Saturday, July 3, 2010

DAY Paintball PISA

The Summary :
GAME ON from 10-2pm(4 hours of game)
1st round = Red, Black, White and Green aka our codenames won
2nd round = Wallace laser'd me out mask chin spat shot
3rd round = Killed Irfan corner shot ~ all maps
4th round = 8 v Tai and Wallace ~ Kena'd 4x head shot = swollen 2cm (chrono 300)#paintball
5th round = Terrorist v Good guys ~ save the hostage aka ME
RM49 = Inclusive of 250 pellets, rental of mask marker full body wear vest, water/jelly/fruits(watermelon)/nasi lemak

The Overall :
Price wise reasonable for everything
Game play something different "CQB" (Close Quarter Combat) style
Safety measures taken decent everything covered
One thing I don't like its the Chrono 300plus they said 300. Too painTfull ;P

Facebook PISA Paintball
Video = See me talking 80% then the marker sound 20% lol
Pictures taken by PISA Paintball

Pictures :
 Tippmann Mango One

Group shot

Walking da whole area

Team Talk by ME

ME in action

My mask grill kena

FOOD ~ water/jelly/fruits/nasi lemak(prawn/ikan bilis)

Clockwise from ME ~ Red, White, Black and Orange

Posing while my team is already inside 8v2
Kena'd 4x head shot T.T

Tnx Andrew Toh for calling ME

Going for the kill @ PISA Paintball

Promo shot for Andrew

The guys and I ~ 8 of us

Last shot "walkway to heavenish"


In other news :
Supposed to blog bout this but what's there to blog??? Check out the pic enough said
Sony Malaysia said :  
Don't forget to watch Alif Satar, The 5, Estranged, Disagree, 6ixth Sense, Anna Raffali & Klangit at Digi Live Tour Concert this Saturday, 10th July 2010 at Queensbay Mall Carpark Area, Penang.

DiGi is calling all youths to an all-in-one youth experience event – DiGi LIVE! Tour – this weekend at the Queensbay Mall open carpark

The one-stop-shop 12-hour youth fest brings together the best in youth LIVE!style – music, sports and fashion! Running concurrently, youths can feast their eyes and join in a myriad of activities, such meet and greet fan sessions with indie music artists like Estranged, 6ixth Sense, Alif Satar and Disagree.

Participate in skateboarding, BMX and Auto saloon competitions, go crazy at the fashion bazaar and get your free manicure, caricature, henna tattoo, face painting*. There will be pizza eating competition, makeover contest and lots more activities

Entrance is free and open to all public from 11am -11pm.

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