Thursday, July 15, 2010

War Museum Snap Penang, Malaysia

So was supposed to go to HCC for the "Last-Day-Closing-Ceremony" but I skipped coz ride came late. Decided to go for Breakfast @ Sg Tiram

Milo/4 Toasts/2 Eggs

It was still early so went to the airport field to snap around

The sky was amazingly clear

A FedEx plane landing

9.30am ended up @ War Museum
Entrance fee is RM15 for Malaysians and RM30 for non

The Entrance of War Museum

Some historical news from 17 December *hint* *hint* I bet you know why I took this date haha if you don't its coz its my BIRTHDAY!!!

I don't know what to call this
A college of the first area
In the Ammunition Storage(Tunnel) ~ The last time I was in this room was back in 2004 when I was 12(Sri Pelita K6 field trip)

Awesome rifle

A college of the second area

The Blogger just perasan-ing

Going into the third area of the museum

Okay this area 3 The Blogger started posing with the everything xD

4th area is CREEPY!!!

I took a chance and snapped a mirror image O.O

There used to be a small house with this but I couldn't find it this time ~ I can still remember, my friends looked inside it and was freaked out by what was inside

Follow the arrows

Nearly the end of the tour

The Blogger with a souvenir from the gift shop(Chip for Chip 'n' Dale)

Byebye War Museum/Looking damn tired/Seafood Porridge/Apple Juice

After dropping by Queensbay bought a RM50 pendrive ~ Home

Summary : War Museum is a better way instead of pouring over your sejarah book if you wanna learn bout the history of Penang and what happened to it when the British and Japanese came and conquer "Tanah Malaya"

The Blogger's recommendation = Go with a bunch of friends and explore the tunnels and have a photoshoot or something at the same time while learning/soaking up the history of the place. Its more fun that way
Opened from 9-9pm recently they started having Night Tours if anyone is interested. Drop me a cbox or give them a call at 046265142

The Chicken came before the egg -link-

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