Saturday, August 21, 2010

Canon 550D

What shall I name u? My new baby is named Cameron Bryan Salt

 I tried Snaking

Group I played with

Tippmann X7

Don't make me shoot you!

Teddy Bear Mirror o.O


Time Crisis 2 x10

Michael Teoh

Dinner @ Eden

Late for Salt

Cameron Salt

9-11pm IA Paintball then headed to Penang Times Square for no reason just for fun walking around killing time till 1ish headed off to KDU for Youth Jam'10 last meeting. Hung with Luvenia most of the time till we breaked to our respective groups then I dunno she "vanished" Michael Teoh came to give us an encouragement speech. After the meeting a bunch of us talked to him then around 5pm all left. Ate dinner @ Eden before heading to Queensbay for a movie. Watched Salt 9.40pm Killed time by checking out DSLRs @ Foto President. Suddenly Dad say ok la get Canon 550D WHAT?! *shocked* With the 18-155mm lens kit o.O Went in movie @ 10.20pm coz was doing the payment thing. SALT was so damn awesome!!! That's my day

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