Saturday, July 10, 2010

Night PISA Paintball + He Left

Thursday, 8 July, 2010 ~ Night PISA Paintball
Team 1v2
Team 3v4 = Area A ramp snuck up on me left side area We lost
Team 1v4
Team 2v3 = Area BvA Main target take over the ramp unfortunately couldn't so I shot the mid bunker while the 3 guys crawled up then Kate and I stationed ourselves at the far left of the ramp and our teamwork managed to kill 2-3 opponents and we won.
Team 1v3 = Area A 2ndv1st  Kate left me Right I came up Joshua 2 pillar. I got my position ready, he walked into my line of fire gone sprayed him heh Finger marker knee also I think splat
Team 2v4
Some guy and Wallace 1v1 Sprayed suddenly after 5 mins + laser

Pics :
Dropped by Queensbay and saw this

Tea @ Old Town Qb

MY Team 3(Orange, Black, White, Blue and Red)

Welcome to paradise

Edwin poser

Ooo Killer mia pellets

Some shots of the (?)

Yours truly

Group picture but blur T.T

Mr Kim da "White" in action

Ready for Round 2 I think

Round 2 game = me and Kayla killed it and won

The Blogger in action = moving up

Refilling station

Last game for us Team 3

Objective = Conquer the ramp

Gear after match

Supper @ Old Town Sunshine

Friday, 9 July, 2010 ~ He Left
I'm already missing you like crazy even though I just saw you a week ago. Knowing the fact we wouldn't be seeing each other everyday in school still gets to me. All the memories in Camerons, Sch camps, class and outside when we hungout are nothing but memories now. You just left but all I can think about is when will I ever see you again and that's in a months time O.O

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