tomorrow gotta present but I'm gonna wing iT. CAS 11-1pm and MoralL 2-4pm = sure end early at lease 45mins as usual. Wish we studied more

Tuesday, 27 July, 2010 ~
CAS 11-1pm started 12-1pm. Lunch McD Greenlane M Nuggets with Michyo, Kenny, Wai Keong(1 car), Fany, Doreen, Joseph(1 car) created group "gangsterisim full stop". MoralL presentation. Eric said if we can find his facebook he'll give that person a magic show gift 3 others can join(naturally I won then whole class gave me a standing ovation okay not standing but a round of applause) After class friends went to the office to do their PTPLN loan someone took a YouthJam'10 flier and naturally I went to take a few and started to promote *cough* tell them about my pics that are in it *cough* and got raftly 10 people considering for the supermarket hunt and stuff. Came back found Mr Bryan on twitter @sapiensbryan coz added him on fb and Mr Eric added my req heh xD Rapid Hitz Picture no hope liao me = 408 1st place = 683

Happy Bday Jean Nette Koay and Sylvester Twee

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