Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sony Beginners Alpha NEX Workshop

Went for this

Walking down memory lane remembering *A Night To Remember ~ Sri Pelita Prom'2009*

The hall

The Sony NEX-5's optional external stereo mic

The Blogger with her cert

Mr John head of all Sony Workshops in Malaysia

Our Trainer Mr Wesley introduce on Alpha NEX and The Model Ms Lim Yimei xD

Taken with the 18-55 lens

NEX-5 Anti Motion Blur

Street shooting with this criteria

3pm Tea : Yam kui with chili, Fried rice and finger food

Sun, Sky, Clouds during Street shooting

Unedited winning entry for Best "bokeh" and Video category

Same place different look like 17/11/09

711 down the road after the Sony Workshop


Dinner @ Nandos Queensbay(Sauces, IceLemonTea, Soup, Half chicken)

Inception and Sorcerer's Apprentice full so went to play Time Crisis4

Won this from Sony Workshop

The Blogger 

Summary = Perfect for the newbies who just bought the NEX cams. Actually perfect coz its FOR THEM haha Met the same guy who went for the other S.Workshops Daniel. This tempted me to buy one for myself coz they have Fishy lens available!!! o.O I like Fishy lens~ Managed to win 1/3 outta the prizes they gave out(Towel, Cap, Photo Frame) luckily the first girl chose towel then me 2nd so I got to pick the cap and the last guy got no choice but to take the frame hehex I texted ma senior asking where Rapid Hitz was, they were at HRH coz Pop Shuvit was there. Dad came 6ish 711 so couldn't make it already. So went to Queensbay planning to watch Inception but again full then went to Nandos for dinner. Walked around ended up RM12 playing Time Crisis4 then home. 

Happy Bday Shawn Chai

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