Monday, August 16, 2010

Happy TEEN Bday Abigail Chew

Tha youngest of the chewies finally a TEEN. No more fooling around ehhh xD

Well today is the day of my Moral Finals

Took @rapidpg 201 to Komtar then 101 to Hostel then 101 to Gurney with @lwaikeong and Max 2nd rapid

Mr Tepanyaki 



Group pic 1

Max with Hsin Ying's bag

Micky Mouse High Tops hmm if only it wasn't pink/gold with that pattern I would buy

Shaun The Sheep for Sarah

Nose I think


Fourskin I want that camera bling


Mini Toons

Group pic 2

Group pic 3 ~ Whole group 12 of us

Walking to Gurney Hawker

Group pic 4

No need to elaborate pictures are worth a thousand words

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