Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Gurney SP Gang

Justin cool ehh

Sneaked shot

Ma gang missing Wee Nee coz "studying" This sat her TOFEL aka TOFU in My college xD

Nerd's back till this Sunday



Playing with Cameron

Watching Spongebob

ooo I want this!!! Saw @ Royal Sporting House QB for RM80

erm lolx

Under the the temptation to get a Nerf with Nerd

Zhu Hui

Lego Star Wars watches 

The Blogger

again @ MFM

Boys playing with that

Dinner @ MFM

Moon @ Gurney Drive

Movie tickets

Met up with C,C,PZ,Ben,KT,Juice at 1901 went to McD then Nerd Jose came-Watched The Expendables with C,Nerd,KT-Went to Toons with KT Nerd-Met Wilson Cat for like 5 mins-Went to Toys-Dinner @ MFM and played chor tai tee with Nerd KT ~ FAIL lolxxx

Sony Alpha HD DSLR -link-

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